Fahrbericht new Citroen DS 4 Cross Back: Rendezvous with a goddess

DS announced also means the goddess, French Déesse. How heavenly we are actually in the new DS 4 with 180 hp diesel and automatic road, the drive report explained.

16/10/2015 Malte Jürgens

The Twilight of the Gods begins at Citroën already in 1955. At that time the French manufacturer launched as a successor to the TAV sedans DS 19 - a stunning aerodynamic design with innovative technology such as the hydropneumatic suspension and very unusual controls. The ground clearance can be varied hydraulically, although the plush softness of the lowered apparently floating chassis will be the loser.

Citroën DS wants to establish itself as a new, avant-garde brand

The divine myth, however, defies since all expiration dates. This moves Citroën to establish the abbreviation DS as a new, independent brand on 1 June 2014 and now presented with, want radical facelift of the DS 4 provide in the premium segment of compact sedans stir the French.

The motorization of the six the offered for the launch, mainly new turbo units ranges from 120 hp in the smallest diesel to 210 hp in the most powerful gasoline engine, which applies to both body variants: The Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series competitor coming in November for a four-door coupe with a slight impression on the road, but on the other hand in a mild SUV version, which mainly characterized by the lettering Crossback on the tailgate and a lift kit by 40 millimeters.

The 180-horsepower diesel engine in the Citroen DS 4 Crossback proves to be well-bred athlete. Its maximum torque, at least 400 Newton meters, it reached at 1750 / min. and considers it then practically over the entire speed range constant. He takes the four-cylinder turbo bad habit of sudden onset nudge almost completely, and in conjunction with the wonderful precisely controlled six-speed automatic, the new DS 4 has a contemporary modern drive without weaknesses that need to be bekrittelt detail.

mind a little getting used requires the electrically assisted steering. From the middle position, she puts the driver's commands while gently and without delay in order, but in returning as far as possible the hands should remain on the steering wheel: the driver is there free, the electric motor rotates the tie rods rather abruptly returned to the straight-ahead position, and who it is not taken, directs intuitive again after curve in direction. This creates a reciprocal movement of the body, which can also be applied to the passengers. Dangerous or particularly disturbing is not, but it is somewhat reminiscent of the original DS, the steering even moved in as of full lock to the zero position.

Hands on the steering wheel, please!

The brake is, however, matured over the decades from virtually roadless Kick button to normal pedal, which now provides a good feedback and hearty hands-pliers allows so finely dosed as sustained deceleration. still suspended from the stress of warm-up in the test (ten full braking from 130 to 0.0 km / h), the brake on the first test drive was quite convincing.

And the position? Comfortable and soft padded, the front pews gives tangible seating comfort, which could be increased only by a slightly wider circulation and slightly more contoured edge parts in terms of long-distance comfort and lateral support yet. Plenty of choice provides the material offered here: Who shuns the standard fabric upholstery of the seats can choose between two-tone nappa leather (supplement 3290 €) and the fine semi-aniline (3,940 euros).

Driving leaves it with the new Citroen DS 4 in any case like God in France. The chassis feels firm, but not uncomfortable, can hardly shake the Crossback despite its higher center of gravity and then shows up rather to the new values ​​of the parent brand Citroën oriented: Who row with Sebastien Loeb the world champion title in rallying to win nine times, most recently DS 3, now builds chassis, which have nothing to do with the litters suspension of the old DS. In this sense, it can also sweep the Crossback around the corners that even the young Mr. Loeb would be pleasure.

Citroën DS 4 with 180-horsepower diesel and automatic rather loud

The good comfort impression arises also from the whispers of the overtones as rolling, wind and engine noise: Up to 130 km / h, the DS 4 is a chamber orchestra on low volume. Beyond this magical boundary of the wind whistles then at some point angrily to build around, and who replaces the 180-horsepower diesel against the 210-horsepower gasoline engine, will register with the added speed and additional roar. An annoying acoustic siege, however, does not arise from it, more harmonious underlining the necessary vivacity.

concerning ergonomics, the Citroën DS4 makes mostly a good impression: As a pioneer of the PSA Group, which delivers the carplay technology access to all iPhone features, and with the New Mirror touch screen (seven-inch screen) are also for Android users the ability to control all Smartphone applications using touch. Secure access to all app features so DS, is possible at any time.

In the rear, the Citroën DS 4 it sits quite tight

A goddess so flawlessly? Nearly. Exceeds the length dimension of the people in the front seats of 1.85 meters, it is a little cramped in the attic and in the rear. The rear seat room is like so in essence the luggage compartment with its 370 liter capacity: present but not abundant. The DS 4 with the 180-horsepower diesel weighs empty depending on equipment up to 1585 kg, but may not zuladen more than 390 kg: it is also possible payload oriented apparently.

The panoramic windscreen delighted by its high into monitored in the sheet metal end of the roof glass content with the long extendable sun visors, but the clarity is forward not just the strength of the DS 4: To reliably identify about when parking the point at which the compact four-door starts recommends it is to give the front parking sensors hearing.

As a traditional value the history of the two magic letters DS whatever binds the design of the technology: Crossback and sedan is available in nine exterior colors and 30 different roof colors combinations. The paint tones heard it on such exotic names like Perla Nera Black, Whisper, Virtuel Bleu and tourmaline Orange.

Sparkle with xenon and LED

To distinguish the two are otherwise identical body versions, incidentally, most easily from the front: The wide rib at the DS-grille is held in Crossback black and not in body color, while the sedan including also still holds a narrow chrome strip ready. Daytime running lights and headlights consist of a LED and xenon combination, there lauflichternde turn signals and, as in the old DS, even headlights.

Getting to know the new goddess ends after a first test drive in the Loire Valley in the ancient Abbey of Fontevraud, before the tombs of Eleonore von Aquitanien, her Mannes Heinrich II. And her son Richard Löwenherz. Would probably have preferred the Crossback version of the DS 4, because the positioning of the work as "versatile, expressive and adventurous." There are exactly the properties that are handed down from the chivalrous hero Lionheart for centuries.