BMW M5 E39, E60 and F10: Three M5 generations Used Car Check

Three generations M5: From the E39 over the E60 to the current F10 extends the range of Bavarian sports sedan. What are the differences - and where are the hook for used cars?

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Six, eight, ten and eight again - so simple you could do it. Like when you were a sober numbers person and would only count the cylinder in the BMW M5, virtually from yesterday to today. Everything correct, but the event completely inappropriate, after all it is the BMW M5 to THE sports sedan from BMW M GmbH. M as engines! Nix with despicable mass merchandise, all masterpieces especially developed for the M5. Therefore, the Sport models wear has always been the M in the name. These glued the appropriate section to the stern, done. Everyone understands.

BMW M5 introduced in 1985 aqueous mouths

As a big brother of M3, the sharp fives ensures since 1985 continuously for aqueous mouths, twitching eyelids, and sweaty hands. Yes, exactly: 1985, since AMG was a tuner, Audi had just in the program and at Porsche was believed to still Quattro, the 928 would sometimes replace the 911th So they are just, Bayern, consistently influenced by motorsports. Although the BMW M5 has left no traces successful on the track. Especially compared to the subscription winner M3.

M5 is not only potent engine, but no all-wheel drive. The one leaves like Audi, Porsche and recently AMG. And the M5 as a combination? Twice BMW threw an over-touring on the market, as a six-cylinder E34 (1992 to 1995) as well as E61 (2007 to 2010). The numbers? Do not mention it, hence the current F10 is to have you back with a classic notchback.

The E39, our entry-M5, was no more than artisans, family or leisure choice in. Not true, you say, there was some games? Exactly: a prototype BMW has put out the wheels, but no more.

The M5 with 400 HP had the others are

M5 E39, saying debut in 1998 in Geneva, in the fall at dealerships and in the spring of 1999 at the sports car super test. Smooth 400 hp, naturally aspirated V8 engine with five-liter displacement, six-speed gearbox, differential lock. A tasty blend that made Audi and AMG look old.

Our conclusion at the time: "The new BMW M5 is an auto industry milestone that will be difficult to push from the base." That makes curious, so from the net, and go searching. Oh miracle that formerly 140,000 Mark expensive sports machine is waiting today for significantly less than 10,000 euros for new owners.

Few cars there, no 50 deals we count. 200,000 km and more are not uncommon, the M5 is indeed 15 years and above. If you want a facelift model from autumn 2000 with the new lights and a five-figure mileage preferably, patience must bring.

These rare specimens are usually in excess of 20,000 euros. Our dark blue BMW M5 E39 comes of August 1999 and is in Biberach. Owner Klaus Mischke: ".. First delivery in Holland, so probably the orange rim rings I paid the car since April 2012 and at that time the second owner 11,250 euros Around 10,000 kilometers I drove before, now it's 200,000." In winter, the Schwabe has his baby is not moving, smoking or pets on board were also taboo. The facelift headlights have it rebuilt at Hamburg the second owner of Stade, just as the hood, lacking the BMW mark. "The repainting is not optimal," said Mischke. Other ailments?

Five-liter V8 in the E39 depends greedy at the gas

"Vanos causes problems, a typical suffering. It rattles at idle. If you turn the V8, sufficient oil pressure is there and disappear the noise." Yes, unfortunately the S62B50 that yes plugged in Z8, had here its problems. By faulty cylinder head gaskets is often mentioned in the BMW forums.

At the last TÜV-date in May 2015, the injection pump over the river went. Otherwise the blue BMW M5 E39 is doing well. Front tire new, back around 40 percent, rust-existent. The interior appears to be relatively well maintained, impressed the full equipment. Only the radio does not - cold solder joint, also a frequent defect. No matter that remains out anyway, now the engine that makes the music. go once warm, well that's the S65 important, as the oil quality, here you should not save.

