Audi SQ5 3.0 TFSI (2017) NAIAS: premiere for new sports SUV in Detroit

Audi shows the NAIAS in Detroit the new SQ5 TFSI. The sporty top model of the mid-size SUV comes in mid 2017 to Germany. Audi thus offers the SUV for the first time also with us with a sporty petrol engine.

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The Audi SQ5 with its 3.0 TFSI the sporty top model in the series and that is obvious at first glance: For example, the matt black single-frame. Or the more powerful Aprons, large air intakes and the 20-inch wheels. Inside, a sport steering wheel and seats with leather-Alcantara upholstery for a contrast to the weaker Q5 models.


Audi SQ5 seat fitting

Rein in the Audi SQ5: Front is also available for tall people a lot of space in all directions and the seats provide a really solid sporty side support, the seats are nice and comfortable. The headrests are not built into the seats, but adjustable. The interior is so dark that the red-brown shimmering carbon deposits notice right in the dashboard and door panels. The Alcantara door panels of Audi exclusive look pretty expensive and rimless interior mirror has style.

Wide center console

The sports steering wheel touches her hard and smooth, is flattened at the bottom and carries a silver clasp with S logo. The center console is extremely wide and on the gear lever, the driver can comfortably rest his hand. Before the lever, the touchpad is waiting for contact - a complete touch screen, as he sits at this point in the new Q8 Concept, it has not managed in the SQ5.

And in the rear space conditions are exemplary, with the middle seat only has Notcharakter. Two large air vents provide the passengers in the second row from the end of the center console with fresh air. In addition, two buttons are there to turn the seat heating in the rear and off. And what stands out: the interior processing can be reached at Audi still top and difficult.


Audi SQ5 3.0 TFSI (2017) NAIAS: premiere for new sports SUV in Detroit
Premiere for the Power SUV for NAIAS in Detroit 1:23 min.

For the first time a V6 petrol engine in the German SQ5

A V6 turbo petrol engine ensures a difference in driving performance: the SQ5 accelerates in 5.4 seconds from zero to 100 km / h. The turbocharged three-liter engine produces 354 hp and at 1,370 / min 500 Nm to the eight-speed Tiptronic and on to all four wheels.

Audi SQ5 3.0 TFSI (2017) Photo: Audi
Four tailpipes in the skirt characterize the SQ5.

Surcharge a sports differential distributes the torque active between the rear wheels. Also in the options list: An air suspension with multiple height levels and a dynamic steering with variable ratio.

From mid-2017 at the dealers

are standard in addition to a damper control and 20-inch wheels and leather-Alcantara seat covers and LED headlights. For the first time Audi offers the SQ5 in Germany as gasoline that he comes in mid 2017 to the dealers.