VW Golf R, Audi S3 Sportback, BMW M135i xDrive: full on attack in the comparison test

Even in the hot R version of the VW Golf cultivated far more typical of the brand of emotion. Whether the New now turns more? The BMW M135i xDrive he finds a hard, the Audi S3 Sportback a conquerable opponents.

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Of course, we mimic in sports car like to the tough guys (girls keep unfortunately far from our editorial offices) let us joyfully photographed in the fastest and most uncompromising of all sports cars, so fearless and romp inspired by childlike joy on cordoned-off race tracks. But the 24 / 7-365-day driving pleasure guaranteed another vehicle segment: the the sporty compacts. Especially when a BMW M135i announces to the private visit, no one complains, on the contrary. There must be the traction locking wheel drive also like, although that is now delivered in combination with automatic transmission.

W Golf R takes a mouthful

But that switches quickly through its eight levels and lets one in the morning rush hour alone. Oh, and if need be, so zirkelt a BMW 1 faster on the small track in Hockenheim as the grand M3 E46. Now one of just back, because VW sends the new Golf R by for a comparison test. An Audi S3 Sportback completes the trio of those hot boxes that can scare thanks to its clear dimensions without fear along country roads, enabling worry-free vacation trips and best times on the track - right?

The VW Golf R in any case takes the mouth, rather, the rear skirt, a little bit extra, because there is now not sit just four slender tail pipes. And then this: When starting the turbo-engine five-cylinder sounds rushing out there, deep, seething - and artificially generated. Well, that'll be fun!

Behind here unnecessarily flattened sports steering wheel wells in the VW Golf R from every pore golfigste practicality. The standard sports seats are firm-comfortable padding, do not act quite so tailored as those of the BMW M135i xDrive, but offer far more lateral support than the little plate furniture of the Audi S3 Sportback. Real nice deep seated just the 1 driver, in the other he sits a bit higher. Each of the three juts way, upon request, other characteristics of accelerator, steering, ESP and (depending on equipment) gear and damper settings on.

M135i sprints faster than S3 and Golf R

Keyword Transmission: Due to the current availability of the test car was by the way a comparison of three types of transmissions. BMW: converter automatic; Audi: dual clutch transmission. And VW? Six-speed manual transmission, quite short translated into the bargain. The author's happy, especially since the shift lever allows smooth and precise thrash through the streets. This makes the VW Golf R likable - but slowly, at least for the acceleration measurement. He sprinted up the test in 5.6 seconds from zero to 100 km / h, significantly missed the values ​​of Audi S3 Sportback and BMW M135i xDrive (5.0 and 4.8 s) and the factory specification (5.1 s). A pity, because even in this discipline hinted at how much better the VW Golf R fell over its predecessor.

Only the engine of the VW Golf R: the two-liter engine from the GTI, now enriched with a new cylinder head (including the exhaust valves, valve seat inserts and valve springs), new piston, high-pressure injection valves and a larger exhaust-gas turbocharger is used as the base. So the TSI 300 hp, develops a maximum torque of 380 Newton meters. Although this is only at 1,800 revolutions, but the direct injection engine does not fall into a gaping hole turbo VW Golf R, but is steadily building pressure.

Provided that the needle of the rev counter passes the 2,000 mark, the VW Golf R fires really going on, rumbles yet nice and crusty (oh, we just did not know that the sound is artificially), rushing ahead to just before 7000 / min. In between: always reaching for the lever, a quick jerk, the next gear is inside. The Audi S3 Sportback is enough light plucking the shift paddles, accompanied by a short snort from the exhaust, we go. Yes, in S3, the identical engine works even sounds a little more authentic, because grumpy, just four-cylinder.

All freedoms in the BMW M135i xDrive

In any case, the aggregate also does a great job in the Audi S3 Sportback, is uncoupled only by the dual clutch transmission strangely by the driver. When shifting up everything is still good, but why take the S-Tronic even in manual mode kick-down and switches automatically to the lower gear? Power of BMW M135i xDrive compared test yet either.