The five-liter depends on greedy gas, sounds really good and pushes neat. High speeds? Yes, please, please, this may the V8 four-valve engine. The sprint from rest to 100 took the time 5.4 seconds. The Nordschleife walked around the four-door despite high weight of over 1.8 tons in 28.8 minutes. With the short-ratio six-speed gearbox, the engine can keep them happy beautiful. The shift stick is indeed lit, but darker and shorter it would be better. Steering, suspension, brakes? The first impression on the short round of testing is okay, but no one should expect the precision of a new car. The heavily loaded clutch is unremarkable. For this, the flexible disk of the propeller shaft appears to be due, in reverse suggests the shift lever. By the way: coupling rods and ball joints are generally not very stable at the E39 front suspension.

BMW M5 E60 from around 15,000 euros

The displays in the cockpit like to show pixel errors, and at the Xenon lights the racks of the adjusting motors break. What is the price? Mischke needs the money for another acquisition. His BMW M5 E39 parked for VB 9,400 euros on the net, "in 8500 is the pain threshold."

For 8,500 euros already provides you with the successor to-fiver. But only one eleven years old diesel station wagon with 300,000 kilometers from the fourth hand from the gravel yard. Should there be an M5, ranging almost doubled. With around 15,000 euros're off. Our silver gray Model park at the Motor Show Thannhausen close to Gunzburg for 24,490 euros - even on the gravel court.

But the environment is right: No abgerockten boxes, but precious goods such as M6, X6, AMG, RS 6 and other exotics are grouped around the M5. "Second hand, almost 100,000 kilometers from defects comes from Regensburg," says CEO Iven Wieland on the 2007 E60, which is for four weeks, and despite the cold season attracts many interested parties.

BMW M5 E60, front view Photo: Rossen Gargolov
The V10 engine: A little Formula 1 Nostalgia just resonates.

A little Formula 1 Nostalgia simply resonates

Us, especially because of the ten-cylinder now invites idle muffled grumbling for a test drive. The V10 engine: A little Formula 1 Nostalgia just resonates. The E60 debuted in 2005, precisely in the year when the marriage of Bavaria fell apart with the British tradition of racing team Williams. Not only that, the era of the V10 howler declined in 2005 to an end, because from 2006 V8 engines were only admitted.

The engine oil is warm, so DSC off, press power button, so can gallop full 507 horses instead of 400 hp. Not to forget: Timer events comfortably on just clicked. The road dry, even the sun comes out, so full throttle. Yippie, now go and see.

The V10 sounds full, responded thanks Eindrosselanlage telepathically on the gas and spinning like unleashed to more than 8,000 tours. Whoever does not get goose bumps given the sawed V10 sounds, probably finds AC / DC too quiet. A snap of the right shift paddle and automated seven-speed gearbox invites humorless and hard for the next course. Eleven years ago, our Supertester roared with Launch Control is activated in 4.5 seconds to 100 km / h. On the Nordschleife he took his predecessor from a full 15 seconds.

better plan for a financial reserve for the BMW M5 E60

The chassis is fresh and accurate, only a slight vibration of the tires shows that the BMW M5 was not moved for four weeks. After all, the Dunlop Sport Maxx GT, still carry plenty of profile and the image of the brake discs is convincing - the rusty bolts of the 19-inch less.

At the bodywork you discover a dent and some scratches, the wheels wear light curb lanes. On the hellen Leder light patina that's about it. Is there any justification for the M5, Mr. Wieland? "Upon request, we will with a Topgarantie. A year or two with a combined maximum of 10,000 euros, there's nowhere else." What was with the checkbook? "Lost gone, but the previous owner has done all maintenance at BMW." What Wieland was also verify the merchants.

So everything wonderful? Unfortunately no, because the BMW M5 E60 also has some stains on his white vest: The fabulous for many BMW disciples S85B50 revealed several weaknesses. If he did not drive properly warm, the connecting rod bearings have often run broken and clack loudly. When the throttle actuator spinning, the engine feels sluggish and weak. Defective idling actuators express themselves in a fluctuating idle. And like the V8 the vanos units can cause trouble.

