Skoda Karoq (2017): The compact SUV in the test

The Skoda Karoq comes the end of the year on the market. We drove the car in the two petrol versions and have all the information and pictures of the new compact SUV Yeti and successor.

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With the small SUV, the VW group completes its SUV portfolio on this platform, which is also the seat Ateca and the upcoming VW T-Roc build. The market launch will commence in the second half of the 2017th

The Skoda Karoq measures 4,382 millimeters in length, 1,841 millimeters in width and 1,605 mm in height. This increases the space for passengers and luggage compared to the Yeti clearly - and, thanks to the optional rear Vario-Flex bench seat (movable and removable) be extended. You will find all the technical data in our table.

Skoda Karoq
All information and prices Yeti successor SUV 3:04 min.

Visually, the new Skoda Karoq accepts (click here for our first ride) the design language of the Kodiaq. The small SUV gets the Skoda-typical jagged corrugations, the narrow angular rear lights and the famous barbecue with the flanking narrow headlights. From the mid-level equipment line LED headlights and lamps are available.

The wheel arches of the four-door are issued, the belt runs slightly rising, the upper window line tilts a little. The result is a quite dynamic impression. The interior shows a completely newly designed dashboard, which is divided into a high upper and lower narrow range.

Skoda Karoq acts like a shrink version of Kodiaq

EMBARGOED UNTIL 18:05. Photo: Skoda
We could ever take place in the new compact SUV.

The newest SUV baby based on the Group's MQB will significantly serious and in the style of Kodiaq occur after Knuffel design and domain name of its predecessor. In fact, the Karoq acts not only at first glance like a shrink version of its big brother with many design quotes, though he has gained against the Yeti in length by 16 centimeters. He stretches even a little more than Seats new SUV Shooting Star Ateca. the Karoq in the highest equipment line, typical of the brand named style appears to the first seat fitting, on a particularly fine Laurin & Klement version requires service a little longer. Place, you know the Skoda is also present in the Karoq in the face of the vehicle class surprising abundance.

Even the electrically aufschwenkende tailgate, which takes the retractable cargo area cover along for the ride up, reveals rugged qualities for luggage. Up to 1,810 liters are available in conjunction with the Vario-Flex rear seat, there is also the larger Tiguan in Erklärungsnot. In the rear seats, the number can only be benevolent figure with three (the rear middle seat is more padded storage as molded furniture), prevails with pushed-back VarioFlex seats almost dance hall atmosphere. is that there is more legroom than any Ferienflieger finds, makes the Karoq not unsympathetic.

In the front row waiting in Model electrically adjustable comfort seats that offer decent side support and promise long-distance comfort. The cockpit sprays not just ingenuity and extravagance, seriousness stood in the specifications of interior designer obviously comes first. And here are the quotes Kodiaq more than obvious - for example in the shape of the center console with stylized handles in front of the DSG gear lever or the operator island with the electric parking brake behind it. Much explanatory power have the Skoda-seller in the dealership's future in terms of infotainment and multimedia to explain the fully networked depending on equipment level SUV with LTE module, SmartLink + Connect app.

Two-liter TDI is new to the Skoda Karoq

Dynamics brings especially the new 2.0-liter TDI with 190 hp, 400 Nm of torque and standard all-wheel drive. While all other units are selectively coupled to a six-speed manual gearbox and there is optionally the 7-speed DSG, of the top Karoq the DSG receives standard. Surcharge, the driver can from the equipment to the "Ambition" a driving profile selection modes "Normal", "Sport", "Eco" and order "Individual". An off-road mode, there is also for the 4x4 model.

EMBARGOED UNTIL 18:05. Photo: Skoda
The Skoda Karoq comes in the fall in the trade.

Another feature in the engine portfolio of 1.5 liter four-cylinder TSI is 150 hp. He has an active cylinder management (ACT), in which the second and third cylinders shut down at short notice if their performance is not needed. Thereby, the motor saves up to 0.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

When the hold of Karoq offers 521 liters at a fixed rear bench seat. When folded seats, the capacity increases to 1,630 liters. In conjunction with the optional VarioFlex rear seat, the storage space is variable and summarizes 479-588 liters. The VarioFlex system consists of three separate rear seats that can be adjusted individually and completely removed - the loading volume of the compact SUV can thus be increased to 1,810 liters.

