BMW City and a mini BMW from 2014: The BMW competition for A-Class and Audi A1

At the Geneva Motor Show, the Audi A1 will celebrate its premiere, in 2013, Mercedes is countering with the new about four meters long Mercedes A-Class, 2014 BMW will be pushing with two models under the BMW 1 Series to the market of the premium small car.


As the new Mercedes A-Class and the small BMW also comes with self-developed three-cylinder engines - either on the Mini platform, or if this is too expensive, on a bought-in front-wheel drive platform. The services range from 90 to 170 hp

Scattered variants there will also be a hybrid version. The start-stop system is standard.

The BMW City as a prominent Project i offshoot
As another model in the compact class, BMW will offer the BMW City, which is known as Project i currently. Also four meters long and can accommodate four people this vehicle has nothing to do with the already mentioned entry-level BMW. The BMW Megacity Vehicle, the official name, will account for a high proportion of lightweight components contained and accommodate the electric drive train of the BMW ActiveE. This enables with its 125 kW electric motor with 250 Nm of torque and liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery, a range of 160 km.

BMW City with the drive train of the BMW Concept ActiveE

The engine at the Detroit show presented BMW Concept ActiveE weighs approximately 1,800 kg, the BMW Megacity, however, will be much easier. Unclear how BMW intends to place the battery in the compact BMW, however. The BMW Megacity is designed for metropolitan and stops next to sophisticated multimedia technology various electronic aids for the ride in the urban jungle ready. On the platform of the small BMW will follow The two-door electric car coming in 2014 initially as a four-seater on the market further model variant, later, a two-seater is to follow.

Further information on the model strategy of BMW are in the aktuellen edition of Auto Motor und Sport, Issue 5, from 28.1. at the kiosk.

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