VW diesel engine EA189 fraud software: You must now know to call back

VW diesel engines of the EA189 series take cheating software. In Europe alone are affected 8 million cars. But in which models the engine is sitting? We show what cars of the VW Group with cheating diesel on the road may be, as their owners can be certain whether your vehicle is affected and has prepared solutions which VW.

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In this article you will also find:

  • The engine EA189 - History and distribution
  • Which models may be affected (picture gallery)
  • As owner to find out if their car is affected
What exactly is done in the workshop with my car?

In which 1.6-liter engine EA189 a so-called flow transformer is mounted in front of the air mass meter. This is a grid that calms the turbulent air stream before the air mass meter, thus improving the measurement accuracy of the air flow meter crucial. The air mass meter determines the currently enforced air mass; a very important for the engine management parameters for optimum combustion. In addition, a software update will be performed on this engine. The mere implementation of technical measures will take, according to VW less than an hour to complete.

The 2.0-liter engines and the 1.2-liter diesel engines get a software update. The pure working for this measure is approximately be half an hour.

The changes also apply to the models of Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW commercial vehicles.

(Software) update - What are the consequences?

According to VW, the proposed measures are not meant sacrificing the driving and engine performance as well as any additional consumption.

What customers expect the arrangement of the recall?

The Federal Motor Transport Authority will now summon the affected VW models in an official recall in the workshops. The Department of Transportation will monitor the now arranged recall. Such state control could be ensured only through a forced recall due to the large number of affected vehicles. Sounds like pure activism from the political, the KBA is assumed to be anyway authority to the Federal Ministry of Transport. An official call on the KBA never calculated according to the number of the recalled models, but is most often placed in a safety-related defect. Which models are affected?

Now what happens after the recall order?

The Federal Motor Transport Authority will write to the owners of the vehicles concerned about VW and ask to the workshop.

Can I bring my car to the garage before?

No, owners should wait for the recall letter.

What is the schedule for the recall?

It is intended that all affected vehicles are being recalled in several waves. From the first quarter 2016, the technical measures to be implemented in the affected 2.0-liter engines. Expected at the end of the 2nd quarter they are made at the affected 1,2 liter engines. From the third quarter of 2016, the reaction takes place at the affected vehicles with 1.6-liter engine. First must VW Amarok models with 2.0 TDI engine for rectification. For this, the KBA has granted final approval of the retrofit solution on 28 January 2016th The approvals for other affected models are currently in the Federal Motor Vehicle Office nor in the exam.

Can I drive my car?

Yes, because apart from the cheat software that is only activated when test runs, the motors are properly and may suffer no damage from everyday use. However, the engines emit in real operation significantly more pollutants than to the test - which in view of the outdated NEDC tests on many models from other manufacturers too.

Does my car have a license?

The software is indeed "illegal" after notification of the Authority still a withdrawal of type approval according to the Federal Minister of Transport is not in the planning.

What does the recall?

According to Volkswagen, the recall of the customer should be free. Volkswagen also assures all customers in case of need adequate and free replacement mobility.

Do I need to repair my car?

Yes, the recall is mandatory.

Do I have to pay more road tax?

No, the car tax is indeed displacement and CO2-dependent and nitrogen oxides do not matter. But, after the repair, the models could consume more and thus emit more CO2, according to VW has already shown goodwill by accepts any additional costs.

What about the loss of value?

Ask for a possible loss of value or other claims can not yet be answered as to only the nature, extent and success of the repair can be seen. The German Automobil Treuhand GmbH (DAT) provides with stand today even no change in the VW diesel used vehicle values. In this context, the DAT warns against scare tactics, in which, inter alia, a downturn in the used vehicle prices are predicted across the board.

Experience shows that the sometimes very emotionally motivated movements in the prices of equity markets are not transferable to the used-vehicle market.

Also Schwacke blowing the same horn. "There is no reason to panic. To date, we see no negative impact on the residual value of the course used diesel cars outside normal market fluctuations," said Christoph Ruhland, Director of Marketing & Press at Schwacke. For a final assessment of whether and how far the current operations on the residual values ​​of VW models and diesel cars generally impact, it is still too early.

VW EA189 retrofit flow straightener 1.6 TDI
So VW will gradually switch the cheat diesel 1:07 min.
VW EA189 retrofit flow straightener 1.6 TDI Photo: VW
The flow straightener for the 1.6 TDI.

