Fahrbericht Mercedes Vito Tourer 4×4: A V-class Clever?

Must it really be the noble V class or also satisfies the simpler Vito? To clarify this, we were on the road with the new Vito Tourer 4x4 in the Arctic Circle. Ski and tobogganing, and the new Mercedes bus in the middle.

02/11/2015 Torsten Seibt Powered by

The new V-Class requires a certain financial commitment to the customer. A price list at the level of the E-Class underscores where Mercedes would like to see the large-Van positioned.

But there are still colleagues from the Commercial Vehicle Division: The Vito, with the craftsmen and transport companies to be happy is when the cost price significantly lower hurdles. Since the idea is tempting to look the same in the Configurator, instead of saving the V class.

Mercedes Vito 119 CDI BlueTec Tourer Pro 4x4
The new Mercedes Vito 4x4 4:00 min.

Mercedes Vito Tourer as a bus alternative

The solution in this case is Vito Tourer: then the fully glazed estate version, which can be ordered with several rows of seats called. Three trim levels offers Mercedes: the Vito Tourer as the base, Pro or Select.

In the case of Vito Tourer base, it is in fact the commercial vehicle version, which will be seen mainly in the construction feeder service. When driven from us Vito Tourer in the middle per equipment may however be questioned on, how much and how much Transporter car actually is in it. With neatly clad in the interior side panels and pillars, durable flooring and comfortable cloth seats, he is far from the base Tourer, which shines with plenty of bare sheet and little airbags.

As an option, the Vito Tourer Pro can be further embellish about with painted bumpers and enhanced comfort features. In fact, it is primarily the dashboard that reveals a real difference to expensive V-Class - simpler plastic, a fallen quite out of time Becker navigation system (which also confident 612 euros extra cost) and no trace of that in the V-class available high-tech multimedia electronics.

We can live with clear, especially as the ride comfort of Vito effective way inferior Tourer V Class in every way. He has at best a slightly higher driving noise in the interior, because even insulate extra rugs in the V class.

All-wheel only with full equipment

The thing about the price into perspective, however, at least for now a bit if you want to equip the Mercedes Vito Tourer with the superior drive concept. The pure all-wheel-charge for the Vito Tourer, Mercedes with 3,927 euros, that would be just about acceptable for the extra traction and driving safety. However, it must be grasped in the solid even in engine and transmission, the Vito gets the four-wheel drive only in the top version 119 BlueTec, with the 190 hp diesel and seven-speed automatic. However, the weaker variants Vito Tourer 114 CDI (136 hp) and 116 CDI (163 hp) are promises Mercedes, in a few months also with all-wheel have to be.

however, the absolute duty for seven-speed automatic is based in the construction of the newly developed all-wheel drive. Here, the extremely compact construction transfer case is mounted directly on the automatic transmission and shares with this also the lubricating oil stock. The new all-wheel drive system distributes the power permanently in the ratio 45:55 between the front and rear axle, in addition, an automatic multi-disc lock is integrated, which accordingly ensures in loss of traction on an axis that the opposite counterpart further abbekommt sufficient torque. Also new and also very compact construction is specifically developed for V-Class and Vito all-wheel drive front axle, which contributes to weight reduction of the wheel drive compared to its predecessor. With only 50 kilos Mercedes estimates the additional weight of the overall four-wheel drive compared to the model with rear-wheel drive. The consumption advantage over the previous Vito 4x4, Mercedes with considerable 20 percent, official data on this are not yet available.

199 km / h - as the Mercedes Vito pleased 4x4 drivers

Garage owners will be pleased, off-road enthusiasts, however, not so much: the new front is the previous slight lift kit of all-wheel-Vito is no longer necessary, the 4x4 transporter is building nine centimeters lower than its predecessor. The off-road advantage of the Mercedes Vito 4x4 is thus limited to the traction, under the car rumbling on just as quickly as in the standard Vito at deeply rutted holes or large boulders in the guideway.

In terms of handling, the Vito 4x4 has pretty much taken everything transporter-like. The new electro-mechanical steering with variable assistance touches her at high speed just as smoothly like the cozy gliding through villages or the light-handed maneuver. The chassis is tuned more firmly towards which, although truck-like stagger reliably prevents, on the other hand, lacks a certain sovereignty in coarser bumps on rough trails. With 190 hp and creamy seven-speed automatic of the top model you have in any case can not miss a trick, the Vito 119 CDI 4x4 can really move quickly - for such a voluminous vans. 199 km / h top speed and 9.5 seconds to zero hundred promises the manufacturer because the bus driver says.

Successful wheel drive Vito

On our first test drive with the Vito 119 CDI 4x4 in northern Sweden, however, the focus was less on highway thrashing, instead, we were commissioned by the traction on the road. A mission that the Vito 4x4 met at a high level. The interaction of all-wheel drive, electronic driving aids, homogeneous power delivery and fine-tuned automatic one can simply be described as successful. Stoically, the Vito 4x4 can drive on snowy and icy trails, an eternity remains neutral and safe before the ESP for alerting with reinforced rule impulses, but please address it a little less afloat. Then, however, is already at a pace on the road, which usually has no place in winter road traffic.

At another point the traction electronics can show what it can do. An icy mountain path, type neglected Almweg, with quite significant slope. Where previous generations of electronically controlled four-wheel drive with hectic staccato brakes lead the force times on this wheel, even at that, the new all-wheel-Vito just drive up. The diligent work of the multi-disc lock and brake work of the electronic traction control system is hardly something to feel. Only then get the driver and front passenger and spread to a hair lengthwise before Vito, it becomes clear how smoothly that just was.

The Mercedes Vito 4x4, the V class for Clever!

Another new feature includes the Mercedes DSR (Downhill Speed ​​Regulation) called hill descent control. For we must also back down the icy path. In addition to the existing control of the hill descent control over the cruise control lever the DSR now processed signals of brake and accelerator: it becomes afloat is regulated with the brake, the speed, which is then held. Also works in reverse - when the regulated descent boredom caused, simply enter some gas, then on the speed reached in the DSR remains set. This works much more intuitive than before, up to a speed of 45 km / h, thus also in road use helpful.

All these experiences are applicable also for the new V-Class, which is of course equipped with the identical technology. Which brings us to the surprisingly simple answer to the initial question: is the Vito V class for Clever? Answer: Absolutely, if you can do without noble seat covers and Entertainment at the level of Mercedes cars. And as long as one makes friends with plastic in the dashboard area, which acts not cheap, but rather benefit-oriented. That the transporter version of a large-capacity vans always looks for work pants and sounds like cement mixer, in any case by no later than with the new Vito. With the Mercedes Vito Tourer Pro can drive up even before the opera without getting shown the delivery entrance.


We'll save the ausgenudelte "more XYZ Nobody needs" -Floskel. The fact is that for cool calculators, pragmatists and paying cash, the Vito is actually the better V-Class. But if you as a reward for prices on Mercedes-level (also the Vito is pretty far from cheap) would overlook fine carpets daily and be entertained exquisite of his car is better off with the V-Class. What both one in the 4x4 version, is the significant traction power and driving safety, which provides even some four-wheel drive car in the shade.