Karoq1.0 TSI1.5 TSI1.6 TDI2.0 TDI2.0 TDI
Power:115 hp (85 kW)150 hp (110 kW)115 hp (85 kW)150 hp (110 kW)190 hp (140 kW)
torque:175 Nm250 Nm250 Nm340 Nm400 Nm
V-max ::187 km / h204 km / h188 km / h207 km / h211 km / h
0 - 100 km / h10.6 s8.4 s10.7 s8.9 s7.8 s
Consumption:5.3 l / 100 km5.1 l / 100 km4.5 l / 100 km4.4 l / 100 km5.3 l / 100 km
CO2:123 g / km119 g / km118 g / km115 g / km138 g / km
transmission:Man. 6-speed o. 7 DSGMan. 6-speed o. 7 DSGMan. 6-speed o. 7 DSGMan. 6-speed o. 7 DSG7-speed DSG
Length:4382 mm4382 mm4382 mm4382 mm4382 mm
Width:1,841 mm1,841 mm1,841 mm1,841 mm1,841 mm
Height:1605 mm1605 mm1605 mm1605 mm1605 mm
Wheelbase:2638 mm2638 mm2638 mm2638 mm2630 mm
Trunk:521 l / 1,630 l521 l / 1,630 l521 l / 1,630 l521 l / 1,630 l521 l / 1,630 l
Trunk *:479-588 l / l 1,810479-588 l / l 1,810479-588 l / l 1,810479-588 l / l 1,810479-588 l / l 1,810
*with Vario-Flex bench seat

Karoq offers fully digitized cockpit

To assist the driver Skoda provides for the Karoq to various assistance systems, it is an adaptive distance assistant (ACC), which also slows down independently, on board. In addition, a hill-start assist and an Emergency Assist, which engages with the threat of unfitness to drive the driver. Also: Lane Departure Warning (Lane Assist) and traffic sign recognition. As standard, the Karoq also has a Front Assist including City Emergency Braking with foresighted pedestrian protection. Optional are still the Blind Spot Detect and Ausparkassistent Rear Traffic Alert in the price list.

The driver looks in the Skoda Karoq optional on a fully digital instrument panel with four ad layouts:

  • The Classic layout with tachometer and speedometer each as a round instrument on the right and left of the display. The area in between is designed individually - for example with the display of the current entertainment program or the navigation map can also be zoomed into.
  • The Digital Layout can be shown as the current music program or the navigation map - has a main display across the entire screen width. Below and above will accommodate small digital displays. For example, the driving speed, the gearshift recommendation, the traffic sign recognition, the remaining route, the distance to the next turn on the programmed route or already distance driven.
  • The Info profile layout, wherein the central portion of the display is covered with a large display. For example, the navigation map. Is right and left above the map space for individual additional information. This may be the traffic sign recognition (z. B. speed limit) or travel time, the current speed, navigation preview with pictograms, gear selected, to name but a few.
  • The Reduced layout, indicative of the two selected digital information in size. This can be for example the driving speed and the remaining range. In addition, for example, the basic information (time, etc.) called the top and bottom of the display. With active navigation route guidance in the middle of the navigation arrows are shown.

Fahrbericht Skoda Karoq: How much Yeti is in the new Karoq?

The cute loner Yeti Skoda has perfected the Party line consolidated SUV. We went for the Karoq 1.5 TSI with front wheel drive and seven-speed DSG.

That with the new name was a hard decision for Skoda.

Skoda Karoq Photo: Achim Hartmann
Eleven centimeters shorter than a VW Tiguan and 32 centimeters longer than a Skoda Kodiaq: The new Skoda Karoq (picture).

"Yeti" has just perfect fit for chubby dwarfs SUV with Kuller Mist eyes in the original version. But "Yeti" had to die because the New absolutely nothing with cute has the hat. Ernst and concentrates the angular LED headlights of the Karoq look to the future, which classifies itself linientreu below the eleven centimeters longer consolidated brother VW Tiguan and 32 centimeters longer Skoda Kodiaq - along with the Seat Ateca, with whom he runs the Czech Kvasiny from the same band , Something with Snow has his name but already do: In the language of Alaskan residents to "Karoq" is derived from "Auto" and "Arrow" have figured out how marketers of Skoda. Well then.

