Fahrbericht Mercedes S-Class (2017): S runs super-luxurious

If Mercedes introduces a new S-Class, which is always something special, even if it should be only an extensive facelift. Some 6,500 parts are to be new on luxury Mercedes says development chief Ola Källenius at the launch. we have looked at in more detail some of the changes: 10 things that we noticed in the new S-Class.

07/19/2017 Heinrich Lingner 5 comments

1. A facelift does not really need the S-Class. Since its introduction in 2013, more than 300,000 copies have been sold worldwide so that "S" is by far the best-selling luxury sedan in the world. Since the introduction of the S-class over 45 years ago, it was the way over four million cars, also a record, the competition will probably not approach in the future. And a few more numbers: Over half of all S-classes go to China, and there are 15 percent of first-time buyers, the big Mercedes S is their first car at all.

2. The new S-Class, Mercedes as the world's first car that uses only LED as a light source for illumination. Around 500 it should be if equipped, 84 of which attributable to the two headlights when the optional multi-beam light from board is 70 to the two rear lights and the rest illuminates the interior.

3. Energizing Comfort is a new feature called. It links various comfort functions in the vehicle and surrounds the occupants with a matching to time of day and mood Wellness setup. Six basic functions are available in each of the Mercedes mixes the right color scheme from the LED array, a matching music from the hard drive, the right temperature and temperature of the heated surfaces and the appropriate massage. For only 238 euros Energizing Comfort is in the price list - the low charge presupposes, however, that slightly more expensive extras such as ambient lighting (440 euros) are (476 euros) or Air Balance package also included. And really fluffy, it is only with the multicontour seats with massage function, front and rear (2,023 and 1,856 euros).

4. Also new is the engine range. Curious more than anything else, the new straight-six. Engine designers Oliver Vollrath tries to get not too enthusiastic when he explains the new engine in the issued Model: 48-volt electrical system, rotationally fixed to the crankshaft-mounted electric motor, electric auxiliary units without belts, electric auxiliary compressor and so on.

5. Oliver Vollrath has promised too much: Mute the large Mercedes slides on, imperceptibly the six-cylinder jumps it to; soft, supple and soft. For this he is closely on gas, electric motor and auxiliary compressor on iron Turbo dents in the torque curve: This too can be a luxury.

Mercedes S-Class Facelift
Fahrbericht Mercedes S-Class (2017): S runs super-luxurious Fahrbericht Mercedes S-Class (2017): S runs super-luxurious Fahrbericht Mercedes S-Class (2017): S runs super-luxurious Fahrbericht Mercedes S-Class (2017): S runs super-luxurious
New plug-in hybrid in 560 e

6. Luxury are also good seats, something better than the air-conditioned multi-contour seats with massage function are available in the four-wheeled world probably will not. Spoil you with well-tempered seats, very good grip and fleecy comfort that is simply brilliant.

7. At such a well-equipped car, there is much to use. Perhaps drum holding the touch buttons on the steering wheel now also moving into the S-Class. There are two widescreens, each with 12.3-inch screen, S-Class in Cinemascope, so to speak. Whether all this will no simplifies operation or, you can argue about. This Mercedes but we like to take back the right place and operate the infotainment with the remote control.

8. comfort all part of the luxury. Again, the S-Class has refilled. The Airmatic air suspension is standard on board. It ensures smooth rolling and gently smooth by springs. The still participates in the facelifted S-Class is a bit better than before. There are also optional Magic Body Control and Road Surface scan. Systems that proactively detect uneven ground and use body roll when cornering targeted to the comfort gain. Also, no one else can in this class.

Mercedes S-Class Facelift 2017 Shanghai seat fitting
These are the new features 3:35 min.

Moreover, the functionality of the Distronic was 9 Advanced (cruise control with distance radar She now uses Navidaten to adjust as the speed before curves. This worked perfectly in the first test drive on narrow black forest roads, even if you sometimes like to run a little faster around the curve. would be a very cautious Distronic - still a fascinating technology, especially in combination with the active lane assist.

10. The range of assistance systems is modular. Standard include. a. always Comand Online, the active brake assist, the crosswind assistant and traffic sign assistant. On request, the MIT Distronic package Steering Assist, Lane Assistant or the aforementioned distance-based speed adjustment may be ordered to do so. Thus, the S-Class to the right autonomously driving performance luxury sedan.


The Mercedes S-Class is the benchmark in the luxury class for decades, that will be no different with the facelifted version of the W222 in the coming years, "S" is just a great, well-thought, modern and very luxurious car.