Driving Report Ford Puma 1.7: Driving Report Ford Puma 1.7

With a provocatively styled 2 + 2-seater on Fiesta-based Ford plays with the coupe-League from September this year. A new 1.7 liter four-cylinder with 125 horsepower to drive the Puma sporting performances.


A cougar - that teach zoologists - one of those big cats that do not attack humans. At the same coupe from Ford is different. Its unusual design can strike some viewers straight into the flight. As with the Mini Ka, Ford has once again been unable afraid to polarize by daring form Enge Bung. Especially the massive, raised rear with the sharp tearing edge causes a stir. Otherwise, the Puma are very tame.

The new development gives immediately fun to drive, a result good handling properties that are already known from Fiesta and Ka, with those of the Puma shares the platform. To emphasize the nature of the sport coupe, the suspension stabilizer as well as a larger cross behind a stiffer torsion bar However re-tuned, the front employed widened track and 15 inch wheels with wide tires of the dimension 195/50 R mounted 15th Thus equipped, the small front-wheel drive flits low tendency to understeer like a kart around curves and corners, it can be direct, thanks to the directly appealing, high-precision power steering at any time easily.

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