Erlkönig BMW X5 (2018): The new generation rolls on

BMW sets 2018 a new generation of the BMW X5 on (G05). Now the SUV Erl King was shot at the Nurburgring with significantly less camouflage. Since 2013 is the third generation of the BMW X5 - known internally as the F15 - on the market. After five years, then have a new generation coming so.

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New BMW X5 is built on the platform CLAR

Yes, while Bayern will change the successful package of the SUV visually only marginally, the innovation is hidden under the sheet metal. The new BMW X5 is built on the new platform, which has been called 35up, but now as CLAR (Cluster Architecture) is named. She wears in the future from the 3 to the 7 Series, the new BMW models, including the SUV models including the new BMW X7. Thanks CLAR with its lightweight materials aluminum and magnesium, the vehicle weight is significantly lower.

BMW X5 Erlkönig
Nordschleife test with the new SUV 1:37 min.

No three-cylinder in the BMW X5 (G05)

In terms of drive BMW will rely on four-, six-, and eight-cylinder and the X5, the three-cylinder one seeks in vain in the safe Dick ship. Accordingly, there are the following models: BMW X5 xDrive 50i (462 hp), X5 xDrive 40i (340 hp), X4 sDrive 40i (340 hp with rear-wheel drive), X5 XDrive 30i (252 hp). The diesel models are X5 M 50d (400 hp), X5 xDrive 25d (231 hp), X5 xDrive 30d (265 hp) and BMW X5 xDrive40d (320 hp). In order to reduce fleet fuel consumption, a plug-in version X5 xDrive40e come to raise him, an M version with 600 hp.

Current costs of gasoline-entry into the BMW X5 world with the 206-hp X5 35i from 66,400 euros. The 50i with 450 hp gheht going from 85,400 euros. On the diesel side, the top model, the BMW X5 M50d with 91,390 euros in the price list, the front-wheel drive X5 25d cost entry level is 59,800 euros, as a four-wheel version xDrive be 65,900 euros due. We expect a price increase of at least 2,000 to 3,000 euros. is built, the new BMW X5 the way, like all BMW X models, the US plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina.