12 handheld vacuum cleaner in the test: Little helpers against the dirt

How well Handstaubsauger suitable for car interior cleaning? This question is answered our test of 12 units of two classes. The price range extends from 13 to 247 euros.

07/02/2017 Henning Busse 1 comment

Vacuum cleaners usually cause only a Maues media coverage. But if the European Union vorknöpft in their regulatory madness the handy household appliances and quasi prescribed them a speed restriction, which is different. Since the EU only devices with a maximum of 900 watts allowed to protect our resources is being discussed in the media about the benefits of the provision. We participate in the discussion and say that this regulation is not wrong way. Because the wattage alone does not say much about the suction power of the device - only about the level of power consumption.

Other factors at hand vacuum cleaners crucial

That's the finding from a test with twelve upright vacuum cleaners, which we shared with the application technique of care product manufacturer Dr. OK. Wack Chemie in Ingolstadt conducted. Although the electric motor affect the suction, since it drives a fan which generates the required negative pressure. But for a decent result other factors are also crucial. For example, the flow optimization plays a major role, and depends on the suction nozzle, the suction tube and the housing of the device. Is all well coordinated, already 65 watts for a thorough cleaning is sufficient, as the test shows.

The vehicle cleaning requires a lot from the equipment, which is at or fine car carpet the many corners, edges and small gaps in the cars. Sun completed the twelve hand-held vacuum without disposable bags based on the vacuum cleaner test standard DIN EN 60312-1 a tough program in the test. We went even further than the norm and used not only to recognized test dust that simulates the normal everyday dirt, but also real dog hair Golden Retriever bitch Lilly of editor Ralph Alex. Since the dogs often are when driving here, they leave their hair in carpet and upholstery - hard labor for vacuum cleaners.

Battery or power outlet?

The units were divided into two areas, as they have either a battery or a connection for the twelve-volt outlet. Which is the better option, can not be said. The good devices in both classes are in the cleaning performance not far apart - but at the price. While you have to invest for the corded hand-held vacuum in this test 13-40 euros, are the products with battery 44-247 euros.

That cheap does not have to be equally bad, the hand-held vacuum the Lidl own brand Silvercrest proves. While it shows slight weaknesses in everyday dirt, but when the dog hair 13 euro expensive product comes into its own and brings deserved second place in the wired versions before the solid working suckers of Defort and Heyner. Only the unit of Black + Decker is better in cleaning. The dirt road, it puts more consistently to the body, and also in the dog hair removal can be apart from the competition. Important points for the test victory collects the device with low power consumption and good price-performance ratio. For not even 40 euros Black offers & Decker, a generous feature set, which ranges from five meters long power cable to up to an adjustable intake manifold with integrated pull-out crevice tool.

A similarly good facilities in this sector only provides the hand vacuum cleaner from Eufab who scores the only with a rotating brush. Basically it brings advantages, especially in removing heavy dirt (dog hair). However, when Eufab product, we could not determine that. After all, the suction power is still sufficient. Worse are the workmanship and the high power consumption - that prevents the rating "recommended". Even worse, the unit of HP Auto Accessories cuts. The hand-held vacuum falls through because of the lack of suction.

Cordless vacuum short-term

The cordless vacuum cleaners all pass the test, but there are also light and shadow. Only conditionally recommended the appliances from Bosch and Rosenstein are. The suction both stubborn dog hair and dirt in the road screwed up a better judgment. While the other devices, the cleaning section as "satisfactory", "good" or as the Dyson vacuum cleaners to complete "very good" with the grade, Bosch and Rosenstein not get "sufficient" an addition. When Rosenstein product nor the low battery for a devaluation makes. He stops by just seven minutes, which is barely enough for larger cars for interior cleaning. At least ten minutes should create a battery. Good 20 minutes or more, except for the Philips device creates the rest of this hurdle - the Waeco Sucker impressed even with a value of 38 minutes.

The victory, the Dirt Devil M137 Gator outdated. convincing price, decent life and the good suction power thanks to rotating brush. Just behind the Dyson lands DC43H Animalpro, which also has a rotating brush and achieves the best suction, but is too loud and expensive, particularly in the second suction stage. This costs the test victory. The playful and the same number of points Philips Minivac FC6149. The reason: the battery power is 14 minutes average.

This hand vacuum cleaners we tested
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How we tested

The application technique of care product manufacturer Dr. OK. Wack tested with the editors of the hand vacuum cleaner in a defined test set-up - based on the DIN standard EN 60312-1. To make the test practice, came in addition to the standard Teppichprüfstaub even dog hair used. Both soils were in a certain amount, which was among other things dependent on the suction width of the device, rubbed with a hand roller in a typical car carpet. Then made five suction passages. By weighing method and visual inspection, the result was determined.


A lot of money is not necessary for a good handheld vacuum cleaner - that is the test. The winner Dirt Devil M137 Gator has been around for less than 60 euros from Amazon or other online retailers. Before buying but you should be on using clear. Who wants to clean as a big car, comes perhaps the wrong cordless vacuum cleaner to the limits of the device. Then rather but the wired version, but only if the line is long enough and the power consumption is low - otherwise the car battery runs out quickly.