Bentley Continental GT V8 in the test: Without W Suits

Overnight, it snowed. We have to resort to test to Italy. With the Bentley Continental GT V8 and its 507 hp turbo gasoline on tour.

26/12/2012 Sebastian Renz

The Bentley Boys were young gentlemen with unbescheidenem assets, variable ladies acquaintances and bold courage. She enjoyed life to the fullest, not only, but also lay like so on. About the Train Bleu, the express train from Cannes to Calais. Woolf Bernato, diamond and gold mining heritage, Bentley's shareholders and three-time Le Mans winner, bet I can do it from the Riviera by car to London before the train reached Calais. On 13 March 1930 he starts in the Speed ​​Six. On the 14th, he reached over bumpy Routes National and after a channel crossing by mail boat his gentleman's club in London four minutes before the train enters the station of Calais. Since then, Bentley apply as an instance of the continental journey.

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