After all Skoda's engineers did everything that Yeti fans except for the name not miss anything: Despite growth by 16 centimeters in length and five centimeters in width, the new still feels compact. Here in the small town links in the Turin hinterland, where we are allowed to drive for the first time the Karoq, it acts as little oversized as when maneuvering at full parking lots. especially riders on the second row, which are supplied with sufficient headroom and legroom on the extra centimeters rejoice.

Who has come to appreciate the clever bench in the Yeti, the Vario Flex gets called system for 390 euros extra in Karoq.

Skoda Karoq Photo: Achim Hartmann
Single sliding rear seats is also available at Karoq: The Vario Flex-called system costs 390 euros extra.

Three longitudinally movable and adjustable in inclination funds nettle can be folded down individually, tilt forward or completely expanded, resulting in the trunk volume increased to 1,810 liters - that's 70 liters more than in not just short-cut Octavia Combi. Only the narrow middle seat removed, the two outer furniture can be moved slightly toward the center to equip two rear passengers with more elbow room.

Flexible and convenient

Many variants adjustable rear seats often have the disadvantage that the whole mechanics no longer leaves a lot of room for reasonable cushion left. However, the Karoq-back seat got very comfortable and well suited for longer tours like the soft padding front seats with plenty of lateral support. And while we're on the flaps and moving, we need time to praise the many practical ideas that have become the trademark of Skoda again: The whole Eiskratzer-, umbrella and parking ticket holders joins in Karoq example, a cargo space blind, the is attached to the tailgate so that it resonates with the opening upwards and thereby never in the way.

At headrests and center console are found beyond three fasteners for tablet PCs. If you really studied what to complain, the part a little bit simple materials can make. Especially in the door panels, the proportion of dreary hard plastic is a little high fall. Processing and controls can certainly nothing to be desired.

That times are gone when Skoda old VW technology had to apply, infotainment is particularly clear: So the connectivity package includes the latest consolidated equipment with high-contrast, sensitively responsive touch screens, mobile independent online connectivity along with real-time traffic jam information and a smartphone integration that supports all currently available interfaces (Apple carplay, Android auto Mirror link).

Fortunately, the interfaces are not tied to expensive navigation devices as with many other manufacturers. Who navigated only occasionally, so satisfied best by Radio Bolero (630 euros) and clamps for route guidance his cell phone one whose maps and turn by turn are mirrored on the onboard monitor. As the first Skoda ever the Karoq gets a fully digital combi-in instrument, let the ads be adapted extensively from 2018 - from the charming overflowing Navi second card to the reduced base display should find each its proper presentation.

was that not only looked at bits and bytes, shows up on the Italian side streets after a few kilometers. On asphalt surfaces that already have many Reparaturstümpereien behind him, the good ride comfort of Karoq comes into play. Although our test car will be without Adaptivdämpfer, it springs very favorably across the short and medium bumps without nachzuschwingen disturbing. The floating sensation air suspension Nobel SUV does not arise a while, but in comparison to many bony matched competitors Kodiaq drives noticeably more relaxed.

The gasoline engine in the test

However, our test car with the 1.5-liter TSI and front-wheel drive also acts a bit top-heavy. In tight corners it pushes ever over the front wheels and leans strongly to the side. As we leave it like to tackle a relaxed but, including the very light steering fit that makes the Karoq handy, otherwise than according to feel sterile. "Relaxed" is the keyword and the drive: From the 1.5-liter TSI is enjoying the ride almost nothing to hear - whether it is running on four cylinders or two to save fuel. 150 hp and 250 Nm of torque are enough loose to bring the SUV going. In conjunction with the quick and jerking active seven-speed DSG it is sufficient for intermediate sprints to depress the accelerator all the way, and even the 1.4-ton storms off.

