Mazda CX-5 Skyactive-G 194 in the test (2017): So goes the SUV cylinder deactivation

Mazda has its success SUV in 2017 donated a facelift, what one notices above all in the art and the interior. Are the new 194-horsepower Beziner test driven with cylinder deactivation.

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One centimeter here five liters there

Mazda CX-5 (2017) Photo: Dino Eisele
The dimensions of the Mazda CX-5 has changed only in the millimeter range.

Up to two centimeters high, which loses the Mazda CX-5 at the switch models, the dimensions change only by millimeters. Length and width are virtually identical. If you look closely, the set-back A-pillars are striking: At exactly 4.3 centimeters the pillars moved to the rear, which simultaneously increases the distance to the front axle and stretched proportions. In order for the CX-5 stands beefy, the track by one centimeter wider. Accustomed pentagonal is the grill, sit next to narrower headlights.

The trunk can hold 5 liters more - that should hardly notice anyone. The center console is slightly higher, as the shift lever. Namely by exactly four centimeters in the manual transmission and six centimeters in the automatic variants.

Newly designed cockpit

The cockpit has completely redesigned Mazda. On the flat dashboard with three-dimensional air vents sits a 7-inch monitor. Another monitor with 4.6-inch diagonal, along with the instruments informs the driver. Navigation, radio and vehicle menu, the driver controls as usual via a dial on the center console. Surcharge there is a Bose sound system with ten speakers, which reduces noise by counter noise. Also total Mazda claims to have reduced the noise level at 100 km / h by exactly 1.3 dB.

more assistance

The optional radar adaptive cruise control (990 euros for Sports-Line) supports the driver in the future to a standstill. Speed ​​limits, navigation information and the driven speed projecting a head-up display on a disc front of the windshield; the driver no longer has so often look down. The overall index has improved Mazda: the exterior mirrors are less in the way and provide the lower sidelines for a better view diagonally back.

Seat fitting Mazda CX-5

The few seat-second range for a first impression: The entire interior is significantly higher quality than before. The flattened air vents fall on with their chrome frame and coated with piano black center console appears to be at least become optically wider. Since both the shift lever for the manual transmission and the gear selector lever for the automatic transmission have moved slightly upward, the respective lever can now reach more enjoyable.

The more than four centimeters gerückten back A-pillars are paying off as seen through the windscreen: Compared with the former opens the driver a wider field of view, in particular to the right and left.

One of the features with the highest customer satisfaction, across all automakers of time, the head-up display. Now this technology is also used in the CX-5 - in two variants.

Mazda CX-5 Skyactive-G 194 in the test (2017): So goes the SUV cylinder deactivation
The SUV has become the inside noble 29 sec.

First, there are already known from other Mazda models cost version with a small plastic disc that is folded on the dashboard upwards. However, different colored elements can be projected in the CX-5 there first. As a top variant is a head-up display is used, in which the ads are directly projected onto the windshield. Such a thing had been to offer only the latest generation of the CX-9 at Mazda, which has not yet been offered in Germany (but it is likely that by this CX-9, as well as from its predecessors, a few models of Mazda be brought to Germany).

The two centimeter total height of the CX-5 loses new compared to its predecessor are not borne by the headroom.

Two petrol, one diesel

The engines are known: a 2.2-liter diesel - to be available in the US for the first time - and two petrol engines are available: the Saugbenziner have two and 2.5-liter displacement, with the 2.5-liter Physical cylinder deactivation was donated. Except front-wheel drive is also available to choose from. The force transmitting a manual or automatic transmission with six gears. As with 6 and 3, Mazda brings to the model change in the CX-5 G-Vectoring Control. The software function reduces very short and minimal torque when turning. This is not noticeable intervention is to ensure that the car is quiet in the curve.

Ride on the CX-5 Skyactive-G 194

The Mazda CX-5 gets a revised petrol engine, which can also work as a two-cylinder fuel-saving. We tried to also minimal uprated compared to its predecessor engine.

