Audi Q5 against Skoda Kodiaq and VW Tiguan: Who can build the best SUV in the group?

With enormous space and modern facilities of Skoda Kodiaq not only requires the VW Tiguan out, but even the ausstattungsbereinigt 15,000 euros more expensive, also the new Audi Q5.

04/01/2017 Sebastian Renz 7 comments Powered by

Let's start to make a change to the obviousness and shows how big the price difference between Skoda and Audi Q5 Kodiaq exactly: So, in stacked 50-cent coins would give the a tower of 72.33 meters. You are right, in itself is such a comparison test there to fathom how hard the difference between cars actually weighs. Here you are, even as we have the exact value: There are 237 kilos in 50 cent pieces or 114 kilos if you prefer one-euro coins.