Audi S1 ​​of B & amp; B: Power-jump up to 380 hp

The tuner B&B missed the Audi S1, a power increase in multiple stages. Max the compact car comes to 380 hp.

07/05/2016 Benjamin Bauer Powered by

As standard the optically unspectacular small cars with stately 231 hp and 370 Nm from the right. Now that the specialists at B&B Automotive in Siegen had little Ingolstadt in the fingers, it was in terms of performance even further upwards. With the strongest of five configuration levels (level 5/380 hp / 540 Nm / 12,950 euros) drops the 0-100 km / h acceleration time of S1 from 5.9 seconds to just 4.5 seconds. The 0-200 km / h sprint succeeds place in 23.6 seconds now in 16.8 seconds. The top speed increases from the factory 250 km / h to more than 285 km / h.

the power jump is achieved by a larger turbocharger, a high-performance intercooler, a special oil cooling system, a carbon airbox, a racing exhaust system with special downpipe and sports catalyst, the processing of intake paths and air ducts as well as the increase in boost pressure and the adaptation of the injection maps. participated in the look of the street runabout B&B no changes.

Audi S1 ​​of B & amp; B Automotive
After tuning manages the Audi from a standstill in just 4.5 seconds to 100 km / h - provided you have chosen the strongest of the expansion stages.

Even smaller stages available

In the first stage (from 998 euros) is the S1 to 286 hp and 425 Nm. PS 310 and 450 Nm (1,498 Euros) achieved with stage 2, which also includes the optimization of intake paths and air ducts. Step 3 (326 hp / 475 nm, 3.950 Euro) further comprises mounting a special B&B-downpipe with sports catalyst abgasgegendruckreduziertem. In step 4 (354 hp / 515 Nm, Euro 8,950) to be replaced in addition to stage 3 of the standard turbocharger against a machined loader, a B&B special oil cooler mounted, edited various pieces of hardware and customized software, the engine individually to the changed components. In all B&B-power levels is the lifting of the Vmax limit.

Audi S1 ​​of B & amp; B Automotive
These discs bring the Audi S1 ​​after the power treatment to a halt.

Exhaust system and alloy wheels

In addition offers B&B (from 1,398 euros), which achieves even a special downpipe with ECE approval a power increase of about 16 hp. In order to improve the sound, are a sports rear muffler (from 995 euros) or a sports exhaust system cat (from 2,395 euros) for election. By installing the B&B-racing exhaust system with metal catalyst (from 3,795 Euros) is (more about 20 PS) reaches a higher power output while reducing the thermal load of the engine and turbocharger.

For the look of the Audi S1 ​​B offers&B is a 35-millimeter sports spring set (298 Euro) or an adjustable in height as well as compression and rebound damping Gewindefahrwerk (starting at 1,929 Euros). In addition, the Siegen nor the house B9 alloy wheel have 8.0x18 inches with 225 / 35er tires in the program (complete from 2,298 euros) in the dimension.

In preparation for the Audi S1 ​​also a new high-performance brake system (from 3,295 euros) which can be combined with the original Audi S1-18-inch wheels, despite a maximum size of 342 millimeters discs on the front axle.