Nissan GT-R (2017) Fahrbericht: In 570-horsepower sports car Eau Rouge

Nissan four-wheel sports GT-R gets a facelift. What's in it, we could test on the Formula 1 circuit in Spa. As the now 570-hp 2 + 2-seater in Eau Rouge, Pouhon and Blanchimont suggests?

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Breathe Again vigorously vorfreuen and so zentimeternah as possible past the right concrete wall: 160, 180, 200 km / h. Then you hold your breath: braking, wait, "left now give in to the notch," says instructor Ron. Done: The rattle rubber.

Nissan GT-R (2017) - sports car - Spa-Francorchamps - Fahrbericht
570-PS-wheel-drive vehicle at Spa 1:26 min.
Nissan GT-R (2017) - sports car - Spa-Francorchamps - Fahrbericht Photo: Nissan
1.75 tons, it is difficult: Imagine times before, Nissan would Godzilla work off another 100 or 200 kilograms.

New Nissan GT-R with 570 hp

Compression and concentration - we are in the valley of Eau Rouge, and immediately it's a slope of nearly 18 percent high. Eau Rouge, red water, this combination of curves familiar to every racing fan. through 100 times on the Playstation, watching the Formula 1 drivers 100 times, but in reality, when you yourself are at the wheel, as a stone in the stomach is very heavy. Eau Rouge is like riding a roller coaster. Only that the spaßigere section is uphill. Because you as only erahnst the curve starting up, look in the sky and maybe left perceive the white-beige wooden hut.

The GT-R will be shoved to the right. Only a careful steering wheel rotation to latch onto the racing line and thundering up the hill. Then again easily turn to the left. On corner exit of Raidillon because you have 220 things on it in the best case, the Nissan GT-R despoils without bitching again about the notch, holding true to the track and pulls on the Kemmel straight. Breather.

We are at Spa-Francorchamps on one of the most famous circuits in the world. 7.004 km, 20 curves - the new Nissan GT-R, which the Japanese have revised again for the model year 2017th As so often in the career of R35, which began in Germany in 2009. It is the most extensive modifications since its launch. From the 3.8-liter turbo-V6 of the new Nissan GT-R (2017) now bubble 570 hp. 20 more than before. The engine drehmomentelt maximum of 637 Nm to the crankshaft - a handful more than the 2015er Year.

Software Update and variable ignition for more power

To increase the performance of the V6 with the code VR38DETT that Nissan's engineers did not have the engine block or cylinder head herumdoktern aluminum. instead, they programmed the software and voted the firing order from new.

Previously, the Nissan GT-R lit all cylinders the same. With the facelift the 4,710 mm long super sports car controls the ignition timing for each of the six combustion chambers variable. This results in minimizing the risk of uncontrolled combustion (knocking). And it allows Nissan to squeeze a bit more power from the turbo V6. The maximum charge pressure rose from 1.90 to 1.93 bar. This makes better cooling necessary. Instead of increasing the cooler, which would have hit on the weight, Nissan has inflated the grille. 20 percent more space occupies the Godzilla-mouth in the new GT-R.

The super sports car sprints on the Kemmelpassage. Where Mika Häkkinen tricked in 2000 Michael Schumacher and Ricardo Zonta was as an lapped witness one of the best overtaking maneuver of all time. Of up to 315 km / h GT-R to run. But not here. For this, the line is too short. 230 km / h - which warns 200 meters before the next plate combination, called Les Combes. Sixth, fifth, fourth, third gear, at the same time by pressing the aluminum brake and not give in too early. But not purely shoot with too much speed. The Nissan GT-R slides over the front axle, which has to bear 54 percent of the total weight of 1,752 kilograms, in the run-off area. The coupe is limping over two speed bollard back to the ideal line.

Nissan GT-R (2017) - sports car - Spa-Francorchamps - Fahrbericht Photo: Nissan
Especially on the track makes the GT-R really fun.

The steering lacks feel

The next challenge is Malmedy, a rapidly propelled to 180 degree bend. Under braking, the driver does not see the turn-in point. Without fading, the 570-horsepower force Grumpy their line remains true. If you wuchtest him too excited in the curve, he beats ever easy with the butt out, only to be reined in by the control systems. The front wheels squeak and signal in Malmedy: lupfen gas, the steering is slightly more common.

The following is a stretch, the instructor Ron Sun describes: "Sex to 500 meters." It's on the Ardennes track downhill to Pouhon, an ultra-fast double left. The six-speed dual clutch slips by clicking on the gearshift gears up while the V6 from 3,000 / min puncht, pushes and runs through to 7200 / min. You notice it immediately: Especially from the middle up to the highest speed range Nissan has put a lot of work in his unit. The performance unfolds linear than before: Over 60 percent of the engine speed range will be available, according to the Japanese more power.

