Shuanghuan Ceo: A worthwhile SUV alternative?

Nor the products have in this country a name: China Automobile imports the Shuanghuan Ceo, a large SUV, which acts from behind like a copy of the BMW X5. Whether the purchase is worth, is the driving report.

30.10.2008 Marcus Peters

Would be too good yet: a new BMW X5 for 25,990 euros. At least obliquely from behind sees the Shuanghuan Ceo (read: Zeo) the first generation of the SUV with white-blue crest confusingly similar - and, after all, provides selectable four-wheel drive. The China Automobile GmbH is based in Munich, currently consists of about 20 employees and sells the fake X5 Germany well over 86 merchants.

It is based on the technology of Mitsubishi Pajero the third and the lead frame of the fourth generation - as far away from a BMW X5 like China from democracy. Moreover, the false pretenses succeed at most from certain angles. Because only the rear of the Ceo including flared fenders mimics the BMW SUV after; the front contrast, combines the Honda CRV grill with the headlights of the Opel Vectra before the facelift. After all, a part of the interior is based on a Bavarian design: The interior door panels takes BMW, the dashboard, however Toyota as a model.

Luxury package including

The price list promises "leather seat upholstery in combination with high-quality leather imitation" - artificial leather would be more honest. Velvet luxury package includes the test car 17-inch alloy wheels and rear parking aid and a CD radio with USB port and port for SD and MMC memory cards and will cost 27,990 euros. the Ceo in the premium package, which also includes electric seat adjustment and sunroof comes for just under 30,000 euros. Even the basic equipment has automatic climate control, power windows, split folding rear seatback, central locking with immobilizer and fog lights and power steering together with height-adjustable steering wheel.

Of the materials you should not expect too much: hard plastic everywhere you look, aluminum color, after all, for the luxury package concealed. When processing the Ceo is at the level of the first Korea imports, never reaches the level of its competitors such as the current Hyundai Terracan or Kia Sorento.

Shuanghuan builds Ceo, Ufo, GX6

But the Chinese are capable of learning, improving wishes of the German importer put promptly in order, so far more than 1,000 points as paint quality and gaps - and sometimes shoot over far: The cargo floor is a massive wooden plate releases reluctantly from accessing the underlying spare.

Manufacturer of the Ceo's Shuanghuan. In addition, China Automobile leads the Jonway UFO, a license of the previous Toyota RAV4 (125 hp, from 15,900 euros) and the Gonow GX6 (145 hp, from 21,900 euros, platform of the Mitsubishi Pajero) in the program. from June Furthermore, followed by a pickup truck called Alster (from 19,000 euros) and a transporter of the Ducato class with 2.2-liter diesel from 19,900 euros. In September, a four-door and a convertible should expand the UFO family, in addition, a 4.78-meter long station wagon.

Rattling four-cylinder with 110 hp

With a 110 HP paid 2.5-liter four-cylinder equipped, this is expected to be available from 15,900 euros. And as well, he drives the Ceo? A bit like a used Mitsubishi Pajero third generation. Rau rattles the 2.4-liter four-cylinder from the pickup, caulked with its 125 hp 1.9 tons in the city ahead, acts not even stressed.

Especially as he can overrule to medium speed by the fan. Even with the air conditioner China wants to further improvements to automobiles. More noise disturb the peace on board. From a speed of 80 about hisses the wind out of the area of ​​the door seal. Whoever wants to overtake must engage the third gear and thereby take very long switching distances into account. Also reminiscent of previous Pajero.

With increasing rotational speed of the motor is grumpy. In addition, the stilted rolling of the rigid axle reduces to poor road comfort. Feedback from the chassis and steering lacks any immediacy, the game around the middle layer is enormous, as is body roll while dodging and nodding during heavy braking.

ESP only with the still following 2.5-liter gasoline engine

Under extreme conditions, the Ceo driver may only ABS, but not rely on the electronic stability program ESP. This should only in conjunction with the still following 2.5-liter gasoline engine (155 hp) are offered. All the criticism in defiance: The first exit proves more as positive as negative surprise; the expectations of the China car was finally not excessive.

The Ceo is an alternative for those who want to buy a large family car, despite a limited budget, but shy away from acquiring secondhand. A BMW X5, however, holds the comparison does not stand - not even a second-hand.