New Suzuki Swift Sport with turbo power (2017): Small car is stronger and 80 kilos lighter!

IAA 2017

The new Swift Sport is here! At the IAA, the mini-hot hatchback was unveiled - and with it, its technical data. Highlights: the amazing light weight and strong turbo engine.

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80 kg separate the new Suzuki Swift Sport from its predecessor. Weighed the already lively enough propelled by our standards old Swift more than 1,000 kg, it is the new sport only 970 kg. He weighs about as little as a Smart Forfour - with much improved performance.

New Suzuki Swift Sport with turbocharged four-cylinder and 140 hp

The heart of the new Swift Sport is not only the drop in weight, but also a new motor. of the previous set or a naturally aspirated engine with 1.6 liter displacement and 136 hp, plowing in the new model, a four-cylinder turbo-(already known from other Suzuki models) with 1.4 liter displacement and direct injection.

Suzuki Swift Sport Photo: Suzuki
Did not the BMW M2: a display boost pressure and oil temperature! But there's the new Swift Sport. Cool!

The final performance is almost the same: 140 hp (103 kW) are there in the new Swift Sport. For this, the torque increased by 70 Nm violent from 160 to 230 Nm. An increase of nearly 50 percent. On the Sprint values ​​Suzuki not yet manifested. However, the 8-second mark should be loose to crack.

When gear one dares not experiment: no double couplers, non-automatic, only a six-speed manual transmission is available for the Swift Sport for election. The even dates back to the predecessor, but has been optimized for smoother gear changes and has now (allegedly) a more precise guidance streets.

Sporty looks, sporty suspension

Like its predecessor Suzuki uses an athletic front-axle design with so-called Monroe shock absorbers, which are provided by the supplier Tenneco in the new Swift Sport. The stabilizers were amplified and provided to the recordings with Teflon bearings - which will slightly reduce the hardness in response.

Suzuki Swift Sport Photo: News Press
Crisp Degree: The new Suzuki Swift Sport gets back a duplex exhaust with two tailpipes.

At the same time one has combines the wheel hub and wheel bearing to a component, with the result that the camber stiffness improved when cornering. Similar modifications can also be found on the rear axle, which should be clearly stiffer than its predecessor.

Up to the Swift is still plus 20 millimeters longer wheelbase, plus 40 mm track width at the front and rear axle. The body sits 15 millimeters closer to the asphalt and measures 40 millimeters more in width. A differential lock not installed Suzuki also the new Swift Sport. As standard, the Swift Sport rolls on 17-inch rims. Meanwhile almost usual: The grill comes with a honeycomb pattern. Like his predecessor, he wears a duplex exhaust system with a tailpipe left and right.

Modern infotainment system and useful additional instruments

Decidedly sporty designed Suzuki also the interior of the new Swift Sport. Dominating the colors red and black. has a red background, for example, the tachometer. Plus: Also on additional instruments Suzuki has thought that inform the driver of the oil temperature and boost pressure. In the connectivity of the Suzuki Swift Sport supports the smartphone integrations Apple carplay, Android car and Mirror link.

Prices and a date for the launch is not called Suzuki.