Renault 4×4 and X-Track Transportation 2016: off-road vans

Renault makes the transporter fleet off-road capability. More ground clearance, traction equipment and all-wheel drive to improve the skills of Master, Trafic and Kangoo.

04/19/2016 Torsten Seibt Powered by

Ground clearance instead spoiler, this is the theme for the new off-road campaign for the Renault van series. Renault Kangoo, Trafic and Master are now available with an off-road equipment called X-Track, for the great master Renault also offers a future one selectable four-wheel drive with reduction gear on.

Lift kit and differential brake

The ulterior motive is clear: The best all-wheel drive and the most powerful engine does not help when the load is seated. Therefore has always been the most important criterion for the operation of off-street sufficient ground clearance. The core of the new X-Track packages are therefore Höherlegungsfahrwerke.

For the Renault Kangoo and the Renault Trafic it comes with the X-track package by 30 millimeters, for the Renault Master by 40 millimeters in height. In addition, Renault always installed an underride guard in the oil pan at the X-track package, the Kangoo there is another protective plate for tank and brake lines. In the X-Track package somewhat coarser profiled are M&S-containing tire.

Extended Grip electronically controls

At the same time, a differential brake is integrated into the drive axle in the X-Track models. Although Renault speaks of a differential lock, but it brings the working by friction unit only to a blocking effect of 25 percent - rotates a drive wheel, the system derives a quarter of the driving force to the opposite wheel The differential brake functions in accordance automatically without intervention by the driver. ,

However, the can call an additional "Extended Grip" program by pressing a button. Up to a maximum speed of 50 km / h so that the control strategy of ESP and traction control system is altered and prevents the downward adjustment of engine power when spinning wheels. Extended Grip is standard on the Renault vans.

Renault Master 4x4 with all-wheel Oberaigner

Especially for large vans Renault Master offers from now on a 4x4 variant. Here, the French rely on the proven conversion kits Oberaigner. holds 1.42 ready: the Renault Master 4x4 a rigid Zuschalt-wheel is used, which added the new road ratio by a factor of one is coming. Regardless of the structure of the all-wheel drive for the Renault Master 3.5 tonnes total weight, for the wheelbases 3.68 and 4.33 meters and with an engine power of 125 hp is available. the wheel with the six-speed manual transmission is combined. In this context: The return of a Kangoo 4x4 is still not provided.

Prices for the all-wheel drive and the respective X-Track packages has not yet been named Renault.