In Review: rubber band as a cell phone holder ?: To secure the smartphone in the car

Life hacks, practical tips for each day will not only make life easier, but also protect nerves and wallet. We test what the secrets are all right for cars. This time: rubber bands as a smartphone holder.

28/10/2016 Viktoria Umbach 1 comment

The problem is as old as the smartphone itself: you are traveling by car, no navigation at hand, so the navigation system of the smartphone needs help. Actually quite simple, but where do you fix the phone when there are no appropriate support is available? They should be the solution: rubber bands. Whether the tapes actually serve as a smartphone holder. We have taken the test!

The experimental setup is extremely simple: a rubber band, a smart phone and a pen. Finished. Important: worn-out rubber bands, unfortunately, are no good, everything stands or falls with the clamping force! You should also be careful not to use bands that are too small or too thin to be able to hold a mobile phone.

Tact is needed!

The first lesson: the trick looks at first sight easier than it is! to get the rubber band through the ventilation of the car is not for the fidgety hands. Here tact and patience is appreciated! So that the band does not disappear in the lattice of ventilation, the pin can be called to help. Simply hold the upper side of the rubber with the fingers and pull the pin with the lower side through the mesh. This step is done, the smartphone can be vertically pulled through the rubber band.

The question remains whether the elasticity of the rubber is sufficient to keep the mobile phone while driving in place. At least in our case it worked. Braking speed, and finally a traffic light start. Fits.

Viktoria Lifehacks rubber bands Photo: Patrick Lang
Our conclusion: The Gummbänder have passed our test with 10 out of 15 points!


The mobile phone is secure. The clamping force of the band actually enough to hold your smartphone. In addition, the gums are also less expensive than a conventional Navigation mount. If the nerves are spared, however, when attaching remains questionable. Alternatives to the traditional rubber band, for example, hair bands of cloth, are not suitable, since the material can not hold the phone.

Do not forget: The rubber band holder is to be used exclusively for navigation purposes! Apps like WhatsApp and Co. may be operated under any circumstances while driving!

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