Mitsubishi Space Star 1.2 in the test: Fresh subcompact fruit

The 80-hp top model of the Mitsubishi Colt successor Space Star is indeed easier, but with just under 14,000 euros not cheaper than its competitors.

07/24/2013 Bérénice Schneider Powered by

Even if you actually nothing from apples do you - when your last meal dates back half a day and waiting for you in the garage this bright green car, you suddenly an overwhelming appetite for apples. Go for it in the latest Mitsubishi: The Space Star follows the Colt and is called as a compact MPV built by 2005: Mitsubishi Space Star.

Space - fits: On an exterior length of 3.70 meters, the Mitsubishi Space Star brings a lot of interior space below. Dressed in hard plastic and upholstery reminiscent of nylon stockings. In general, the seats: they are sparsely padded, with short faces and barely lateral support and headrests that push the head forward. On the back seat of the Mitsubishi Space Star are two adults enough space, the luggage compartment can be expanded by folding down the seat from 235 to 912 liters.

Mitsubishi Space Star with enough power

but quickly move up the start button left of the steering wheel on the dashboard of the Mitsubishi Space Star, bringing the first course of the five-speed gearbox in place and let's get out. Mitsubishi has developed two new three cylinder for the produced in Thailand Space Star in the top version of Shine + 1.2-liter naturally aspirated engine with start-stop system and 80 PS works. In order for the 880 kilo lightweight small car is always sufficient power. So the triple in the Mitsubishi Space Star sets already in the lower speed range going merrily and from about 4,000 revolutions have extra time in the belts. Mitsubishi Space Star rushes in 11.8 seconds to 100 km / h creates 180 tip. is accompanied throughout the three cylinder typical growl. The vibrations are limited, at higher speeds the wind rushes audible to the body that Mitsubishi has trimmed by a lot of detailed work to a favorable drag coefficient of 0.27.

Mitsubishi Space Star is not a cheap car

Curves of the Mitsubishi Space Star can also, although the electromechanical power steering is somewhat indirect, but sufficiently precise, which gives an honest impression of the nature of the road. Are you going on short bumps, not just a jolt through the steering wheel, but the entire chassis of the Mitsubishi Space Star, including torsion beam rear axle sends a dry greeting to the passengers. With long bumps Mitsubishi Space Star comes along better without beating by wavering or rocking on the stomach.

Good thing, because the "Diners" is reached, and while you're gladden the juicy burger is time to look at the price list. The one-liter base model with 71 hp is available from 8,990 euros, at the top of our ranks Mitsubishi Space Star, the nearly 14,000-euro top model Shine + included automatic climate control and infotainment.

Bringing the Space Star sorted quite fit into the environment of Kia Picanto, Nissan Micra and Co..


The Space Star is spacious, uncluttered and motorized quite strong with 80 hp, but its suspension works a little habit of goring.