Jeep Compass 2.2 CRD review: Driving report with the new compact Jeep

With the launch of the new Jeep Compass, the brand is restructuring its offer. Two series omitted the Jeep Compass replaced Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Patriot. We were on test drive.

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It is a game not without risk: the available since June 2011. Jeep Compass Jeep wants to have a say in the future a stronger say in the compact SUV in Germany. After several years of sell stop in Europe now newly introduced version will replace the Jeep Patriot and the venerable Jeep Cherokee simultaneously. In order to be successful against Tiguan, Kuga and Co., Jeep is a comprehensive model facelift, improved processing, a new Mercedes engine and a completely redesigned front in the style of the current Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The Jeep Compass Grand Cherokee with front

The new front is to provide a richer and wertigeren appearance to the compact SUV. In parallel, the interior has been completely renovated. New faucets board, new controls, new steering wheel, new seats - the revision goes well beyond that of a conventional facelift.

Fits to the also all-new diesel engine for Europe. The 2.2-liter diesel comes from former partner Mercedes and developed depending on the version up to 163 hp, the torque is 320 Newton meters. The common-rail diesel replaces the previous, externally supplied by VW unit injector diesel. Also new are two entry-level versions that are offered with front-wheel drive: the two-liter petrol World Engine brings it to 156 hp (from 25,200 euros), the reduced-power CRD diesel to 136 hp with an unchanged torque of 320 Newton meters (from 27,300 euros).

Jeep Compass now with Mercedes diesel

The superior drive concept comes in addition to the new 163-horsepower diesel (from 29,400 euros) with the already known 2.4-liter gasoline engine (from 27,300 euros), which is to continue to have with the stepless CVT automatic transmission.

For the relaunch, the chassis of the Compass was adapted to European needs and designed firmer. The all-wheel drive is realized via an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch in the transfer case, in the everyday life of the Compass is a front-wheel drive on the road. also is a Bergan- and Hill Descent Control on board for easy open-air events, the wheel can be locked by a switch to a 50 further: to achieve 50 division.

Jeep Compass with strong competition

With 4.45 meters exterior length of the built in Belvidere / Illinois Jeep Compass remains in the SUV compact class and in a strong field also by the German volume manufacturers segment. Additional arguments for the smallest jeep to deliver (now 2.0 tons) and the economical engine, the significant increase in towing capacity, the 163-horsepower diesel are located in the EU mix with 6.6 liter satisfied. The performance figures have increased significantly compared to its predecessor. From zero to 100 now pass 10.6 seconds, top speed is at 201 km / h (each CRD 4x4). The European versions are like Jeep common in two trim levels (here: Sport and Limited) delivered, which is already in the sport version is an array of amenities from air conditioning to the DVD sound system on board. The Limited also receives among other things, automatic climate control, leather upholstery, a better sound system and 18-inch alloy wheels.

So the new Jeep Compass drives

The space has not changed, the platform of the facelift version is indeed identical. The class usually means a lot of legroom in the rear seats and ordinary space above their heads. A space giant Compass is not, but he did not tweaks under the arms.

Much effort has been spent on noise insulation, which can be seen in visible insulation measures for example in the spare wheel well. Nevertheless, it remains the four-cylinder diesel, known from various Mercedes cars, a dominant theme in the road noise. He logs on to pithy word, but never overly loud or boomy.

The start of the 163-hp engine deserves the attribute "sporty" already just above idle speed of the four-cylinder settles over backward. This enables other hand, a few gearshifts economical driving in the high gears. is available exclusively (precise switchable) Six-speed manual gearbox, an automatic not come into range. The suspension and steering tuning has been achieved. The Compass can also drive at attention along winding country roads if necessary, in very bad ground it is somewhat stuckerig.

The promised better processing can be felt. While there are still plenty of hard plastic in the dashboard area, but that no longer seems nearly as dull and inexpensive as its predecessor. The interior feel of the European competition, however, the Compass is not quite in the new version.

Conclusion: With the new Jeep Compass is a degree of risk, for the sole replacement for Patriot and Cherokee he is good only conditionally. But he, unlike the previous one SUV that you can not buy in spite of but because of its design. The noticeably better processing, the very handsome features and the powerful and high-torque diesel engine make it a superior to evaluate alternative in the compact SUV - especially since the price is right.