BMW 8 Coupe (G15) Erlkönig: luxury coupé 2018

The end of 2018 the adjusted 1999 8-Series will return to the model portfolio of Bavaria. The new BMW 8 to be a true sports coupe in the luxury class.

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is returning to the BMW 8 BMW has long been decided. BMW Chief Development Officer Klaus Fröhlich already confirmed March 2016 they wanted just as some competitors occupy the segment of EUR 150,000 with matching offers and with a new series close the gap between the 7 Series and Rolls-Royce. The Bavarians are targeted at the Mercedes competitors that enter the S-Class coupe and the S-Class convertible decent returns.

BMW Concept Series 8 (2017) Photo: BMW
The 8-study will be off the production model already very close.

With the shown at the Concorso at Villa d'Este 2017 study 8 Series Concept BMW had been a very concrete outlook on the new 8 in May 2017th The new BMW 8 (G15), the there will be a convertible (G14) is indeed placed at the top in the portfolio, but is not a huge car. The two-door car is just over 4.80 meters long and remains below the 6 Series. A flat roof line and a wider base should still provide dynamic proportions and a grand entrance. Help bear the strong retracted roof in the rear area and the wide wheel arches. The trunk lid gets a little Spoilerbürzel.

V8 engines sure V12 likely

Erlkönig BMW 8
Here convertible and coupe drive 2:10 min.

Technically, the new BMW 7 Series is based on 8-strong. Under the long hood sitting definitely different variants of the 4.4 liter V8 turbo aggregate. The range of services is expected to range from well 460 to just over 600 hp here. Technically feasible, but unlikely, the use of six-cylinder engines. The same applies to diesel and hybrid powertrains. Too small here is the target group and probably too large the cost of adaptation. All-wheel drive but there will be an option. The eight-speed automatic is considered standard series set. Plausible would be a version of the V12 engine from the BMW M760i. Although not bring even more power (600 hp and 800 Nm), but significantly more prestige. One factor that certainly stands out in this segment.

BMW has also secured M8

New BMW 8 (2018)
BMW 8 Coupe (G15) Erlkönig: luxury coupé 2018 BMW 8 Coupe (G15) Erlkönig: luxury coupé 2018 BMW 8 Coupe (G15) Erlkönig: luxury coupé 2018 BMW 8 Coupe (G15) Erlkönig: luxury coupé 2018
Close series concept car shown

Even the acronym M8 Bavarians have protected it. Thus including a potent sports version of the 8 series with the twin-turbo V8 from the new M5 is conceivable.

The new BMW 8 is built at the Dingolfing plant. Priced he'll sorting between the 7 Series and Rolls-Royce. The base price is expected to be at 150,000 euros, an M8 will start at 180,000 euros.