Subaru WRX STI with new record: 600-horsepower Subaru conquers Isle of Man

Subaru of America has tailored together with specialist Prodrive a WRX STI for the Isle of Man TT - with success. With new aerodynamics, new chassis, stiffened chassis and double performance of the race car set a new record on the dangerous route.

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The record stood at 19 minutes and 26 seconds, an average speed of 116.47 mp / h (187.44 km / h). Driven by rally driver Mark Higgins in a slightly modified 2015er Subaru WRX STI in June 2014. Two years later, Subaru wanted to offer this record on the Isle of Man TT. Again with Higgins at the wheel. But this time with a converted to a race car WRX STI. More on that later.

Racing WRX STI up to 290 km / h

First, the joyful message for Subaru. The record attempt was successful. Higgins maneuvered the Renner in 17.35 minutes over the 60.725 km long route. This corresponds to an average speed of 207.17 km / h on the Isle of Man TT road course, which was made famous by motorcycles and is classified as a highly-dangerous.

For the record run Prodrive turned on behalf of Subaru of America the WRX STI on the left. The specialist from the Banbury, England, built a 2.0-liter engine in the four-door instead of the 2.5-liter, four-cylinder. Engine block and cylinder head were similar series. For this maßschneiderte Prodrive the crankshaft, pistons, rings and camshafts. A turbocharger from Garrett gives the four-cylinder to right punch, and increases the power to 600 hp and 800 Nm of torque. During Rekordruns the racing car, according to Subaru drove around 550 hp, which was due to the high temperatures.

Subaru WRX STI Time Attack - Isle of Man TT - Record Photo: Subaru of America
Mark Higgins circumnavigated the 60.725 kilometers long track in 17.35 minutes.

The force transmits a semi-automatic sequential six-speed gearbox from Xtrac. A center differential shifts between the two axles where each supported a limited slip differential and maximum grip at each wheel to provide. The top speed is the data sheet 290 km / h. The weight fell from over 1,500 to just 1,175 kg. Prodrive threw out the backseat, but installed for the safety of a steel cage. The chassis reinforced the specialist - in particular at the mounting points for the drive unit and the suspensions. The wheel arches have been widened so that the Dunlop racing slicks (245/18) fit in.

The aerodynamic package consists of a rear wing and a front splitter. For the demanding course modified Prodrive, the chassis. The four-way adjustable dampers are from rallying.

In our slide show we will show you the record WRX STI.