VW Golf VII Facelift (2017): This is really new in the Gulf

With a new engine of the Golf in 2017 driving more economically and with more electronics a bit autonomous. Visually, little will change. At least the outside, because inside the bestseller gets a new, larger navigation screen including gesture control. Immediately a performance package can be had for the Golf R.

13/10/2017 Jens Dralle, Andreas Of Gerd Stegmaier 18 comments

The basic price for the 150-hp 1.5 TSI engine is 24,350 euros in the Gulf, the Golf Variant 1.5 TSI start Prices from 26,400 euros. Another variant of the 1.5 TSI with 130 hp from 23,725 euros to have in the Gulf and from 25,775 euros in the Golf Variant.

Golf R is allowed to drive up to 270 km / h

The top model is both in terms of price and in terms of performance of the VW Golf R. It is available from 40,675 euros in the price list and comes with 310 hp (up 10 hp) and 400 Nm of torque (up 20 Nm) on the sales floor. In 4.6 seconds he runs to 100 km / h. The wagon version of the Golf R DSG will cost 44,800 euros. But even here there is still an increase. Variant of the Golf R up to 267 km / h up to 270 km / h - with the optional performance package that is to have from 2,950 euros for DSG versions of the Golf R can run faster. The package also includes a lighter to 2 kg performance brake system. The Golf R with "Performance" package can be recognized from the outside by an additional lip spoiler on the roof edge spoiler beyond. For the two- and four-door Golf R the "Performance" package is also equipped with the optional R "Performance" titanium exhaust system from Akrapovic combined, which delivers more sound and saves 7 kg weight.

The Golf GTI Performance delivers 245 hp and 370 Nm thus 15 hp and 20 Nm more than the standard GTI. The basic price for the performance is 32,475 euros. The new 230-hp Golf GTI will be paid with at least 29,975 euros. For DSG in both models 2.000 euros charge will be required.

Golf-base with 85 hp

The entry begins with the Golf 1.0 TSI with 85 hp from 17,850 euros. The 110 hp 1.0 TSI costs from 19,625 euros, the 115 hp 1.6 TDI can be had from 22,200 euros. The base price of the 1.4 TSI with 125 PS stands with 22,775 euros in the price lists, the 150-hp version will cost at least 24,125 euros. Who wants to have the two-liter TDI with 150 PS the new Golf, must invest at least EUR 26,800. Anyone toying with the natural gas-Golf with 110 hp, is faced with investment of at least 24,175 euros. For the E-Golf VW requires at least 35,900 euros.

New offer are now versions GTE and GTD. The GTE combines a 150-hp 1.4 TSI with 75 kW electric motor in its hybrid drive. The all-electric range is 50 km, the base price at 36,900 euros. The sporty GTD diesel develops 184 hp and costs from 30,800 euros. The corresponding combined version is factored with at least 32,475 Euros.

the prices for the new Golf were communicated. Here is the price list for the 1.0 TSI starts with 110 hp at 21,575 euros, which costs 115-PS TDI Variant from 24,150 euros, the 125-horsepower gasoline engine in the 1.4 TSI variant costs from 24,825 euros, the 150-hp variant from 26,175 euros. For the 2.0 TDI with 150 hp in the Variant least 28,850 euros are required. The 180 hp 1.8 TSI is to have only alltrack and costs from 33,650 euros. The natural gas variant will cost at least 22,225 euros.

Furthermore, the 2.0-liter TDI with 150 horsepower in the wheel drive version 4-Motion to have. It costs 29,600 euros and 30,750 euros as Variant.

For the new VW Golf - as a station wagon version Variant - Volkswagen also offers an R-Line packages:

R-Line exterior package (1105 euro for the line "Highline" and 1,295 euros for "Comfortline")

• R-Line front bumper with grilles in black and honeycomb carbon signature in black gloss
• rear bumper with R-Line specific diffuser and trapezoidal panels in Chrome
• flared sills in High gloss black
• Rear spoiler with aeroflaps
• R-Line logo in radiator grille and on the side panels

R-Line Package (1800 euro for the line "Highline" and 2,295 euros for "Comfortline")

• The equipment of the R-Line exterior package
• R-Line sports seats in design "Carbon Flag / San Remo," or optional in "Vienna" leather (perforated) in black and crystal gray
• multifunction sports steering wheel in leather with Absetznaht and R-Line Logo
• inlays "Dark Diamond Flag"
• gear lever gaiter and floor mats with Absetznaht
• door sills, pedal caps and footrest in stainless steel
• Black roof lining
• R-Line logo on home screen
• wheels (optional): 17 or 18-inch alloy "Sebring", 17-inch alloy "Singapore", 18-inch alloy "Marseille"

Outlook: So is the Gulf VIII

Seven points for VW Golf VII: what strikes us most Facelift

1. That he did not even look like new. Actually not at all. Does not matter. In particular, the existing customers will be happy about it. Internally, the VW people talk ever from the Gulf 7S - like the iPhone. In fact, the main changes to infotainment and connectivity relate.

2. The new cockpit. Clear, on which the instruments and individual information can be the so-called Active Info Display Display 12.3 inch monitor costs extra. but leaves the Gulf act reasonably modern. Likewise, the infotainment system Discover Pro 9.2 instead of eight inches large, touch-sensitive screen and gesture control. You do not need? I believe you. Do not order, yes.

3. That the new 1.5 TSI engine in the 150 hp version with 4.9 L / 100 km two-tenths of liters consumed more than the equally strong predecessor with 1.4 liter displacement and cylinder deactivation. This was because it no longer utilizes all the tricks in the homologation, which are permitted there - taping of body gaps and joints, for example. And that you now E10 used instead of E5 fuel. Aha.

