Porsche Cayman S and Boxster S as used cars: Boxer-Power with around 300 hp for 20,000 euros?

The entry-level models from Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen Porsche promise full feeling. What can the Boxster S and Cayman S when they are getting on in years, and only half of the former original price cost mid-engined sports car?

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When former Super Test heroes are getting older, it's over with the glory. A photographic flashbulbs? Past. Instead Nordschleife, Hockenheim and wind tunnel the used car parking lot suddenly becomes a home address. A tough draw - but unavoidable. The flip side of the coin? Cheap prices.

High depreciation Porsche Cayman and Porsche Boxster

While the Porsche Boxster S in the sport auto-Super Test 12/2009 still shocked with a test car price of 93,023 euros, is a good three years later a similar ready for 2009 copy with 310- hp engine for less than 35,000 euros. Okay, the carrera white roadster Koberstein automobiles in the Swabian Schorndorf already has over 90,000 kilometers on the clock. He is also not as lavishly equipped as the former test car. But central features like PASM suspension, shift, 19-inch Turbo wheels with new Michelins and even a flap exhaust prove lure the highest quality.

Who wants to invest 10,000 euros less, reaches for the Porsche Cayman S. Wait a minute, not 25 thousand euros for the crocodile among the Porsche? No problem, you get a good seven-year-old 295-horsepower coupe with over 100,000 kilometers mileage.
The prices for the Porsche 987 series are currently more attractive than ever. If you look on the Internet or at the dealerships, discovered already offers about 20,000 euros.

Clear that in this price range, especially cars with many kilometers of dubious history, right hand and from Italy: waiting for new owners (keyword tax investigation). But only three to four thousand more, and you will find German cars from independent dealers with warranty. The two special models Porsche RS 60 Spyder with 303 hp and Porsche Boxster Spyder with 320 HP are naturally rare and not cheap.

Porsche Approved used cars even when free traders

Porsche centers require logical as most of the money for used Porsche Boxster and Porsche Cayman with the dynamic addition of "S". For this, only they offer the Porsche Approved warranty, right? not quite true, because even the free traders Koberstein conveys the warranty on customer request.

Owner Klaus Koberstein: "We get our used Porsche mainly by German Porsche centers - scheckheftgepflegt and with complete history included. The factory warranty, we provide the customer if desired. "In the case of Porsche Boxster and Porsche Cayman will cost around 1,200 euros. In this case, the cars go through our usual 111-point check at the Porsche center and have one or two year warranty.

Depending on what budget is available: here, decide whether it should be 987 before or after the facelift a mid-engine Porsche series. A short trip to the Model history: In November 2004, the Porsche Boxster S replaced the previous model 986 from. Mid-2006 the 280-horsepower engine with 3.2 liter displacement by the 15 PS stronger 3.4-liter six-cylinder is replaced.

The engine with direct injection (DFI) and 310 PS appeared for the facelift in early 2009. In November 2005, the Porsche Cayman S was presented. The 295-horsepower engine was replaced for facelift in February 2009 by the direct injection engine with 320 hp here.
In both two-seaters also known by the Porsche Carrera seven-speed Doppelkupplungetriebe comes since 2009 are used. Since then, the unfortunate five-speed automatic is history. take what engine? Well - snappy, easy turning and melodious they are all.

Good marks for Boxer engines

In each sports car-Super test, there were virtually only high marks for the centrally installed along behind the crew boxer engines. Sure - the 3.4-liter DFI with 310 respectively 320 hp is the snappiest convinced there with the best performance and subjectively and objectively very Carrera suspicious.

With PDK Porsche Cayman S graduated in sports car super test 12/2009 the sprint from 0 to 200 km / h in 18.1 seconds fixed (Boxster S: 19.0 s). Only five seconds longer the subsequent emergency braking took to the stand. The lap times in the Green Hell was below 20.8 minutes and speak for themselves. The competition? Clear mounted.

