Renault Twingo with Quickshift 5: Switching without domes

With the quick shift transmission, the coupling eliminates the Twingo. But not only that, the Frenchman is also more economical way.


Each morning city tour comes to stress test for the left leg. 200 times engaging and disengaging are not uncommon in stop-and-go traffic. This gymnastics hour is omitted without replacement when QuickShift-5-transmission of the Twingo. Anyone who wants can do without on Turn same. And this is highly recommended, especially in the city. The electronic controller determines the switching points namely so useful that it not be better could be the manual mode. Only more expensive, because in the automatic mode, the Twingo consumes up to five percent less fuel.

Quick Shift: combines the benefits of automatic and manual transmission

This economy is a whole new experience for die-automatic driver. New but also the switching pauses during gear changes are. They arise because Quickshift yes off and engages and does not switch force fit like a normal automatic transmission. These breaks appear in the first kilometers quite long; makes you look first of all clear that they also occur during the manual transmission, the displeasure disappears. The operations at Renault are aware designed for comfort. A similar coupling system by Magneti Marelli is working much sportier Alfa. The same also applies to the transmission system in the Smart.

Gear indicator in the display

When interurban hand picks every now and then but for manual gear changes, for example when overtaking. then a display indicates the current gear. A small button on the shift knob but sets the gear soon and gladly back to automatic mode.