VW has extended warranty: Up to 5 years for an additional charge

From the factory VW offers two-year warranty on its new cars. Surcharge this warranty period may be extended to up to 5 years.

04/24/2015 Uli Baumann

With the freely configurable VW models, customers can extend the warranty to one, two or three years and at the same time between an annual mileage of ten, twenty or thirty thousand kilometers select. The optional warranty extension has been integrated directly into the new car configurator.


Warranty Extension at tiered prices

The cost for the warranty extension sized to individuall at the desired warranty period and annual mileage. The offer to extend the warranty does not cover used cars and stock cars at the time. Currently offered "Club & however, launch "-Sondermodelle come standard with an extended 5-year warranty.

In the VW Golf 1.2 TSI, the extended warranty for one year, for example, 30,000 km will cost 170 euros, 2 years and 40,000 kilometers cost 370 euros and 3 years and 50,000 kilometers cost 550 euros. Who orders the maximum package with 3-year extended warranty and a total mileage of 150,000 kilometers paid 1,050 euros. The Passat Variant 1.4 TSI the surcharges for example, range from 220 to 1,850 euros initially, the Phaeton 3.0 V6 TDI, the price range from 520 up to 4,900 euros.