Buyer’s guide Jeep Grand Cherokee: Used at a bargain price

Large luxury SUVs with petrol engines are now available with bargain guarantee. Favorite our used car specials: the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Which is available in good condition now from 3,000 euros.

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Current top favorite for bargain hunters is the 4wheelfunJeep Grand Cherokee. Already for 3000 Euro maintained cream pieces of ZJ series are to have (until 1999). The Grand Cherokee was after the acquisition of AMC Jeep the first fully developed under Chrysler SUV Director of the cult brand. As ZJ he made his debut in 1993 and was only replaced by the successor WJ 1999th 

The bill can rise

As gasoline had him with a four-liter inline six-cylinder and the 5.2-liter V8. The latter is the better choice because it does not consume much more at noticeably better performance than the "small" six-cylinder. For model year 1997, there was a facelift of the "Grand" which is recognized externally by the stepped bumper. Simultaneously, the on-board electronics have been modernized, redesigned the cockpit and installed a passenger airbag.

The facelift models are also interesting because they reach the euro2 classification: Green sticker and 390 euro annual tax are of advantage - that's why our buying guides focused on these model years. About the consumption values ​​one must have no illusions: 13 to 15 liters, it is always in brisk driving style even more. Given the savings in the purchase price over a comparable diesel four-wheel drive upscale, the bill goes on nonetheless.

Rust is not a big issue

Massive vulnerability unknown to the Grand Cherokee does not, however, a number of ailments that have to be looked for potential buyers. Besides the usual checks when buying used cars, which is also the 4wheelfunjeep are valid, there are some special features: Rust is not a real issue, perforation corrosion and surface rust on the chassis stable are hard to find. Only the front Motorhaubenfalz fault relatively strong in many models.

Problem areas are still further the exhaust muffler including the tail pipe and the front ventilated brake discs, which corrode the inside. The Aufstelldämpfer of rear window, tailgate and bonnet are eight to ten years, often ready and need to be replaced - not a very expensive fun, but there are accessory retailers cheep alternatives.

The only real weak point is the transfer case with its viscous coupling. By deficient maintenance or transmission overheating the viscous element may be damaged: It locks constantly, strong tension when cornering and an expensive repair is the result. A few circles around the car with open eyes and ears are therefore duty when buying used cars. On this occasion, can also be equal to check if the rear axle during cornering fabricated noise or tension. It is equipped with an automatic barrier and must necessarily changing the oil to be supplied with an additive to avoid defects. 

Proper maintenance history is mandatory

Even so should consider when buying pay close attention that all maintenance has been carried out in a workshop. The robust se automatic transmission takes it also offended if oil changes have been "forgotten". an additional cooler be retrofitted: If the used Jeep has a tow bar, which is integrated in the water cooler transmission oil cooler should at least present better. When overloaded when towing a trailer, the transmission is at some point. Smell it on the pulled-out measuring rod of the automatic transmission is mandatory. Burning smell the oil away from this car.

The oil level of the automatic transmission is checked with the engine running and gear shift lever in neutral position. The transmission must gently and smoothly to 80 km / h turn into overdrive, with increased switching points, or long switching pauses extreme caution is needed. In the test drive you should look for suspicious clicks from the direction of axes. At higher mileages the bearings of the stabilizer jacks or the wishbone are occasionally worn. The latter one can feel that also in a floating ride or an imprecise steering.

Many electrical loads

The testing of all electrical consumers - and there are the Grand Cherokee Limited quite a few - must also be on the program. Typical deficiency is a defect in the seat heating, which can however be solved with a little craft skill itself. The maintenance display in the central information display is merely a note for the owner, no Evidence of actual maintenance, because it can be reset with a simple trick.

Except for the possible defect in the viscous coupling few Wehwechen are no reason to abandon an otherwise clean and well maintained copy of the purchase - but an issue for subsequent purchase price negotiations. Maintenance, wear and spare parts for the Grand Cherokee are favorable, even the supply of used parts is large. The engine is an absolute endurance runner, if you begrudge him his regular oil changes. Mileages beyond 250,000 kilometers are nothing special for the V8. But: The Grand Cherokee (read also to our 4wheelfunSuper test for the current Grand Cherokee ) Can quickly become a big Grosch grave in repair backlog and poor maintenance. The supply of neat models with clean history is large enough to let Blender ignored.