Fiat Punto 0.9 Twinair Start & amp; stop in the test: Less cylinders, more price

Fiat Punto 0.9 Twinair Start & Stop Easy - the refreshed compact car Fiat has now for the first time with two-cylinder turbo engine on request. Fahrbericht the Punto.


Only 9,990 euros for a newly refurbished Fiat Punto - and that includes ESP, four airbags, start-stop function, central locking, air conditioning, CD radio and a portable navigation system. Wow, a great offer and definitely more remarkable than the small tweaking the front end and interior, the Fiat was given to his 2005 Grande Punto small car started again.

For this fare you get at VW while just a new VW Up with skim facilities, but also at Fiat Punto deal is only valid until the end of March and for the 69-hp base version Easy with two doors and four cylinders. Four? Was not the two-cylinder mentioned in the opening credits? That's right, in addition to the known Benziner-, diesel and natural gas engines, the 0.9 liter small twin from the 500 and the Lancia Ypsilon is growling in the Fiat Punto soon, but until April. And the proud basic rate of 15,200 euros.

Fiat Punto 0.9 Twinair snarls and snarls

By comparison, for a little less money Opel already provides the Corsa 1.4 with 100 hp and the Ford Fiesta 1.4 with 96 hp, each consuming about six liters per 100 kilometers. The turbocharged Fiat Punto 0.9 Twinair Start&Stop to contrast do with 4.2 liters. At least this is the promise.

Especially for use in the Fiat Punto 0.9 Twinair engineers have developed a new dual-mass flywheel and refined the engine mount. With success: The Twinair snarls and growls although just as entertaining as the spherical 500, but vibrates not quite as strong. He strained neatly on, absorbs quickly to around 5,000 rpm and blends well with the standard six-speed manual transmission.

The Fiat Punto TwinAir requires speeds

By Eco button, the engine power of 85 to 78 hp can restrict what you are anyway not notice in city traffic. Then the consumption should decline slightly again, which is also an urgent need to create the ambitious targets. But for the compared to 500 about 150 kg heavier Fiat Punto Twinair Start 0.9&to bring stop going, the turbo gasoline must constantly rotate between 3,000 and 5,000 trips on our first trip, including his lack of breath.

Of course, such high speeds drive the consumption of the Fiat Punto 0.9 Twinair upward, and the information in the on-board computer to 6.5 L / 100 km - 2.3 liters proud above the factory specification. If this value level off in normal everyday use, the question of the usefulness of this wedding is essential. Finally, also the Punto 1.4 with 77 hp and a start-stop system is to settle for less than six liters - and there's similarly equipped already for 13,800 euros.