TechArt GT Street R of the Porsche 911 Turbo based: More than 700 hp in the hardcore racer

For the Porsche 911 Turbo Techart has designed performance kits. In addition, the hardcore racing carbon parts gets screwed and looks so like a brutal GT3 RS. However, the GT Street R pumps soon more than 700 hp per wheel drive on the road.

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The performance kits Techart increases the performance of the Porsche 911 Turbo and Turbo S 991.1 and 991.2 model generations up to 640 hp with a maximum torque of 880 Nm and called the result GT Street R. In the control of exhaust flaps of the four-flow exhaust system set the tuner to a continuously variable pneumatic adjustment. With this technology, the exhaust back pressure is optimized depending on various load conditions while unwanted frequencies can be avoided.

Techart Porsche 911 Turbo GT Street R, Techart, Tuning, Turbo S Photo: Techart
The GT Street R carries the vent gills of the GT3 RS.

Made from Carbon lightweight body parts set the Porsche 911 Turbo in the limelight and increase downforce. At the same time they improve so that the road holding of the GT Street R. In the Performance setting of active aerodynamics (Level 3), the GT Street R is pressed at 300 km km / h 321 kg total downforce on the road.

TechArt GT Street R with dynamic contours

The new front apron with carbon fiber front spoiler and active front spoiler lip optimizes the inflow of water and oil cooler with additional air intakes and a central air outlet. This reduces the lift on the front of the car as it dismisses the air after passing through the radiator directly. The integrated front light units are surrounded by carbon fiber-airframes. Laterally positioned flaps push the GT Street R in addition to the street and have a positive effect on the same drag coefficient of. The lightweight bonnet with TechArt logo on the inside highlights the appearance of the TECHART GT Street R with its dynamic contours.

Techart Porsche 911 Turbo GT Street R, Techart, Tuning, Turbo S Photo: Techart
available as an option's six-point harnesses and racing seats.

At the rear, new Luftauslassschächte find. A carbon fiber-aperture produces an optical connection between the two contoured LED tail light. The rear diffuser in carbon fiber encloses the new exhaust system. Four centrally located titanium tailpipes with carbon coating finally released the exhaust gases into the atmosphere.

Rear spoiler with blatant tilt

perched an active rear spoiler with contoured carbon fiber wing profile, carbon side panels with GT Street lettering and attached to the main body of carbon fiber winglets on the boot lid. In Performance setting the rear spoiler extends and is hired by up to 15 degrees. Before the base body is an enlarged, aerodynamically shaped Carbon air intake elbow ensures the supply of fresh air the stronger engine.

For the necessary grip tires provide 265/35 ZR 20 (alternatively 265/30 ZR 21) at the front and 325/30 ZR 20 (alternatively 325/25 ZR 21) at the rear. Depending on the customer 20-inch or 21-inch wheels come in 9.5 J and 12 J width used. The 20-inch center lock wheels in forged light alloy equips Techart made with road-legal sports tires. The 21-inch wheels with 5-hole connections have a weight-optimized rim design and wear street tires. Both versions are available in a variety of finishes and colors.

Including making a quadruple exhaust clear: Here comes an even greater penalty. Changes to hardware and software that bring the six-cylinder boxer at 720 to 740 hp. In nine seconds, the GT Street R 0-200 km / h to accelerate. In the end, it should be faster in acceleration and on the race track in any case than the 580-hp stock.

Interior finishing in two versions

Inside two finishing options are available. The version "Exclusive" offers occupants leather, in the version "Club Sport" comes primarily Alcantara used. The version "Club Sport" for more sporty elements such as a color-matched roll bar, six-point seat belts and door loops. Both trim levels include door panels in the GT Street R-Design, leather or Alcantara on the dash, the center console, the center console, headliner, sun visors, door posts and on the seats. Trim are painted in GT Street R in desired color, for example, the driving mode switch on the steering wheel, the air nozzles frame and -versteller, the PDK selector lever, the shift gate and the seat adjustment.