This diesel cars meeting the Euro 6 standards: These models are afraid no driving ban

For diesel, do not meet the Euro 6 standard, threaten from 2018 bans in the cities. Even gasoline are the focus; 2018 particulate filters will be necessary. We provide an overview of emission standards and show the petrol filter.

08/15/2017 Patrick Lang, Andreas Of 23 comments

Anyone who has acquired a new car with a diesel engine before September 2014, the current discussions about the diesel with growing concern consider. Because of 01.09.2014 the new Euro has replaced 6 standard the Euro 5 standard for new vehicles, which in particular diesel-powered vehicles have been affected since the beginning. And it hits even harder this year. Starting next year, threatening for diesel below the Euro 6 emissions standard driving bans in cities.

Court ruling prompts bans

Fine dust alarm Stuttgart Driving ban ruling in Stuttgart Country is in revision

A judgment of the Administrative Court of Stuttgart on 07.28.2017 requested from the city of Stuttgart stronger action on air pollution. Driving bans should apply not only on days with high particulate pollution, many cars should be locked throughout. In Stuttgart, 73,000 diesel could be affected below the Euro 6 standard driving bans.

Authorities under pressure from the EU

However, one must also see the other side: The German authorities are under pressure because of Brussels threatens with inaction an action before the European Court of Justice, no concrete steps to improve the air quality should be initiated. The exhaust scandal around the Volkswagen Group has contributed his rest to the stigmatization of diesel and brought to embellished values ​​in the sequence other manufacturers in Erklärungsnot.

Switch to Euro 6 diesel

A study by the Berlin Senate has shown in 2005 that diesel cars only contribute three percent to a measured in local road traffic particulate pollution. And at that time was still the Euro 4 standard. All the more tragic it is that even Euro 5 diesel in the medium term against going any higher chances of survival in urban centers. The whining will not change, however, so it is important to look at the alternatives to be addressed. These are primarily all other drive concepts, ie gasoline, hybrid or electric vehicles.

Emission standards Euro 1 to Euro 6 Overview

Opel Zafira emission test DUH New consumption cycle WLTP for Euro 6c How to measure from 1 September

The European Union defined by EUR 1 from July 1992 limits for pollutant emissions and a driving cycle for emission measurement. The emission standards applied from July 1992 were measured HC and NOx, CO and diesel engines, the soot emissions. Before the exhaust gas measurement of the engine was running 40 seconds at idle in order to bring the catalyst to temperature. That was no longer possible as of 2000 with the Euro-3 standard; Now the cold start was also measured.

On-board diagnostics from Euro 3

From € 3 a on-board diagnostics duty that damage to the emission control is registered. Since Euro 3 limit values ​​for nitrogen oxide (NOx) -increased NOx values ​​apply in large metropolitan areas triggered the current debate about diesel bans from. The EU Directive 70/220 / EC sets the limits initially to 0.15 g / km for petrol and 0.5 g / km in diesel engines fixed.

Euro 4 with particulate limits

With Euro 4 January 2005, the nitrogen oxide limits drop to 0.08 and 0.25 g / km for petrol and diesel engines. The particle limit (PM) for diesel engines halved to 25 mg / km. Nor is it possible to meet the limit values ​​without a soot filter. Which is the introduction of the Euro 5 standards from January 2009 practically mandatory: The limit value for particulate matter (PM) is reduced to 5.0 mg / km. The permitted nitric oxide levels decrease slightly to 0.06 and 0.18 g / km for petrol and diesel engines.

Euro 6 limits the number of particles

The Euro 6 standard, valid from September 2014 for the first time defined limits on the number of particles in the exhaust. Simultaneously, the allowable value for the particulate mass of 5.0 to 4.5 mg / km falls. The driving cycle initially remains the same, as are the remaining limits. The special feature: From 2018 stricter conditions for particle emissions also apply to gasoline. Without particulate limit values ​​are frequently not be beaten. In the gallery we show all gasoline, which are already on the road with a particulate filter - or will get soon.

Euro 6c WLTC driving cycle

With Euro 6c of the prescribed driving cycle varies from 09/01/2017: New types of vehicles are then measured by WLTC. During the Worldwide Harmonized Light-Duty Vehicles test cycle the test vehicle travels 23.26 kilometers in 30 minutes. On this route four speed profiles are traversed at different lengths downtime. A maximum of one car reached in WLTC 131.3 km / h. By comparison, the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) previously used is also less fuel-intensive significantly shorter and at lower speeds with just under 20 minutes.

Results of real-emission test
This diesel cars meeting the Euro 6 standards: These models are afraid no driving ban This diesel cars meeting the Euro 6 standards: These models are afraid no driving ban This diesel cars meeting the Euro 6 standards: These models are afraid no driving ban This diesel cars meeting the Euro 6 standards: These models are afraid no driving ban
Sprinter is extremely clean

Euro 6d measures RDE on the road

Euro 6d-TEMP, which takes effect almost simultaneously, additionally provides a measurement of the Real Drive Emissions (RDE) on the road. From 1 January 2020 euro 6d is binding on the approval of new vehicle types, a year later, all new vehicles must meet the limits on the test stand and on the road. Skip some manufacturers Euro 6c and certify immediately after Euro 6d TEMP.

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