Child seat test 2015 (Group II-III): Safe driving for adults

Until our young around 12 years old, he has to ride in the car in a child seat. In the test, three products, as well and above all safe they really are.

18/11/2015 Annette Napp, Clemens Hirschfeld

If there were in this test a sympathy vote, the starter SP Disney would collect strong points. Lightning McQueen from the movie "Cars" adorns the child seat and quickly make friends. But what counts are the results of practice and crash test, the latter leads Auto Motor und Sport together with the TUV south through. And the favorable Starter SP can not überzeugen.Zwar it costs just under 70 euros - that is a fraction of the prices that are charged for the Cybex and the Recaro child seat in the test - but the low price you can tell the Disney- Based in all points. So for padding only a thin foam cover loosely over the simple molded plastic drawn. Unlike the other seat covers, these may only be washed by hand.

Child seat of Disney saves in security

To adjust the Disney Starter SP to the size of the child, only the headrest using locking in height can be moved. A plus point for the seat is the low weight of just under four kilos. In order for the installation and removal work quickly, easily and sometimes with only one free hand. Securing Isofix mounting arms do not exist, however. Therefore, the child seat should be used during each trip - strapped to prevent it from unsecured flying during braking or evasive maneuvers through the vehicle - even without a child. Information necessary for correct belt routing only provide small, printed on the seat sketches. but these are only poorly visible on the inside edge and partly hidden by the headrest. An instruction manual with tips and explanations for Disney seat does not exist.

However much outweigh the high readings in the crash. The stresses in the chest area are so high that can be expected in a real accident with injuries. Although the forward is still in the green, in comparison but the greatest. In addition, the Disney child seat offers little protection during a side impact. But should never be saved in the seat category II and III on safety. After all, these seats accompany the young from the age of about three years until these twelve years or 1.50 meters is great. As long as children are allowed to ride only with appropriate and approved restraint device in the car. What furniture comes for your child in question, read the top right.

Child seat Recaro universal for Group I to III

Some child seats strike a balance to cover the groups I to III, and are therefore suitable for children from about nine months. While most of their passengers secure in infancy with a padded table, the Young Sports Hero comes from Recaro without this controversial among experts and children do not always accepted system. Instead, sit the little ones at the beginning on an additional cushion and supported by an integrated point safety harness.

If they are large enough additional cushion and strap be removed. That's a bit fiddly but well described in the instructions and usually needed only once. In addition, easy to understand diagrams show the child seat as the vehicle belt must run. Because this ensures after reconstruction child and sitting together - and effective. Although the measured values ​​of the head acceleration are only just in the area for a recommended sentence, but the new, used this year for the first time Q-dummies react more sensitive than the previous H III dummy.

Solution M Cybex including Isofix locking arms for 180 euros

In the field test of the Recaro Young Sport Hero also scores well, and he also has to do without Isofix attachment arms. Pleasant though the handling would be if the seat would not be quite so heavy and bulky. Also, some features like height adjustment of the headrest are quite cumbersome. For this, the Recaro seat scores with the flexibility to use it for children from 9 to 36 kg. This also justifies the high price of nearly 240 euros.

Necessarily expensive but a child seat must not be as the last candidate proves in the test. The Solution M-fix Cybex costs about 180 euros. Without the recommended Isofix locking arms it is cheaper than Solution M 30 euros. The child, however, buckled in both cases with the normal three-point belt. Because the Isofix system stabilized in the larger groups the seat only addition. However, this is so even firmly and securely in the car when he is traveling without children. Mandatory but the use is not.

The Solution M-fix may only be installed with or without Isofix, the latching arms disappear if necessary in the case. The investment is worth it in any case - if not the current vehicle without corresponding Isofix hooks, then later than the new car. Within about eight to nine years service time a vehicle changes may well stand in line.

treat child seats second hand with caution

Whether with or without Isofix, the Cybex seat impresses with its easy handling and its sophisticated functions. Thanks to the light and airy acting construction, it can be installed quickly and easily. Even regular exchange between different cars represent no problem. Thus, the child seat is always optimal in the car, the backrest nestles in the tilt variable to the bench seat. Depending on the space available in the vehicle, an additional extendable side impact protection improves the stable state. In addition, the headrest is height adjustable, and the variable inclination is to prevent Vorkippen the head while sleeping. Overall, the Solution deserved M-fix the verdict "recommendable". In the field test, the child seat Cybex with good manual, quality workmanship and comfortable upholstery scores.

But much more important and decisive for the judgment are the results of the crash test. And there he convinces with the lowest load values ​​in this sitting. The prerequisite for this is the correct installation of the child seat with a seat part and backrest. For a space-saving transport both parts can be separated from each other, which may lead subsequently to use the lower part only as a simple booster seat. but that is not authorized or recommended. For the tests in recent years have proven that such a cheap booster seats are very uncertain and that the risk of injury is extremely high in an accident.

to treat similar with caution are used child seats, although the temptation for cost reasons, is often large. Even as emergency or second seat, they should only be an option if the history of the seat is known and an accident can be ruled out. Because the slightest damage and hairline cracks in the material are not visible to naked eye, but can be devastating with a renewed crash. In addition, the plastics age due to sunlight and temperature changes in the car and can become brittle over time. And that manufacturers develop their seats continually in terms of safety. The investment in modern - and tested - Seats is worthwhile in any case.

These child seats we tested
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Disney Starter SPBuy now from Amazon
Recaro Young Sport HeroBuy now from Amazon

Which seat fits my child?

For children up to twelve years and 1.50 meters tall in Germany a child seat is required. The approval standard ECE R44 divides the restraint systems on the weight of the child into five groups: Group 0 for babies to ten kilograms (age: about nine months) Group 0+ for babies up to 13 kg (approximately eighteen months) Group I for children 9-18 kg (nine months to four years), group II for children from 15 and 25 kg (three to seven years) and group III for children 22-36 kg (six to twelve years). Since 2013 parallel applies the UNECE R 129, also known as i-size, in which the height is crucial. It is also important that the manufacturer has released the desired location for the respective car. Especially with Isofix systems, there may be restrictions.

How We Tested

For over 20 years, auto motor und sport tested together with the TÜV Süd child seats. To simulate a head-on collision, the crash body is a Golf V decelerated from above 50 km / h by up to 31 times the acceleration of gravity. For comparison, the approval standard ECE R 44 only requires values ​​to a maximum of 28 g. For practical test Mazda 2, Opel Zafira Tourer and Renault Grand Kangoo were ready for installation. Handling were rated about to comfort the child and how articulate the instructions.


What may actually cost security - and expensive automatic choice? These questions arises probably everyone before making a purchase, no matter what the product. But when it comes to the welfare of our little ones, the price should never decide. A flat statement can not be derived from it, however. While in the first of three test suites for an infant car seat in a crash convinced, showed in the second part of a branded slight weaknesses. This time, scores the golden mean - the child seat Cybex offers high security and good quality at a reasonable price. The favorable Starter SP Disney saved at the expense of safety. Although readings in the yellow area does not necessarily mean serious injury, the risk is increased but in any case. He also does not provide side impact protection, and comfort turns out very meager. The Recaro Young Sport Hero can do better. Thanks to good results in the crash and flexible use in different age groups, the judgment is "recommended" rating.