BMW Z4 sDrive35i in individual tests: beasts of the weight of the Z4 athletic prowess?

As with the three-convertible BMW is the new Z4 Roadster now also in the segment on an electrically retractable hardtop. That brings comfort, but also requires a significantly higher weight. In the test, the BMW Z4 sDrive35i.

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Okay - strictly speaking twelve centimeters to nothing: How long is the standard computer mouse, as high an average water glass. However Visually ten centimeters can make a big difference in how the view of the new BMW Z4 proves with the cryptic type designation sDrive35i.

Following the retro roadster Z8

Instead of 4.11 meters as the more compact stuffig-sounding predecessor of a track measuring low over the asphalt scurrying newcomers now 4.23 meters. Because of the now longer front end and framed by aggressive upswept headlights flat kidney of the first, inside and out, designed by the lead female hand BMW recalls in its proportions almost to the retro roadster Z8.

BMW Z4 sDrive35i in individual tests: beasts of the weight of the Z4 athletic prowess?
New BMW Z4 with a folding hardtop 7:42 min.

Despite 306 hp power to weight ratio of 5.3 kg / hp
The design of the two-seater has become more pleasing, without having lost its contour. This is as good as the well-designed, driver and passenger perfectly integrated interior. reminiscent of classic round dials, serving the air conditioning pressure / knobs of the instrument panel in the central area can be a touch hinted nostalgia.
Here, the rear-wheel-driven boar has a nostalgic return in the truest sense of the proverb Limited hat. This also proves and especially the fact that BMW has now adopted the new edition of the Z4 in the roadster segment of the once so stubbornly defended soft top. Previously, was in Munich nor as sacrilege. The noise level in the cockpit and the passenger comfort comes to meet it, the power / weight balance not: Despite the in the case of the top model of 265 (Z4 3.0si) to 306 hp (Z4 sDrive35i) increased power remained the power to weight ratio unchanged. Once as now Bayer must take 5.3 kilos with each of its horsepower.
Hockenheim lap time of 1.17,6 minutes
Due to the more imposing dimensions and the retractable hardtop, the current Z4 has increased compared to the old namely remarkable 200 kg. Against this background, the trust agreement of the two BMW Roadster surprised on the track because even limited. Whether formerly the Z4 3.0si (see sports car super test issue 6/2006) or now the Z4 sDrive35i - on the small track in Hockenheim there with 1.17,6 minutes nominally tie.

Brings security, but costs fun
Subjectively, the phenomenal, equally inaugural as torquey twin-turbo inline six-cylinder can not make up for the negative aspect of always noticeable on this terrain more weight. Curve entrance of the agile einlenkende Z4 35i pushes on all fours outward curve output it tends to understeer under load. That brings security, costing the bottom line but also those fun that anno 2006, the fleet-footed and agile, because not even 1,400 kg heavy predecessors negotiated with fabric roof and three-liter naturally aspirated engine.
Also, the self-acclaimed by the manufacturer as very modern seven-speed dual clutch transmission with shift paddles on the steering wheel can not convince the sporting use. Maybe BMW has the switchbox therefore intended for the name of sport automatic. Strictly speaking, the 2,400 euros extra costing DKG is nothing else than a sporty deliberate automatic, the manual intervention open to, but reserves the right, in effect, on reaching the speed limit up and the pressures of the kick-down threshold of the accelerator pedal down switch - manual mode and Sport + program or not. Self-directed driving is different.

Cautious thirst and excellent braking system

Apopos Sport +: Since the standard, Dynamic Drive Control, which provides the driver keystroke three different driving programs available, the driving and chassis tuning each coupled principle, BMW roadster pilots must decide now how much sacrificing comfort they provide for added sporty handling to be ready. Those who love rapid switching operations, has some tough qualities in terms of suspension and roll bring or - as a colleague at the each test car noted accompanying map - so live that "it rumbles in every nook and rattles."

The middle of the three driving programs for sporting standards in everyday life, therefore the best choice. deserves great praise the Bayern Roadster for his modest thirst and the excellent functioning brake system. The new lightweight aggregate has a well-balanced two-seater warm and cold perfectly under control and shows no brake fade. are this regard, the BMW oft-quoted "driving pleasure" so the only limit.

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