Three cylinders quite sufficient

Anyone with 150 hp (from 26,490 euros) would rather not the price of the front-wheel drive 1.5 TSI to power than to an automatic transmission gets the 115-hp entry-level petrol 1.0 TSI (from 24,290 euros) with the 1,800-euro seven-speed dual clutch transmission. Although the Karoq so that at least 1,361 kilograms (factory specification) weighs in, he feels completely sufficient power with the 1.0 liter small three-cylinder turbo in most driving situations. Of course, he marched thus not as beefy as going with the two-liter diesel, but the 200 Nm from 2,000 / min enough to swim over quickly with the traffic. In addition, he is not afraid to shoot if necessary motivated up to the red zone without throwing his good manners overboard. Though for the ears of the occupants under heavy load not hidden that the 1.0 TSI develops its torque of only three cylinders, but unduly loud as he does not cry while he fights the high-speed ladder. Real sweat of Karoq 1.0 TSI actually comes when (almost 1.9 tons) is fully loaded until the total weight or should overtake uphill fast.

Otherwise, the double-clutch gearbox takes care inconspicuous about to change gears early and accurately. It adapts its shift strategy depending on the selected driving mode and couples in Eco mode in overrun, so that the engine is idling and the Karoq "sails" fuel-efficient. Then a fine glider from the new Skoda SUV, and it does not even bother that the optional Adaptivdämpfer in conjunction with the 1.0 TSI are not currently have. Gross distortions in the asphalt remain the occupants not hidden, but the standard suspension, most collisions filters an extent that they hardly affect the comfort - even if instead of the standard 16-inch wheels are mounted in 18-inch format.

Diesel later

For traders start on November 4, two four-cylinder diesel (1.6 liter, 115 hp, two-liter with 150 hp) stand next to the two driven gasoline for election.

Skoda Karoq Photo: Achim Hartmann
"The variability of a van, coupled with the higher seating position of an SUV and the unproblematic nature of a compact: It does not take a clairvoyant to predict the Karoq a great sales success." Said editor Dirk Gulde.

A little later the Topdiesel follows with 190 hp and all-wheel drive. Surcharge to the two 150-horsepower units can be combined with all-wheel drive. In 4x4 models a more complex four-link layout, with the promises further improved driveability comes instead of the simple torsion beam rear axle. At launch, Skoda focuses on the two middle trim levels ambition and style. Scout and Sportline follow as 2018 as the base version Active.

Even without this basic model to the prize of the high Karoq should this country continue to drive the market share of Skoda up and maybe even scrape the base of top seller Octavia, which has sold in the last year, about 60,000 times. For the Yeti in the same period only 20,000 buyers chose. Cult-knuffig is probably not for everyone.

Skoda Karoq costs from 21,000 Euro

The special feature here: The layouts specify only the frame, via scroll button, the indicators for each area of ​​the screen be personalized. For more entertainment and assistance the Skoda Connect system with online traffic information, automatic emergency vehicle and remote access provides. Furthermore, a navigation infotainment system is available as an option from atmosphere with 9.2-inch large screen. In addition, Skoda still offers a gesture control for selected functions such as volume control or receive phone calls.

download Prices Skoda Karoq (PDF, 1.09 MB) Free

The base price of the Karoq for the smallest engine version with 115 hp is 24,290 euros. The order starting in July of Karoq is first necessary to have ambition and style only in the two higher-quality equipment versions. From the end of October, the delivery should start.

motorizationtransmissionPrice "Ambition"Price "Style"
1.0 TSI (115 hp)6-speed manual24,290 €25,890 €
NEW! 1.0 TSI (115 hp)7-speed DSG26,090 €27,690 €
NEW! 1.5 TSI ACT 150 hp6-speed manual26,490 €28,090 €
1.5 TSI ACT 150 hp7-speed DSG28,290 €29,890 €
TDI 1.6 115 PS6-speed manual27,190 €28,790 €
NEW! TDI 1.6 115 PS7-speed DSG28,990 €30,590 €
2,0 TDI SCR 4x4 PS 1506-speed manual31,290 €32,890 €
2,0 TDI SCR 4x4 PS 1507-speed DSG33,090 €34,690 €

By the way: The name Skoda Karoq derives, like with the Skoda Kodiaq, by the natives of Kodiak Iceland off the southern coast of Alaska from. The indigenous people of the tribe Alutiiq call cars in their language "Kaa'raq". As "RUQ" the arrow is called here, which is also found in the Skoda logo.

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The variability of a van, coupled with the higher seating position of an SUV and the unproblematic nature of a compact: It does not take a clairvoyant to predict the Karoq a great sales success. For more affordable prices, the Skoda offers much of what car buyers currently appreciate.