Here owners can check their diesel model from the VW Group with EA189 unit and EU5 emissions standard on cheating software:

  • All VW customers can check this website if their vehicle is traveling with the Cheat software
  • Even Audi has now set up a website to check on the customer if their diesel vehicle is affected by the manipulation software. You can find the site here.
  • Skoda customers (Fabia, Yeti, Roomster, Rapid) you will be checked with the vehicle identification number, if their diesel has the software on board.
  • since 6 October, Seat provides the ability to check their own diesel model with the chassis number, and indeed here.

Background - History of the VW EA189 diesel engine

The VW internally as "development order 189" (EA189) performed diesel engine with turbocharging developed by VW itself, presented in January of 2007. Piquant: the press release praised him at the time as "the cleanest diesel in the world" But when it was introduced in early 2008, he was the "cheat-diesel" VW has made the decision for the software now dated to the year 2005/2006...

First, the two-liter diesel engine with nitrogen oxide post-treatment system came in the Jetta to the American market. The "Clean Diesel" was born - to establish the diesel engine in the US market, the next attempt. Especially the stringent Californian emission limits "Tier 2 / Bin 5" was able to meet the 2.0 TDI - but probably even then only by outwitting the test benches.

But cheating software apparently also recognizes dynamometer testing in Europe and is and has been active in Germany, which resulted in a joint research of WDR, NDR and the Süddeutsche. Again, the software causes more exhaust gas recirculation to the test. As a result of NOX emissions are reduced to the test and the EA 189 units thus creating the EU5.

In principle, the common rail TDI builds ( "Turbocharged Diesel Injection") still on the old "2.0 TDI" engine with unit injector technology, however, has two intake and exhaust valves per cylinder, for a total of 16. That their necessary for the complex common-rail injection engine management takes a control unit of suppliers Bosch.

VW EA189 retrofit flow straightener 1.6 TDI Photo: VW
Thus, the new part is used.

Thanks to the new high-pressure injection method of EA189 has better manners: quieter engine running, wide power band and lower fuel consumption and cleaner exhaust emissions - at least in the laboratory. The low-temperature exhaust gas recirculation is to provide a reduction in NOx emissions, especially in partial load intense cold start and warm-up phase. For this, the exhaust gas recirculation cooler - as known EGR valve - directly supplied from the radiator to the coolant. A lower combustion temperature in the combustion chamber is the result and - in theory - much lower nitrogen oxide emissions.

Nearly all 2.0 TDIs 2008-2013 use the EA189

Like its predecessor, also became the EA189 to universal weapon of VW. From Beetle on passatige mid to large Multivan: Throughout the TDI sign pappte it back. The subsidiaries Audi, Skoda and Seat gladly made use of in - from us - highly praised, regarded as efficient TDI engine. All that was what built from 2008 to 2013 and marked "2.0 TDI or 1.6 TDI," in all probability the EA189 engine under the hood. It is now clear: Even 1.2 TDI models are also included.

Meets the unit then only the Euro 5 standard, it is definitely affected. This was confirmed by an Audi spokesman talking to Auto Motor und Sport. The EA189 engines that are rated "Euro 6" therefore are not affected.

A total of approximately ten million cars will be the world with the "cheat Diesel" go. VW talks of 9.6 million affected Group vehicles. In Europe alone, 8 million vehicles are equipped with the manipulation software, according to recent data from VW.

The Group currently lists the following distribution by brand:

  • Audi: 2.1 million vehicles affected
  • Seat: 700,000 vehicles affected
  • Skoda: 1.2 million vehicles affected
  • VW: about 5 million vehicles affected
  • Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: about 1.8 million vehicles affected

2013 came with the introduction of the "modular transverse matrix" (MQB) of the newly developed engine EA288 on the market - without manipulation software. Which had been made on 21 October by several media in question because VW explained that this engine was being investigated. And indeed, the cheat software found in 15 prototypes For internal use - the EA288 went up out of the EA189, the software had the new engine virtually inherited. In the course of further development but was eliminated in the European versions: The EA288 abolished the EU5 even so, VW was able to give the all-clear for the EU5 versions of this type. The US limits he held, however, only on the cheat software for the test. That is why in the US and the EA288 has become conspicuous.

The EA189 just sitting in models that are not based on the MQB. If your vehicle could also be affected by the "Diesel Gate", you will see in the gallery.

The latest development in the VW exhaust scandal you can follow here.

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