Marauder 4×4 / 6×6: Monster SUV for the street fight

On the streets is war - and with the Marauder one is definitely on the winning side. Monster SUV is big, heavy and safe.

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When speaking the name of the Marauder from, even a vague guess about the character of the monster crystallizes out. you do not feel it, there's the dictionary - "looters, robbers," it is now finally clear the situation.

For the Marauder is particularly interesting for those who have a high level of safety or a corresponding date of application-need. A few hard facts to warm up: The vehicle brings about ten tons of fighting weight on the scale, copes easily with five tons loading capacity for ten people is not a problem and depending on luggage manages the six-cylinder turbo diesel with up to 300 hp 100 120 km / h - so do just fine for everyday use.

700 km with 4x4 or 6x6 - Rammschutz optional

If necessary, the sides raised wheels can provide more for reinforcing the contact with the road, then a 6x6 is from 4x4 quickly. But whether the Marauder takes the terrain while four or six wheels, the range is up to 700 kilometers - and who wants to flee further away or needs for which the tank can be enlarged.

Of course, the options list lets nothing to be desired of the safety-conscious driver. Against a few extra dollars, there are ABS, central tire inflation system, emergency generator, radio and radio system, pressure system, fire suppression system, Dozer sign, bull bar, additional armored equipment and various weapon stations.

So much for the "fitness for purpose". Somewhat limited, however, it is the 19-millimeter-thick slices. Although that protect against evil neighbors (STANAG Level III), but do not open. Adversely, if a car park ticket must be drawn, on the other hand - and as we are already at the next limitation - having dimensions of 6.14 x 2.48 x 2.66 (L x B x H in m) would be the Marauder the dimensions of a also ensures blow serial parking garage.

So, crank windows down, not going. the driver goes mob at the traffic lights next door - and over the speaker system. keep cool also goes for the standard air conditioning system provides.

exclusive interior

we come to the interior. The South African producer Paramount Group, which produces the Marauder since 2007, advertises blast-resistant seats. They are intended to protect the occupants from injury reliable - whether the mine exploded at a location below the Marauder side or. In addition: 14 kg TNT - no matter under which wheel and 7 kg of TNT under the fuselage, the Marauder should be able to put away. so we add to the list of everyday aptitudes: A clear plus in the Security category. But only for the occupants, outsiders should the Marauder go as far as possible out of the way. Since the vehicle is designed to Millitäreinsatz, but a day / night vision device can be found on the list of options that can be used as pedestrian detection wizard - as the Marauder can be controlled with some caution and foresight through city traffic without major damage wreak.

Nevertheless, should you as a driver of a Marauders have some Finanzpölsterchen in the hindquarters - quickly curb times flattened, rolled down a small car and bent over street signs. But who does this "car" should be able to cope with such trifles. The Marauder costs around 300,000 pounds, or the equivalent of 340,691 euros. For the price of any color can be chosen, of course. So far, no other vehicle was, according to Paramount Group, sold to private customers, however.

Three kilograms of plastic explosives under the Marauder

Maybe helps our products to bring the SUV monster of the man or the TV show of the colleagues of Top Gear in the UK. Who summarily tested the mine suitability of a lobster and a Marauder in keeping with tradition. The result: Marauder small puncture - Hummer off.