New Dacia Duster (2017): SUV as a seven-seater

IAA 2017

Dacia shows the new Duster at the IAA 2017th Beginning of 2018, the second generation of the SUV goes on sale. A seven-seater version will follow later.

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In size, the Dacia Duster remains true: It remains at 4.30 meters long and 1.80 meters wide. Visually, the second generation of savings SUV but clearly overworked. Thus, the headlights move further outward, so that the wider Duster acts. The LED daytime running lights is divided into three, highly profiled the hood. In addition to the new grille, the model is given a broader underride guard that stands out as aluminioumfarbene clasp significantly from the bumper. Dacia emphasis that the protection is resistant to scratches.

Dacia Duster
The differences between Duster 1 and Duster 2 12 sec.

The Seitenansciht remains true with three windows and the backward rising window line. However, the windshield is offset by ten centimeters forward and more geneigt.Die contours of the A-pillar be extended by the newly drawn roof rails, added the flared wheel arches and 17-inch rims. The rear shows up with broad shoulders and also positioned far to the outside rear lights. Typical Dacia style element are the four segments of the tail lights.

Two petrol, two diesel for the Dacia Duster

As is already Dacia Duster offers with front- and all-wheel drive. It remains at two gasoline and diesel engines, as well as a drive with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). The base model is the Saugbenziner SCe 115 with front wheel drive, which is also available in an LPG variant. The turbo petrol TCe 125 is available with front- and all-wheel drive. Diesel entry-level engine is the dCi 90 with front wheel drive. The stronger dCi 110 allows a choice of two and four driven wheels. Only for the dCi 110 is the Doppelkuppluns automatic EDC for election.

Blind spot Warner and Windowbags

Duster (2017) Photo: Dacia
The interior of the Duster has rearranged Dacia and upgraded.

A reinforced body is to improve security. There are also Windowbags that uses Dacia for the first time. Active safety improved a blind-spot warning, which detects angular ultrasound vehicles dead and warns with a light mirrors from dangerous lane changes. New on board also come with Hill Start Assist and a function for switching on and off of the low beam.

improve the comfort surcharge keycard handsfree, in which the key can stay in the pocket, a climate control system and improved standard seats. In the redesigned cockpit of the screen sits the new Media Nav evolution between the newly designed air vents and a switch keyboard. The steering wheel has - as in the Sandero - four spokes Huptaste no longer located in the steering column stalk.

Dacia Duster Grand with seven seats

Later there will be a seven-seater version with a third row of seats. However, the Dacia Duster comes Grand in 2018 to market and gets a longer wheelbase. He is expected around 20 centimeters longer (4.70 meters) fail as the five-seater, which also significantly At length of approximately 4.30 to 4.50 meters. During the five-seater is expanding its boot volume of 500 liters, the seven-seater is expected to come up with at least 650 liters.

Early 2010, the Dacia Duster was launched at a price of 11,900 euros on the market, in the all-wheel version of it costs 13,700 euros. To date, Dacia has brought from the SUV over a million models in more than 100 countries at the man.