The consumption of around 14 liters of Super Plus are reasonable, especially as vehicle dynamics and driving pleasure still be beyond doubt and make it clear: At Porsche Boxster S and Porsche Cayman S sports car you really get a lot for the money. A lot of car, low fat: Little more than 1,400 kg brought the two candidates in the Super Test on the scale - a full tank.

Porsche Boxster and Cayman are agile and precise

You can feel in the first roundabout. The mid-engine sports cars of Koberstein present themselves on the test drive agile and precise as the first day. A few kilometers later in the winding, hilly hinterland is clear: The DFI engine that coming from first-hand Porsche Boxster S reacts more greedy on the twitch of the right foot.

Thanks electrically switchable valve exhaust the melody of the Porsche boxer engine can be varied easily - the sound spectrum ranges from subtle and downtown safe up gasping-jubilant for the detour through the tunnel favorite. Except for a few scratches on the entry of white Roadster looks practically new. An easy hakendes clutch pedal is something wrong thoughtfully.

Porsche Boxster S with up to 310 hp

This little problem he shares with the silver Porsche Cayman S, which ran four months to a Porsche Center when it came secondhand. The coupe looks a little cleaner than the Porsche Boxster S, smells almost like a new car. There are a few burn holes in the leather of the passenger seat. feel of a loud traders professionally resolved guardrail damage and you see nothing.

The subjective impression of a somewhat more muted dynamics confirmed a look at the sports car-Observations: Almost one second of the Porsche Boxster S depends on the 310 hp Porsche Cayman S with 295 hp. Nevertheless, the entry-level Porsche pushes to tidy up and running top 275 km / h. But that engine is also installed to arouse delight, the finely tuned response of the six-cylinder naturally aspirated - as a four-cylinder turbo will not be able to compete in 100 years.

In terms of reliability, it is important to note the shift cables for both assembled in Finland, Schwaben, often they are hanging from just Mileage 60,000. Unfortunately, the Porsche Classic crankshaft Simmering plays a role not only in the model 996, but also in the Porsche Cayman S and Boxster S.

Other abnormalities of the Porsche models are the water pump (leak) and the coupling rods of the stabilizers (rattling at high mileages). Important, free of completed service actions include the replacement of the handbrake lever with the 2006 models, the clutch pedal switch (2008 - 2011) and the high-pressure fuel pump (2009 - 2010).

Vorfacelift against newer models

Even if the inspection costs and insurance rates of Porsche Cayman S and Porsche Boxster S are lower than those of competitors BMW M3 E 46, one has to note that the expenditure on spare parts and consumables can leave in your wallet, depending on the assembly big holes. It is striking that the models cause before the facelift painful cost than afterwards.

Surprise: Through technical changes some components of the Porsche models in the series 987 were dramatically cheaper. Example alternator: The direct injection the replacement part cost 291 euros, with its predecessor, however 798 euros. Not unimportant, if a car is taken with high mileage on the short list.

Almost twice as expensive is also the manual: For the "old" one 7514 Euro expensive new parts is available, the facelift brother, however, comes with a replacement part for 3984 Euro on.

the purchase of a Porsche Boxster S and Porsche Cayman S So if you do not have to count every euro twice and even more places on safety value, which was placed with Porsche Approved warranty to the heart. Surprises (almost) impossible.

The Porsche DNA - what has it?

The biggest pounds of the two mid-engine Porsche is their origin. Unlike most competitors are in the market Porsche Boxster S and Porsche Cayman S genuine, serious sports car and no offshoot ordinary mass commodity. Driving dynamics and image benefit significantly. The maintenance is sports car typically not very favorable. Some spare parts for the six-cylinder boxer with direct injection were cheaper after the facelift in 2009.

The price level on the used car market is as attractive as the insurance rates. almost 300 hp, mid-engine boxer six cylinder and the Stuttgart DNA are possible for more than 20,000 euros. But one aspect should not be ignored: With an Audi TT, Mercedes SLK or BMW Z4 one is inconspicuous in the face of this country growing social envy go.