If you like, here's the boss, must schreddeln uninhibited into the limiter - although the results hardly make sense. Although the BMW M135i xDrive by far the most weight balanced on the scales, gives him the wonderfully rehearsed drive unit to the best acceleration values. The hoarse and deep-sounding six-cylinder more quickly to the point when the two four-cylinder, turns out with even greater enthusiasm, trumpeted the opponents while mercilessly - the perfect soundtrack for a fast lap.

Even if the 1 on the small track understeer tendency, it remains on the calmest of the three, stoic follows the predetermined line and keeps on precise steering best contact with the driver. The stabilization function of the ESP remains off the BMW M135i xDrive therefore has all the freedoms.

BMW Wampe

But even with a heavy right foot, it can be when accelerating out of bends - for example, output Querspange / input Motodrom - not pushing to oversteer. And the brakes? Stable as ever. Thank you. My goodness, what could that be for fireworks, the BMW would not be so difficult. Where but even now ennoble him king of compacts his balance, his ever more willing to perform drive and high precision. And by the way the optional Adaptivdämpfer the M135i xDrive everyday use comfort allow even even on nasty patched roads.

The conventional chassis of the Audi S3 Sportback comes here to its limits, but the hard tuning already fits in this class. Mind does not fit: the massive urge to understeer. Especially on the race track, the Audi can thus be, since, although certainly respond to load changes with a slight tail swing, but when accelerating under load much stronger pushes over the front wheels than the competitors have much time. In addition, its steering in a comparative test about as much feedback has like a slalom ski in deep snow.

As in several comparative tests earlier, the Audi S3 thus turns on the track as rather out of place, and also in the slalom he can not distinguish themselves - here is his feeling poor steering in the way. On the road different rules apply, here are the speed limits are rigorous and the roads narrow.

And they should be wet again, helps the S3 driver a truly outstanding ESP vote, even under these conditions absolutely forbidden to be on the road quickly. With permanent, extremely sensitive interventions Audi differs only slightly from the predetermined line, while the BMW is still quite rigorous chewed out by his electronics. In fact, it behaves more like a rear-wheel drive xDrive despite, like overdriven, but remains easy to control. Hey, we would not be in sports car, if we were it not applaud. Only fast he is not there, the BMW M135i.

VW Golf R given basic lesson in trade oversteer

Nevertheless, all this adds to the image of the disguised as a compact sports car carriage, apart from the aforementioned obesity might. And the VW Golf R? He would not be a VW, they dismiss his driver under such conditions with wet hands fear to freedom. In VW Golf R, the electronic controls also more sensitive than the BMW, but in contrast to Audi VW ever granted a basic lesson in specialist taxes - no joke.

Can the Race mode ESP let the reins a little looser, is announcing the brake on the loose tail early in completely deactivated stabilizer function It's sometimes even completely cross there. No, no, we have neither smoked nor drank, or both. The new Golf R as never before rocking a golf before. More evidence? Take Hockenheim, where the asphalt dry and the 19-inch wheels on temperature are.

In almost every turn, the VW Golf R lets in brake safely, then press lightly with the rear and barely pushes over the front wheels. Under load, the directional stability is maintained, the VW is building on the front axle much more grip than its Group brother.

In addition, the steering provides a lot more feeling remains even in Race Mode free from artificial roughness. Of the hard variety, however: the chassis. On the track, that's fine, body roll is low, the residual spring travel is sufficient for good traction. Off piste is recommended especially in conjunction with the optional 19-inch wheels of the comfort mode. And even then, the VW Golf R battling bad but with rough road bumps.

Looking forward to the next visit

BMW fans need to be brave now: the 1 Series can indeed better. Apart from the sheer acceleration of Bayer, however, does not depend on the so-not brittle Lower Saxony, neither in the slalom still on the track. Meanwhile, against the GTI again modified chassis (the VW Golf R is another five millimeters lower and has stiffer spring rates) and the clever four-wheel vote pulverize the memory of all previous R-Golfs.

Only the powerful six-cylinder fanfare of the first R32 we miss a bit, seek comfort in the BMW M135i, which uniquely determines this comparison for yourself. The editors now looking forward to the next visit - but also on the new VW Golf R!