Honda Civic Type R (2017): With 320 hp, front-wheel drive and giant wing

The most powerful version of the new Honda Civic - the Type R - the 320 hp road. The built in Swindon, England Japanese is also exported to Japan. As of now he is from 36,050 euros at the dealership.

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Honda has high hopes for its new Civic and crowns the compact model series therefore now with the sporty top model Type R. The Japanese power-carriage moves to a the manufacturer significantly improved aerodynamics through the air. The aerodynamic changes is strongest on to the roof edge at the rear: there make four fin-like turbulators that the air does not flow away at the roof edge of the vehicle, but stretches along the rear window and optimal flows onto the gigantic rear spoiler. For those who want to shine at the table: Change the turbulators also called vortex generators laminar to turbulent boundary layer, resulting in a delay of the stall result. Therefore, the tops of the wings are provided some aircraft with vortex generators - and therefore looks on the Civic Type-R roof also incredibly cool.

The gigantic rear spoiler comes as standard, as it is needed for the drive at the rear. In addition, the underbody has been smoothed - all aerodynamic measures will lead to better stability at higher speeds - and higher speeds are classically the field of competence Civic Type R.

Honda Civic Type R Photo: Gregor Hebermehl
The new Honda Civic Type R will be built in Swindon, England and exported to Japan.

Indoor athletic comfortable

Rein in the Renner: The seats grab the driver and passenger tight, the holding force of the side walls is just right, so annoying not even after prolonged sitting. According to Honda, the driver sits 50 millimeters lower than in series in Civic Type R - really deep but the seating position is still not. Nevertheless, the shift knob is hoping exactly the correct level of access. A hand brake knob no longer exists - the mechanical hand brake had to give an electric. Great seats, center console hard: According to driver seat adjustment and size of the center console pushes hard against the right knee of the driver. The headroom is great for large occupants, finally, the Type R was developed with a view to the European and American market. The steering wheel touches his rough and really good. The production number on the center console, the show model, the "00000", provides a bit of exclusivity feeling, the Type R is not limited in terms of units. Before the shift lever is a dark compartment in which it can be suitable smartphones invite inductively open. From the footwell there to report Non-slip: The studded with rubber studs stainless steel pedals shall be admirably. The view to the rear is fun because the rear spoiler can not be seen from the inside. In the rear, there are on a comfortable couch space without end.

Honda Civic Type R Photo: Gregor Hebermehl
The smaller average tailpipe ensures that the exhaust systems sound a little quieter and a little louder at higher speeds at low Geschwindigleiten.

Large driving modes spreading

The chassis of the new Civic Type R has improved compared to the chassis of the predecessor Honda. First, the body was torsion by 38 percent, on the other hand, the engineers revised the MacPherson strut front suspension to reduce the typical for a front-wheel drive disruptive force influences on the steering. A sporty handling sake of the body fell by 20 millimeters direction asphalt and the multi-link rear suspension is reinforced with highly rigid wishbones. Standard is an adaptive damper system on board. This is just as influenced by the driving modes of Comfort, Sport and + R as the power assistance, the gearshift characteristics and engine response. The "Comfort" setting is new and will surely convince primarily on the US market, where the Civic Type R is to be had for the first time, doubters. The weight of the new Type R is a little moved towards the rear: While it still spread the predecessor in the ratio of 65 to 35 between front and rear, the distribution is now 62 to 38. At the feet of the Civic Type R increased by one inches to, so at least on 20-inch wheels, he is on the way now.

Honda Civic Type R
New hardcore Civic in the video 1:08 min.

Now with 320 hp from 36,050 euros

A 2.0-liter turbo with 320 horsepower and a maximum torque of 400 Nm is the beating heart of the new Civic Type R. Thus, the Civic should in 5.7 seconds from zero to 100 km / h spurt. Serving speed is indicated 272 km / h. But Honda wants to shine with the New again on the Nordschleife - the predecessor created the most challenging circuit in the world in 7: 50.63 minutes. Cooling air also flows over the front hood scoop about a transversely fitting of the cap tube to the right and left in the engine compartment. Striking is the exhaust system of the type R: Three tailpipes look centrally from the rear of the car, wherein the average of the three tubes in diameter is significantly smaller than either of its siblings. This small central tube has a special function: it ensures that the exhaust train noise is lowered at high speeds and increases at low speeds.

is activated in the new Civic Type R is always a manual six-speed gearbox. the Honda engineers think about a double-clutch transmission in the future maybe after - but decided is far from anything. The only thing is clear: the Civic Type R is still a long a front-wheel drive - by this philosophy, the Japanese do not want to move away.

Honda Civic Type R Photo: Honda / Richard Pardon
"The interior fits well with the sporting ambitions of the great compact. Visually, the Type R comes with its angular shape and its bold series rear spoiler, however blatantly brutal to work." Said editor Gregor Hebermehl the sportiest Honda Civic.

To have the new compact sports car from Honda at prices starting at 36,050 euros. In the GT trim level that comes up with an additional dead angle Wizard, a Ausparkassistent and a connectivity package that Preiskliste starts at 38,950 euros.


Honda seems to be convinced of its new Civic Type R - after all, it can not wait for the Japanese to hunt their new car on the Nordschleife. Driving dynamics we expect from the new Type R therefore great deeds. The interior fits well with the sporting ambitions of the great compact and makes the car with its generous interior space into a practical family car. Visually, the Type R comes with its angular shape and its bold series rear spoiler, however blatantly brutal to work. Deliveries of the new Honda Civic Type R to begin in the US in June, in Japan in late summer and in Germany in late September.