Mercedes GLE against GLC: Is the smaller Schwaben SUV the better?

Those who appreciate a higher seating position, will certainly find at Mercedes. But is it worth the extra cost of GLE against the GLC? Or rather take the more modern, smaller and cheaper SUV?

08/01/2015 Patrick Lang Powered by

The tasteless original coupe versions of GLC and GLE we can now even aside and consider only the SUVs. The serene analyst notes right away: both have four wheels, drive on and off-road and are larger and higher than a midsize sedan. Basal seen so they are for the same purpose intended, namely to roll if necessary even over rough terrain - although neither the nor the other will be particularly often shooed through the mud presumably one.

Mercedes GLE and GLC - Are both necessary?

The most striking immediately visual differentiation feature is the C-pillar of the GLE. Furthermore, the rear lights can still differ. Here, the GLC has got the elegant rear lamps. At the front they are, however, already much more difficult to separate. Overall, the GLE looks a bit edgier. Crazy World: Where has yet actually entered the GLC as a descendant of the edge-king GLK the ring and the GLE is essentially a facelift of the ML.

Great are the differences in the dimensions. The GLC is finally "just" a compact SUV. The GLE is 4.5 centimeters wide, 15 centimeters higher and 17 centimeters longer. No wonder that the trunk volume of 690 liters to 140 liters is greater than the Mercedes GLC. In addition, much volume in the GLC trunk hidden under the double load floor. It is noteworthy, however, that results in no significant differences for the passengers from the generous exterior dimensions of GLE. Head and leg are almost the same in both models, in some cases even GLC generous (1.064 mm between the driver seat and the roof lining in the GLC - 1,059 mm in GLE). The vehicle size is therefore reflected mainly lower in the cargo volume and the seat width. Only the exit from the rear of the smaller Daimler is comfortable little: Because of the narrow doorway and far into her seat must foot quite deliberately raise over the surprisingly high sill.

With so many differences it takes but then sometimes something in common: Both are available as in-line four-cylinder 250 d 4Matic with 204 hp and move in the energy efficiency class A. Another common? Both have a turning circle of 11.8 meters. The circuit also takes over the same nine-speed automatic transmission for both models.

Mercedes GLC with better values

In terms of driving performance the GLE but his 415 kilos extra weight get in the way. The sprint from 0-100 km / h puts the GLC out in 7.6 seconds, the thicker brother needs for 8.6 seconds. Even with the top speed of 222 km / h, the GLE can not keep up and creates just 210 km / h. he can for the combined average consumption over bidding. 5.9 liters of diesel approved the full-size SUV, according to plant at least - 0.9 liters more than the compact GLC.

The compact SUV can already sporting chase alone around the curves due to body weight and can also be equipped with a sport chassis. In GLE is, however, even the can not ignore the two-ton flywheel, who ordered an AMG version.

Yet the Great costs about 10,000 euros more. Well, it Gibt's the cockpit controls of the S-Class, while the GLC driver finds in the C-class finish. Which now requires a listing of the respective standard. The little one must make a start:

  • Chrome details and 18-inch wheels
  • Intelligent LED lights and adaptive brake lights
  • Multifunction leather steering wheel, piano lacquer and chrome decor
  • Instrument cluster with 5.5 "display
  • headrests & spectacles compartment & bag hooks & sun visors & Glove compartment
  • "Mercedes-Benz" laurel wreath badge on the hood
  • Door sills with Mercedes lettering
  • Climate "Thermatic"
  • cupholder
  • Intermittent wipe function & rain sensor & heat-insulating glass
  • Power windows and door mirrors (also heated)
  • Cruise control
  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • Driving mode selection "Dynamic Select"
  • Agility Control suspension
  • ESP, ABS and Adaptive Break
  • central locking system
  • Collision Assist and Attention Assist
  • begin&Stop function
  • ... and some little things like luggage racks and rear bumpers that we give now time

Those who opt for the GLE gets to the above equipment features still electrically adjustable front seats, a Direct Select circuit, a CD player, an electronic traction system (4ETS), upfront and rollover sensors, downhill assistance under protection front and rear, a outlet and a few gimmicks to it. The air suspension, however, have an extra charge for both models.

The engines selection makes the difference

Who really another - not only a more voluminous - vehicle would have to, in terms of stoking engine. Here, the GLE has a lot more options, such as a V6 diesel, a V8 petrol engine, a hybrid version and two AMG versions. The GLC there is so far only as a four-cylinder with a maximum of 211 hp (GLC 250 4Matic in gasoline). Otherwise, the GLE offers more cargo space and more convenient access to the rear, the GLC should it have the edge in the parking space and the narrows before kindergarten forward. Boulevard off-roader will not be both. Both are good for the well-adventure ride through the thicket. nor the effect on the image remains on the Boulevard: The GLE one sees the higher price even if the sheer size of - if it were up only after the GLE is likely to cost a greater charge than Mercedes calls and can compete in performance even with the S-Class , The petite compared GLC works for socially acceptable.

modelpowerVmaxBoot capacitypayloadCO2
Mercedes GLC 250 d 4Matic204 hp222 km / h550 liters655 kg129-143 g / km
Mercedes GLE 250 d 4Matic204 hp210 km / h690 liters800 kg149-156 g / km