4. That the 130 hp version of the new Benzindirekteinspritzers in the BlueMotion version with 4.6 L / 100 km is to survive - which would be well below the predecessor to it, however, was not as BlueMotion. Interestingly, across all industries, "sail" In falsely vehicle roll-called no load is not only the transmission into neutral. The engine is completely switched off.

5. can get more power that the GTI in both variants. The standard version now delivers 230 horsepower, a performance the two-liter engine develops 245 hp. it is available with 6-speed manual transmission or a new 7-speed double-clutch transmission (DSG).

6. That the new seven-speed DSG for torque-strong engines 150 PS TDI and GTI Performance can be ordered at first only for, but not for the standard GTI. Is to reduce CO2 emissions by ten percent compared with the six-speed DSG. Incidentally, the ten-speed DSG, which was announced in 2012, VW has long been buried.

7. That the GTE as part of the facelift gets no higher electric range. For this, the e-Golf will in future come 300 instead of 190 km far and develop a power of 136 instead of 115 hp. On display at the Los Angeles Auto Show next week.

VW Golf VII Facelift (2017) 5-door R-Line Cockpit Photo: VW
We have the golf facelift just looked at.

Volkswagen boss Diess confirmed T-Roc

During the presentation of the golf facelift in Berlin Volkswagen boss Herbert Diess confirmed the small SUV T-Roc and announces a large hatchback coupe on MQB basis. A successor to the CC and competitor for the Audi A7 of the parent company?

More edges for the new Golf

Update called VW, what happens to the Golf 2017: users of Smartphone and computer know the In golf, however, something happens more than that pops up a window that announces new features - or simply a more stable operating system.. It is a classic facelift, with some changes already goes a little beyond.

From the outside, golf enthusiasts will even schwertun: more edge in the bumpers, well. The front fenders are to be newly announced VW. But the Gulf remains as it is practical, distinctive. If you look closely, might notice the new headlights that shine now surcharge with LED instead of Xenon.

1.5 TSI with 150 PS and VTG charger

not visible from the outside: the new 1.5-liter TSI four-cylinder. The motor with the internal abbreviation EA 211 evo 150 hp and has lots of technology: the common rail injection, cylinder deactivation, and a turbocharger with variable turbine geometry, help to 4.9 liters fuel consumption, and 250 Nm at 1500 / min. A variable geometry turbocharger is common in diesel engines, however, difficult for gasoline engines because of the hotter exhaust gas. Until now, the only Porsche 911 Turbo, not in mass production. A later BlueMotion version with 130 hp will come to 4.6 liters. For the first time, the engine switches off completely when the driver releases the accelerator and the car rolled. Bring according to VW in practice up to 0.4 liters.

VW Golf VII Facelift (2017) 5-door R-Line Premiere Photo: Uli Sonntag
For facelift, there's a larger screen and gesture control.

More power brings the future of the GTI: 230 hp in the standard and 245 hp in the performance version, the new announcement. Recognizable by double-LED headlamps with red trim. The GTI gets as the TDI from 150 hp, a new seven-speed DSG, which is to up to ten percent CO2 and thus save fuel.

Slightly larger screen, more pixels

Inside, new materials and decorations for a little news value and the electronics department of a large: to be exact 9.2 inches in size. For this is the diagonal of the new Berührbildschirms, which is available with the navigation system Discover Pro. All other now get 6.5 and 8 inches. The new display will have a better resolution, 1280x640 pixels are there in the Discover Pro, which previously offered 800x480 pixels. This resolution, there is the future with the small Navi, further called "Discover Media" and now has an 8-inch screen. The base radios have 6.5-inch screens with 800x480 pixel resolution. Surcharge of golf has virtual instruments whose display, the driver can adjust. the 12.3-inch Active Info Display is already known from Passat and Audi TT.

VW Golf 7 Presentation
Walkaround to the best-seller 48 sec.

Gesture control and wireless charging

The Discover Pro waived knob to turn on and adjust the volume - these features put the future of the touch screen. Volume, radio station and change the scrolling menu also a gesture with his hand or fingers is enough. An inductive, ie wireless interface coupled with smart phones Qi standard to the exterior antenna and charges the battery - but optional.

The assistant learns about this: In the storage of golf directs future to 60 km / h even The driver has his hands while leaving the steering wheel.. There is a new emergency braking system with pedestrian detection, an Emergency Assist, which brakes the Gulf, if the driver does not respond to several warning signs and maneuvers.

Trailer Assist and personalisierbarer key

For trailer driver could facilitate ranked the reverse with the Trailer Assist: The mirror adjustment serves as a joystick for the direction of travel of the trailer, the Gulf automatically directs the team in the desired direction. The driver no longer needs to rethink and counter-steer. Life easier, the new key, which can be stored personalized various settings.

e-Golf gets more coverage

At the Los Angeles Auto Show (. 16:11) then also debuts the revised e-Golf who gets what for an electric car, most importantly, more reach. As much as the Opel Ampera-e will not. But like the BMW i3 with the larger battery is to create 300 kilometers according to the NEDC, which will mean more than 200 kilometers in practice and the e-Golf. Why the electric version debuts in L.A.? In the US, they will sell well. One in ten e-Golf was already far in the United States, where the electric golf is to have due to ample subsidies starting at 199 US dollars leasing rate. 4,200 units per year were so even with the smaller range so far together.

Of course, the GTE is lifted. The hybrid version gets 218 hp as in the Passat. In the Configurator of the previous Golf GTE is already no longer be selected.