New Toyota 86 (2017) in the test: What can the affordable sports car with rear-wheel drive?

Its naturally aspirated feel today some as too slack. But the Toyota 86 has rear-wheel drive and therefore has always been a cool drifter. For Facelift he gets a new spin program. How much fun is it now for 30,000 euros?

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Phew, that was close! The Toyota 86 hugs the left side of the vehicle to the knee-high snow wall and resting for a moment. Once shake and off to the next drift! This time it should work better on the ice handling course with thin snow movie.

Track mode for more cool drift angle

A left turn is to: The four-seat sports coupe Japanese lurches to the right side of the road along and swirls with the rear wheels on the snow. With a steering impulse the front wheels bend one, "now step on the gas," says the instructor. The tail comes, the GT86 overridden - now you can balance out the drift and slide through the curve with the right foot. With the hands of the tail swing is just fine tuned. Here, a new driving program in the revised Toyota 86 that supports cool drifts helps.

The track mode relaxes the lines of the ESP - Toyota VSC for Vehicle Stability Control - the traction control and traction control, and begrudge the driver more freedom. If a controlled drift threatens to turn the electronic helpers pull the leash back on and capture the Japanese sports car. In normal mode, the electronic rear panning stifles much earlier. For that arrogance can lead to Dreher in track mode. Especially in the ultra smooth turf in the Arctic Driving Center near Rovaniemi in Lapland.

The new tool, which assists in drifts, can be activated via a button behind the gear lever. After two to three seconds the reference to the track mode pops in the instrument panel in green - in 4.2-inch color TFT display between speed and fuel gauge. The development of the new driving program influenced the findings on the Nordschleife with the racing GT86 for the VLN and the 24-hour race. "We have carried out comparisons between the old GT86 with deactivated VSC and the new car with Track mode. The new GT86 was faster on the track, "says Tomohiko Shishido, the right hand of chief developer Tetsuya Tada.

New Toyota 86 (2017) in the test: What can the affordable sports car with rear-wheel drive?
The new Toyota GT86 on Finnish ice 1:36 min.
Toyta GT86 Photo: Harald Dawo
Its naturally aspirated feel today some as too slack. But the Toyota 86 has rear-wheel drive and therefore has always been a cool drifter.

More power in the Toyota 86? Only for others

We are here in northern Finland but not on the track, but struggling with the icy surface. The two-liter four-cylinder of the new Toyota 86 facilitates the cross-ride. The boxer engine from Subaru, the auto giant has provided with its own direct depends on the gas like a terrier on a stick, the torque tickles linear rear drive shafts. Punch a turbo would be much harder to control in the event at the rink.

For this, the sucker is missing in the wild of the bite. You can tell yourself on the Finnish roads that are mostly snow. Up to 3,000 / min you wonder whether you are sitting in a sports car, from 4,000 / min boxer starts to growl at least a little louder, from 5.000 vehement. The maximum output of 200 hp is but at only at 7000 of up to 7,400 / min. The torque of 205 Nm from 6400 to 6600 / min. At the acme screw the Toyota engineers have therefore not rotated during the facelift model. At least in Europe. For the Japanese, American and Australian markets the situation is different. Since the rear-wheel drive makes fabulous 7 PS and 7 Newton meters more. "This is because the noise limitations there are not as strict as in Europe," said Shishido.

In this country, everything has remained the same. 100 things the GT86 sprints hand turned in 7.6 seconds (six-speed automatic transmission in 8.2 sec.). The top speed is at 226 km / h (automatic 210 km / h) is reached. After all, the boxer is now trimmed to the Euro-6 emissions standard. Toyota has been thinking in the development of the GT86 times via a compressor or turbo? Shishido denied. "Our goal is to keep the center of gravity as low as possible. This works fine with the flat design Boxer. A compressor or turbo would automatically increase the focus and adversely affect the handling. "For the stronger kick so stay only the tuner.

Toyta GT86 Photo: Harald Dawo
To facelift the GT86 gets a new spin program.

Toyota 86 remains in 2017 a sports car for 30,000 euros

but for drifting, it no longer needs. The enhanced Toyota 86 has remained a car, decouples the fun of longitudinal dynamics and concealed his lack of power with different characteristics: with a good weight distribution of 53:47 percent, a low weight of just 1.2 tons, a balanced handling and plenty of playfulness, which is intensified accordingly on snow.