Although an excessive use of Launch Control makes hellishly fun, but mistreats the clutch. BMW repairers can read how often the M5 was fired from the state. Axle joints and gums aging in fast when you can often fly right to E60. A healthy financial reserve so no harm when used with M5 V10 engine.

M5 F10 with V8 Biturbo

Who lives at home on fruit boxes, for the candidate number three also should resign. Under 45,000 euros nothing works in the current M5 F10. The twin-turbo V8 makes 560 hp and 690 Nm with overgrown.

In Competition model (from 10/2012) 15 PS happen. The special model M5 30 years (since 5/2014) provides smooth 600 hp and 700 Nm. To the chagrin of many white-blue fans BMW buried in the F10 long time cultivated high-speed concept. Strictly speaking the S63B44TÜ is not an exclusive M-grown talent more. rather it builds on the N63, which also tinkers in numerous harmless cars from Munich.

there were still problems: Because of a faulty oil pump BMW had worldwide recall nearly 2,000 M5 and M6, which ran from July to September 2012 from tape. About 100 cars were affected in Germany. So one should establish confirmation of successful exchange of used car dealer. Other Weaknesses: The electronics can make the F10 every now and then a visit to the workshop needed, whether based diesel or M5. The more electrical features are on board, the greater the probability.

Our copy of Empire automobiles in Vöhringen will cost 49,800 euros. The dark blue stealth Racer is "a good three year old lease car with 102,500 kilometers," says Klaus Reich. Full facilities including SoftClose, M Driver's Package, memory seats and light leather upholstery, the previous owner has had a good time.

BMW F10 engine Photo: Rossen Gargolov
The S63B44 is not an exclusive M powerhouse more, he comes from the series N63.

More charisma in M5 E39 and E60

Super Test (9/2012) of the twin-turbo M5 was decked similar pickepackevoll and brought 1,963 kilos - that were over 100 kg more than its predecessor. The 8:05 minutes on the Nordschleife meant an improvement of eight seconds, which at 10 km / h higher Vmax was mainly due to the on Döttinger height.

"Such an M5 is already a little longer with me on the farm," says Klaus Reich. "535d, 740d or diesel X6 are gone faster." Five minutes later, one wonders about the proper interest of buyers. The newest M5 accelerates like hell: the two placed in the cylinder V Turbos press ansatzlos air into the combustion chambers.

After pronged 4.3 seconds in the Super Test pace was reached 100, only 13 seconds took the sprint to the 200 mark. Response? As with a large naturally aspirated engine. however, the sound is still something binding: Especially in the lower and medium engine speed range of the turbo does not sound necessarily as athletic skiers imagine a aufgeputschten with every trick in the high-performance V8. As in M3, a seven double-clutch gearbox takes care of it, to portion the motor force.

Even if the F10 using different keys can be configured exactly to the preferences of the driver, there remains a somewhat distant impression. In other words: The M5 variants E39 and E60 had more charisma, the F10 is almost too perfect bottom line.

confidence vote

A used BMW M5 will cost from 8,500 to 45,000 euros - in the best case. Depending on the condition and mileage the favored model can also be much more expensive. The two old models, the E39 and the E60, have numerous problem areas that can go right into the money. If you can afford the car just so, could quickly lose the desire to M5 at the first technical emergency.

Like the sports cars or vintage applies here: Dear invest in buying a few more euros and check the history, any other maintenance meticulously. After all, even the normal maintenance requires a solid financial background. At the pump, especially the high-revving V10 powerhouse out of the ordinary. Between 15 and 27 liters, anything is possible. In all M5 variants, individual items on the list for spare and wear parts can provide quite long faces. No-name tires from discount ban, of course, especially if you put on performance value and likes to go to the race track. A set of 19-inch Michelin for the E60 does not require installation on more than 1,000 euros. Since the insurance rates can also go to the steep money, a comparison makes sense before you decide on a particular insurance industry.