Erlkönig Mercedes A-Class W177: New Compact Generation 2018

Mercedes will bring the beginning of 2018, the new-generation A-Class (W177) on the market. But storm Herwart now allows us a look at the uncloaked A-Class.

02/11/2017 Holger Wittich 14 comments

Sometimes a Erlkönig hunters also have to be lucky and just the right time on site to be - namely, when the Sturm Herwart wegpustet the tarpaulins of the crash test vehicles and allows a clear view of the latest models. So Herwart thus has "unmasked" in recent days, the A-Class and A-Class sedan. This is what is a significant development of the compact model with narrow headlights, narrower grill and a revised rear end. Less beading on the side are also identify how the wide C-pillar.

New Mercedes A-Class with new variants

Since 2012, the A-Class (internal W176) in Germany at the start and still has the other Mercedes models GLA, CLA and CLA Shooting Break produced on the MFA platform (modular front-wheel drive platform) in addition based currently still the Infiniti Q30 and the QX30 on this platform.

Mercedes A-Class Erlkönig
Erlkönig killed at the Nurburgring 2:13 min.
Mercedes A-Class Photo: Christian Schulte
Such is the new Mercedes A-Class. In terms of dimensions, the model defines not.

The new-generation A-Class, the number of variants will increase - among others a notchback version of the A-Class, which should be interesting for the Chinese market and a Mercedes GLB, which should be oriented as a small SUV at the G-Class. the new MFA2 base serves as a platform for all models. It should help the vehicle weight again reduced by 50 kilograms and to make the body more rigid. The wheelbase of the new Mercedes A-class is growing by about 2 centimeters, which should passengers arrive at the best. Especially the rear entry to turn out more convenient.

Virtual cockpit for the A-Class?

These may then be happy, of course, a newly designed interior, the question remains whether the large cockpit monitors from the S- and E- and C-Class still be passed down further.

Erlkönig Mercedes A-Class Photo: Stefan Baldauf
camouflaged nor a cockpit frame: The new digital displays in the A-Class.

A first indication is the EQ study, here are the screens were without cockpit roof free on the dashboard. Our first Erlkönig images confirm that. Although the cockpit is not adulterated with a glued-frame, the digital displays are but to recognize. Similarly, the large screen in the center of the dashboard. He wears a chrome frame and it actually shows up only a small delimiting top. Whether there will be in the basic version is still analog instruments, is still unclear. In the medium term analog Insturmente have had their day. The rotary pushbutton controller on the center console also has had its day.

11/2015 Infiniti QX30 L.A. Auto Show Photo: Infiniti
Also, the Infiniti QX30 (picture) and the Q30 are based on the Mercedes platform.

New A-Class again with small engines from Renault

Clearly, however, is the engine concept. The smaller diesel engines will be supplied again by partner Renault in the new generation. The two-liter diesel engine will be replaced by OM 654 units, such as those used in the new E-Class. These make 150 or 194 hp.

Mercedes-AMG 4Matic A45, front view Photo: Hans-Dieter Seufert
As AMG version, the A-Class makes currently 381 hp - in the future it is to go over the 400-hp mark.

The gasoline engines is also a new generation of engines at the start. The internally M254 drives mentioned (successor to the M274) will be introduced until the 2017th They still have 2-liter displacement, direct injection and supercharging - while also e-loaders could be used. In addition to the A250 and the AMG 45 version (400 hp) will also be inserted in the A-Class, a new power version. Power output: Around 280 hp. The AMG version of the A-Class will have more than 408 hp, which he will Exhaustion: from the new two-liter. The four-cylinder with belt-driven starter generator and 48-volt electrical system is coupled thanks to the new Neugang automatic with all four wheels. It replaces the current seven-speed automatic and allows a wider spread and also withstand more torque. An E-Turbo will also hold later in the A-Class feeder.

Erlkönig Mercedes A-Class
New generation freshly caught 2:26 min.

When it comes to hybrid technology, the A-Class is upgraded. The all-electric range will be up to 100 km.

Otherwise, the second generation to work up the deficiencies of the first. More clarity, a larger trunk opening and more space in the rear are sought. In terms of design, the new A-Class with significantly less beading will tell. The new Mercedes A-Class will launch priced so some 25,000 euros.