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Who could as AMG fan not get a vehicle of the limited Mercedes C63 Black Series, can leave his Mercedes AMG C63 converted to Black Series stand at Inden Design.

09/14/2017 Uli Baumann Powered by

Inden Design from Rennerod but does not set during reconstruction of the Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG Coupé Black Series stand on a self-developed body kit back, but built only original parts from AMG.

Converted AMG Genuine Parts

Correspondingly large, the reconstruction effort designed. The basic vehicle was first completely dismantled. Then a new KW coilover suspension Sport Club replaced the standard chassis. Then the rear side parts of the body were separated, and the original Black Series side parts used and closely fitted. The front and rear bumper, side sills right and left, the two-sided fender and the hood wandered as AMG Black Series original parts of the base model. Here, parking sensors front and rear and the radar module have been incorporated into the aprons also, which are not present in an original Black Series.

Even the original carbon spoiler and the carbon flaps not be missing on the front bumper. The rear counterpart has the carbon-fiber rear diffuser, all original interior parts and screens including the holders of the top model and the Black Series tailpipes. Of course, the original reinforcements and holder of the Black Series side skirts are attached to the body and the rocker mounted including the Carbon application. Previously, the Black Series fenders and the Black Series engine hood had been fitted with ventilation hole already. After mounting the rear lights all Innenradkästen and underbody shields against the original of the Black Series were exchanged. Finally, the carbon rear spoiler was mounted and sealed. Of course, all parts were painted separately before assembly.

19-inch wheels round out the conversion

To make the conversion around the widened wheel arches with one-piece BBS F1 alloy wheels were fitted with a finish in semi-gloss black with hochglanzgedrehtem edge. Thus 8,75x19 inch turn from then on the front axle large wheels with 245 / 35R19 Michelin Sport tires. Rims of dimension 12,0x19 with 305 / 30er tires were installed on the rear axle. 15-mm spacers on both axles put the new wheels perfectly.