As the facelift model is accelerated pace on winding country roads, we can not sufficiently valued at the date driving in Finland unfortunately. There are even more impressions of the snow.

The VSC can still switch off completely with a switch left of the button for the track mode. Once you've done that, you pointed the antennas more because the safety net is missing, agierst sensitive to the gas pedal and the steering wheel. Even so, the drifts work sometimes more, sometimes less. Because the inexperienced wishbone not always coordinated steering angle, accelerator pedal Gegenlenk- and insert fits.

The spoiler lip has grown a beard of snow, the appropriate moment to look at the new GT86 in detail. The nose is deeper, the grille builds wider and larger. The sports coupe staring now by full-LED headlamps (Xenon previously) with LED daytime running lights and LED turn signals. In the bulge for the fog lights three small fins run. The spoiler lip is dominated by two central fins that are bent to 45 degrees. The fenders identify new gills at the top. Also in the rear was working on details. The wing runs wider and has two end plates. The diffuser formed the technicians from deeper. LED tail lights and new wheels complete the look.

The price level remains the same, however, the GT86, which starts in the German market on 21 January, is true to his word to be a sports car for the smaller budget. Nice. In the equipment line Pure (from 29,990 euros) to 16 inch turn in the wheel arches. The second trim level "GT86" from 31,750 euros rolls larger on a number. And with it equips Toyota rear axle with a Torsen differential lock out - actually a must. In addition there is the aforementioned 4.2-inch display, in which You can record, among other things, the torque curve, the acceleration forces and a stopwatch.

The ads you control via buttons on the steering wheel. Then the old GT86 had omitted to save weight. "The new steering wheel has buttons and is still easier because we changed something on the structure of the spokes," says developer Shishido. The wheel diameter has shrunk by three millimeters to 36.2 centimeters. So almost Armeisenformat. but it should have been designed so that the elbows lie closer to the body, which can control the sports car better the driver.

Toyta GT86, Andreas Haupt Photo: Harald Dawo
"The boxer engine Subaru, Toyota has provided with its own direct depends on the gas as a terrier on a stick, the torque tickle linearly the rear drive shafts." Andreas main to the engine of the facegelifteten GT86.

Chassis modifications to springs and dampers

Inside, Toyota built a few new carbon applications and a 6.1-inch display (as before) in the instrument panel, but which is likely to be more inclined to like drivers. The dashboard is wildbeledert at the front. The inmates sit on comfortable and deeply fitted sports seats - available with Alcantara center sections.

The chassis Toyota to fine tune some points. The geometry of the front suspension with MacPherson struts have been changed. The spring rate of the front coil springs increased the engineers of 22.7 N / mm to 26.0 N / mm. Rear they lowered the technicians off to interlock the GT86 even more with the road - 38.7 N / mm to 35.0 N / mm. The rear anti-roll bar is now larger to have shaken the GT86 less. The shock absorber is summed up in both axes. The standard Showa elements react sensitively and work more evenly. For 340 euros installed Toyota shock absorbers by Sachs, the report back even better and stabilize.

For more stiffness the technique troops intensified the gear carrier and the strut towers and also put the back wall of stiffer. be supplemented by the optimizations stiffeners in the rear wheel arches, and additional weld spots. Quite a lot of effort for a facelift.

Looking ahead - through the side window

Back to the ice rink. When accelerating from a standstill the special Nokian tires scrape with mini spikes for traction, you wuchtest the switch from second to third gear, the next combination of curves waiting: help The compact dimensions, to position the GT86 clean and it comes across. It even works briefly addressed the view through the side window to drive. prances counter-steering, a bit too much of a good thing, and the rear-wheel drive sports car with front engine. let up, otherwise the edge kisses again the snow.


A speed-oriented vacuum cleaner with relatively little torque at high speeds? Does not sound like mainstream and not according bestseller. But Toyota has revised the GT86 downright affectionate with the facelift - Keyword: "Easier steering wheel despite Function keys". And since rectified where previously the character-building strengths were: in the drift skills. The cleaner can be further precise dosing, the electronics can be lifted off the reins loose and for under 32,000 have been around the larger wheels and the funny display with the game functions. Who is more keen on transverse and longitudinal dynamics on, must be 2017 animated feel even more to strike.