Aston Martin Rapide in the test: Can the Rapide more than just style?

The Aston Martin Rapide is in terms of style and exclusivity, right at the top. If the 476-hp four-door meet with its V12 engine that image in the test?

12/02/2011 Jochen Übler

The crystal brings the truth to light. No, this time no clairvoyant ball but an accurate ground square. More specifically, the elitist Glass Key, who breathes the Aston Martin in our test life. The first, however, creates a special Gran Turismo to unlock four doors. Granted, there have been times when Lagonda Rapide from the sixties. The name has remained and today more than ever program: Rapide. Aston Martin Rapide. He quickly should be - the sportiest of sedans. One of the most beautiful of the Aston Martin Rapide is already. This genetic material of course no wonder. It comes from the Coupe DB9 - with a figure as sexy as the page-3 girls.