New Peugeot pick-up: beast of burden comeback for Africa

The French carmaker Peugeot rises again to pick up business. But only for the African market. Especially for this market a new beast of burden has now been presented.

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Peugeot continues to focus on growth and also has rediscovered to the pickup market. For now, the pick-up commitment but should be restricted to the African market. And the tradition at Peugeot. In 1956, the Peugeot 403 403 Camionnette-Bâchée started his career commercial vehicles here in 1967 was followed by the 404-Camionnette Bâchée and in 2005 the built in Nigeria 504 pickup truck was taken from the African market.

Classic design with leadframe

Peugeot pickup Photo: Peugeot
The new Peugeot pick-up is based on a classic leadframe concept.

Now the French come back with a completely new model - one that should be tailored in every respect to the use in Africa. Say: functionality goes beyond optics. The new Peugeot pick-up not relying as his predecessors to a car-based, but comes as a true commercial vehicle. To adapt the alliance is the French case with the Chinese carmaker Dongfeng connected to the Rich has an adapted Nissan D22 pickup in China in the program. Which has now been adapted for the label Peugeot. The 5.08-meter pick-up occurs with a double cabin for up to five passengers, classic ladder frame, leaf spring suspension and rigid axle at the rear. The load floor is 1.40 meters long and 1.39 meters wide. In addition, it is fully lined with rugged protective covers. Lashing rings around the tail lifts are used for securing loads. As a payload maximum of 815 kg can be given.

Peugeot pickup Photo: Peugeot
The all-wheel versions carry additional chrome trim.

The design of the pick-up moves far away from the famous models in Europe. High waistline, clear corners and edges as well as a ground clearance of - according to model - 210-2015 mm - functionality is key. As a clear brand commitment of the Peugeot Lion is in the grille.

Only with four-cylinder turbo diesel

Only available for the new engine Peugeot pick-up is a longitudinally mounted four-cylinder turbo diesel, which draws PS 115 and 280 Nm of torque from 2.5 liters. Standard is a five-speed manual transmission. the customer can choose between rear-wheel and all-wheel drive, the latter brings a switchable reduction.

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New Peugeot pick-up: beast of burden comeback for Africa New Peugeot pick-up: beast of burden comeback for Africa New Peugeot pick-up: beast of burden comeback for Africa New Peugeot pick-up: beast of burden comeback for Africa
First drive report, all information

Standard equipment for the new Peugeot pick-up include manual air conditioning, power windows, a CD-radio with USB port and power mirrors. The safety package includes an airbag for the driver and the passenger, an ABS system and parking beeper back. The wheel drive versions of the new Peugeot pickup truck carrying additional chrome trim. Thus, a chrome-plated steel tubes, among other things as door sills and a bracket system, also made of chromed steel pipe in the back as standard on board.

to come the new Peugeot pick-up in September - on the African market - especially North Africa and in the states around the Sahara. Prices have not yet been called.