New generation BMW 3 Series G20 (2019): All information, data, photos to Dreier

The current BMW 3-Series (F30) has just been released with a small facelift in another stage of life, there already appears to be for 2019 expected successor (G20) as Erl King on first tests.

08/06/2017 Holger Wittich 6 comments

The next BMW 3 Bayern want to venture not only a great technology, but also a large design step. So it is with BMW, with the best-selling 3 Series one could create the fastest in traffic visibility with the new look and the BMW fan could get used to it so quickly. In addition, the 3-driver was regarded as progressive and open to new ideas than about who tend more conservative drivers of the higher class models. The kidney is intended to, the lighting by OLED technology are narrower and striking more present. The dimensions of the new BMW 3 Series grow - little. The track width will grow slightly. Six centimeters in length, there is more, two centimeters more wheelbase. This is the passengers come to the best. The rear sitting on a three-part back bank. In combined maximum of 1,500 liters of cargo volume should make is possible. From the F31 Touring then takes the separately opening rear window.

BMW 3 Erlkönig
The G20 in Action 2:11 min.
BMW i Vision Future Interaction CES 2016 vesting 01/06/2016 Photo: BMW
BMW i Vision Future Interaction: The CES study already takes a bit of the design and controls of the upcoming 3 Series anticipated.

BMW 3 Series with Lightweight and Hybrid

In terms of interior quality new BMW 3 Series to be significantly upgraded. Here, the new BMW boss Harald Krüger will respond to customer criticism. Up-to-date, the ads, the operating system and infotainment services should be represented. The number of buttons is reduced, a first glimpse of the interior, the study showed i-Vision, which was shown at the CES.

Erlkönig BMW 3 Series Photo: Stefan Baldauf
The new BMW 3 Series gets more wheelbase.

In the basic version of Mittelklässler receives analogue instruments and in the center console, a touch display. Optionally, there is a large display, which faces the driver. A digital instrument cluster is also available at extra cost. As before, a head-up display is offered. Gesture and voice control are finding their way. Nevertheless, the BMW customer does not waive the i-Drive with the rotary push-button control.

New BMW 3 Series 40 kg lighter

With the upcoming 5 Series, the new BMW 3 Series also 35up basic architecture that CLAR is now divided. Thanks CFRP components and a higher proportion of aluminum allows the platform, the new 3 Series slim down by around 40 kg. Just over 1.4 tons will then weigh the model.

BMW 3 Series Touring Photo: Christian Schulte
About half a year after the sedan and the station wagon version is introduced.

The engine range should populate the Bayern with aggregates from the new 0.5-liter engine kit. The offer will range from three cylinders in the basic models over four cylinder back to six-cylinder engines in the top versions - all with turbocharging. Specifically: all gasoline obtained a particulate filter. The consumption and CO2 emissions by 5 percent, the performance is about 7 hp up, the maximum torque by 20 Nm. The make, among other things, an optimized belt drive, efficient cooling and more injection pressure (350 instead of 200 bar) possible. In addition to the plug-in hybrid 330e (henceforth 265 hp), there will be a BMW 325e with 230 hp. The electric ranges rise from 40 to 50 kilometers inductive charging should be possible.

On the diesel side, there is even more specific: All four-cylinder will receive a two-stage turbocharging, an SCR catalytic converter is ordered, the consumption fall by 5 percent. The services is increasing: In the 316d from 115 to 136 hp in the 318d from 150 to 163 hp and the 320d of 190 to 204 hp. In the 325d will in future be 238 instead of 224 hp at work.

BMW sets a 340i M Performance on

As before, the eight-speed automatic passes the engine power to the wheels. Importantly, BMW will offer the Mercedes-AMG C43 Paroli and bridges the gap between the BMW 340i and the M3 with a BMW 340i M Performance. Furthermore, should fail, the spreading of the adaptive chassis larger. On the diesel side, there will be a 340d M performance exclusively with all-wheel and 320 hp. Speaking M3: The course comes again - with 460 hp, but with an electric motor to the engine and for a portion of extra power. More carbon and magnesium parts are installed. Accordingly, there is a 48-volt electrical system.

And what becomes of the BMW 3 Series GT? Might grace the 4-series in the future. Analogous to the BMW M3, the M4 coupe comes just as the derivatives of 4 Cabrio (with steel folding roof) and 4 Gran Coupe from 2020 onwards.