Mazda CX-5 Skyactive-G 194 Photo: Mazda
Benefit of cylinder deactivation: If only two cylinders are active, the throttle valve remains due to the higher load more open (top right) and it comes at a lower throttling losses.

There are tells the driver that the 194-horsepower sucker now runs in two-cylinder mode, no display - customers interested loud Mazda not so much. The second example halving the displacement at constant speeds of around 40 km / h, according to Mazda saves up to 20 percent fuel, to 80 km / h, are still five percent. The reason: At a lower load, the throttle is only slightly open and there will be so-called throttling losses, as the motor against the small throttle opening sucks. In the two-cylinder operation, the engine load is much higher and much further open the throttle - this minimizes the losses mentioned.

The first available at Mazda cylinder deactivation is from a speed of 20 km / hour in second gear active, up it goes up to 110 km / hour in fourth and fifth and 90 km / h sixth gear. In addition, the shutdown function when the motor generates a torque between 60 and 120 Newton meters. The question is what you notice while driving from the displacement halved.

Imperceptible off and switching

Mazda CX-5 Skyactive-G 194 Photo: Patrick Broich
"From transition to the two-cylinder mode, the occupants get nothing." Said editor Gregor Hebermehl the new Mazda CX-5 Skyactive-G 194th

To feel or hear nothing of the switchover. The engineers have adapted the engine management system perfect. The temporary disconnection of the two outer cylinder allows a new switching mechanism of the hydraulic valve unit. This includes all eight valves of the combustion chambers concerned, the motor controller adjusts the throttle position. And to save a bit more valuable fuel, the corners of the piston heads are rounded and asymmetric piston rings reduce internal engine friction. In addition, the engineers have increased the injection pressure of 200 to 350 bar. This technical upgrade will also provide a small performance gain of two horsepower and an increase in maximum torque by two to 258 Newton meters. The Durchschnitsverbrauch to the test drops to just 0.1 to 7.1 liters per 100 kilometers.

Mazda CX-5 Skyactive-G 194 in the test (2017): So goes the SUV cylinder deactivation
Thus, the four-cylinder is the two-cylinder 2:08 min.

And like the 194-horsepower gasoline engine drives otherwise? Unexcited. The aggregate growls relaxed in front of him and moves the large 1.6-ton SUV even on slopes with confidence. What the engine does not like really are violent acceleration orgies. He is loud and accelerated still the same as always - rather moderate. The vote of the standard six-speed automatic will bear some blame for this behavior. But there is also something good from switching machines to report: It is equipped with a new centrifugal pendulum that vibrations in the two-cylinder operation dampens. In fact, the engine is always running quiet.

The Mazda CX5 Skyactive-G 194 is shipping now, prices start at 37,790 euros. With this engine, the SUV runs exclusively in the highest equipment line Sportline from the band, as for example, are already 19-inch alloy wheels and LED matrix light with it.

CX-5 diesel from 27,090 euros

Audi Q2, Seat Ateca comparison, AMS1317
Mazda CX-5 against seat Ateca 18:31 min.

The entry level model of the CX-5 will cost be ordered from 24,990 euro. There's a gasoline engine with 165 horsepower, front-wheel drive and six-speed manual in the basic Prime-Line. All-wheel drive are available from the Exclusive Line, the gasoline engine comes to 160 hp and 32,190 euros. For 1,800 euros extra, there is a six-speed automatic for the petrol engine with four-wheel. Lowest Diesel is the Skyactiv D-150 with front wheel drive for 27,090 euros. In the equipment line Exclusive Line this drive version costs 32,290 euros. The diesel is also available in the combination of front-wheel drive and automatic for 34,909 euros in the Exclusive Line. Four-wheel and manual transmission of the 150-hp diesel will cost 34,290 euros. Most expensive CX-5 is the 175-horsepower diesel four-wheel drive and automatic for 39,790 euros in equipment Sports Line.