Endurance test balance Opel Zafira: Fidelity to the Opel van worth

The powerful twin-turbo diesel with 195 hp has contributed not a little to relaxed driving pleasure that the Opel Van conveys in everyday life. however, unpleasant surprises largely failed.

05/25/2016 Bernd Stegemann 2 comments

The classic seating car - it seems - have an image problem, are considered to be relevant and sober, but little desirable or even fascinating. Here, the current Opel Zafira Tourer should dispel the stereotype that men only a van down when the mistress for mom is. So you have also given him next to a dynamic design a well-tuned suspension, while there are two retractable folding seats in the cargo hold only as an extra or as standard in the upscale trim levels.

To serve on the editorial board, the duration of the test car, however, reported on 31 October 2013 under them, although the fully stocked Topversion innovation is actually a seven-seater. however, the smart lounge system with which the middle of the three convenient single seats fold in series two to a wide armrest and the outer seats is provided can move a little to the rear and inside. Thus the generous space behind it (710 liters) come to their best advantage to sustainable crop without the loading volume. That alone is not enough, because without a confirmation of the rim of the central rotary push-and-goes nothing. The actual button is for moving and looking on display there, the map display looks quite rough, and congestion warnings are sometimes too late. Although the guidance usually reliable work, it's time for an update, thus keeping with the facelift next fall the well-known of the new Opel Astra touchscreen system tray.