Operating costs: The costs my car a month

The costs for motorists who apparently only one direction - up. Which car you can afford now easily shows the large operating costs Overview: More than 1,200 models, sorted by categories of vehicles.


Whether a vehicle fits into the personal budget, depends not only on the purchase price. Even after the acquisition incurred various expenses that may not be beyond the financial framework available. They are composed of the fixed and operating costs, and - very important because often overlooked - the loss in value together.

The fixed costs include tax and insurance. The tax is currently being determined even after the displacement. With gasoline per section of 100 cubic meters capacity is 6.75 euros due, in diesel engines with particulate filter 15,44 EUR without 16.64 euros.

the type classes serve as a basis for the insurance costs. Depending on various parameters such as claims frequency or ease of repair, the different vehicle models are classified in different type classes. In liability, the type classes range from 10 to 25, in the fully comprehensive to 34 and in the partial coverage to 33. Once a year, on 1 October, the classifications are checked and corrected if necessary. Rough rule of thumb: the more the engine power, the higher the type of class and so the cost of insurance. Moreover, diesels are often higher classified as gasoline.

Operating costs consist of the costs incurred when driving post. In addition to the need for maintenance and wear parts are mainly the recent strong rise in fuel costs.

The auto motor und sport-sample invoice is based on the following conditions: The insurance is made up of liability and comprehensive insurance together at 100 percent no-claims bonus. Fuel costs resulting from the ECE consumption of the manufacturer, the annual loss of value is an average based on a three-year holding period. At 15,000 kilometers per year as a BMW 3 Series 560 per month or 953 euros can cost (including depreciation) - depending on whether it is a 318i with 143 hp or 286 hp 335d.

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