On the brake, the Nissan GT-R nods not noticeable, and in Pouhon he leans with its reinforced body in the curve, whereas the Dunlop rubber (255/40 R20 front, 285/35 R20 rear) adhere sufficiently so that the indicating speedometer on corner exit 180 km / h. Crazy how the GT-R is hungry for curves, although as 1.75 tons are accelerated transversely. And now imagine times, one would 100 perhaps even unloading 200 kilograms. Only the steering could still grip around the central axis, to be more greedy. Because something is missing to feel.

New Nissan GT-R takes five to ten Extra

The final challenge is Blanchimont. With over 200 stuff GT-R flies towards the dreaded left turn. To Eau Rouge and Pouhon the third Mutkurve the Ardennes track. This requires output again. The contact pressure Nissan has increased by modified front and rear aprons and a new spoiler lip. More pronounced side skirts lead the air laterally past the car and changes to the C-pillar reduce unwanted turbulence. Despite the greater downforce aerodynamic drag to have been reduced. The drag coefficient is 0.26, according to Nissan.

Blanchimont masters of the Nissan GT-R exit of 160 km / h. In the target chicane "Bus Stop", he reveals another strength. Its traction that Nissan has refined through a softer spring setup: On a dry track chomping no wheel, all-wheel-drive balanced the super sports car on the straight. By the way, the Nissan GT-R in 2017 to a bit heat quickly to highway speed than its predecessor from the state. The internally measured time was the predecessor at 2.7 seconds. But in countless tests, the GT-R had never reproduced this brand, always half a second was about it. Whether the New delivers what it promises, the first test must face. Unfortunately he was needed more than 3 seconds, that would be not bad. For indexing: A Porsche 918 Spyder sprints with 887 hybrid PS in 2.6 seconds to 100 km / h.

06/2016 Nissan GT-R Fahrbericht Photo: Nissan
The well-known and twin-turbocharged V6 makes 570 hp after the facelift.

With the facelift, Nissan has cleared out the interior of his wheel drive vehicle. The number of buttons speckte of 27 down to 11th The designers were both dashboard and instrument panel to, and the center console in carbon finish they changed as well. About her now sits an 8 instead of 7-inch color screen. What is left, the rocker switches are right next to the start button. Furthermore, the driver determines the settings for transmission and dampers and can solve the GT-R from its ESC shackles.

The turbo lag is still there

Change of scene: Get off the track, up to public roads. Now, the GT-R disciples must be strong. The new one has risen by five to ten kilograms. Because they have entered him more insulation and insulation material to reduce the noise in the cockpit. Good news: One of the development goals for the successor R36 is to let the pounds fall. The Bad: R36 is not in sight for the next three years.

But even after the facelift, the loader whistles yet to 2,500 / min in the ears, and then from 3000 / min drowned out by the rebel engine to be. The turbo lag they got not yet filled at Nissan. In the lower speed range, it takes ever two wink to the two loaders have built up pressure and the pre-compressed air is driven into the six combustion chambers.

If the Nissan GT-R down on, whether automatically or manually, it not zwischengaselt from the new titanium exhaust system. The transmission improved Nissan with a new software. Engineers also translated the first and second gear different. The torque no longer falls so heavily when the GT-R accelerates leisurely, and the AC running less choppy. For this, the transmission klackert in our test car after 200 kilometers driven on highways, country roads and through villages still heard seems to poke sometimes for the right gear. On the road the switchbox refused to sixth gear even for a moment. The surprise, because the Mileage on the track GT-R has not formally foreseen as the double coupler in the Lamborghini Huracán each command, but quickly responds to every command and changed like the steps.

Three damper modes in the Nissan GT-R

For this, the leather-covered sport seats fallen even more. Pinch the shoulder blades perfectly with the bowls and also support hip and thigh fed from. In any case, the quality impression of the GT-R, which costs 99,900 euros in Germany since obtained by the liberal use of leather. What she could not we cast him, It klackert inside sometimes when the plastic does not sit under the leather correctly.

A word about the electronically adjustable in three stages dampers (Bilstein Damptronic), which built Nissan GT-R in the factory. In comfort mode, it can glide your way through villages, even if the 570-horsepower athlete has a certain level of hardness. In R mode, they harden and the Nissan GT-R tramples over every pothole. And he follows every rut at higher speeds, while the steering hardened. Both hands must then engage firmly in the control.

Back to the race track. After six laps in the dry it rains. Spa without rain - could do what was missing. Instructor Ron takes the helm. And swimming in the GT-R cross-steering on the slopes. The tires cool down to 44 degrees. In the dry, there were between 75 and 80 degrees. Eau Rouge is small streams form. "Too much aquaplaning" says Ron. The track lights flash red. It may be breathed.