Pirelli wants 2018 six blends: More freedom in the tire choice?

Pirelli wants a sixth tire compound for 2018. Everything indicates that an Ultra-Ultra Soft is. Also has a free choice of tires is discussed. Allegedly but make transverse Pirelli itself and Mercedes.

04/11/2017 Andreas Haupt

The tire tests for 2018 are nearing completion. Sauber tested two days in order to Pirelli after the GP Mexico. Force India one day. After the race in Brazil McLaren is still there. After the season finale in Abu Dhabi all the teams then travel together for two days with a car. In Abu Dhabi, Pirelli will also provide all tire compounds for the 2018er season for the first time. The construction had the Italians already on September 1, deposited with the FIA. The mixtures have the date 1 December.

More tracks, more tires

It is no secret that Pirelli would like to bake a sixth tire compound for 2018 to cover the 21 routes better. There should be a set, which is even softer than the ultra-soft tires. With the other mixtures of the tire supplier will also go one step softer. "The new tires and the softer blends are sorely needed," it says of a team. A voice from another team is: "A step soft enough already."

Through another tire compound and generally softer rubber hoped Pirelli to bring back more variety in the strategy. The aim is to establish a variability between one and up to three stops.

Kimi Räikkönen - GP Mexico 2017 Photo: sutton-images.com
In Mexico, most of the pilots as so often this year came with only one stop by.

If you drive with harder mixtures should get away with changing a tire. Who is not too conservative but not too aggressive moves to come up with two stops by. Who takes the allerweichsten mixtures should have to turn three times in the box. Pirelli is aware of the severity of the task. Especially as more tire changes are always associated with the risk of being stuck in traffic. Or that even jammed a screw in the exchange.

Free tire choice in the discussion

Even a sixth tire compound is not anchored in the sporting regulations for the 2018th The Strategy Group is said to have already given their OK at a previous meeting. There are still sitting next to the teams Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren, Williams and Force India, the rights holder and FIA. A technical working group devoted himself then the pros and cons. As you can hear, without being able to agree.

Pirelli and the FIA ​​can push through but alone the new tires until 31 December. Previously, it would have to be so used late in the season nor the consent of all teams. A rule change from the previous year makes it possible. "We have entered 2017 ten mixtures. Five, we are now driving and safety of five back-up tires, "Mario Isola explains.

is also discussed new order rules. So far, the teams per driver 10 of the 13 records may decide. Three tire sets stipulates Pirelli. The Italians give yourself open. "We have to stay at least at the two duty tires for the race if a team speculated," said Pirelli's racing manager. To nachzuschieben. "For free choice of tires, the field would share even more. The top teams would order harder compounds and still be in Q3. In the race they would have clear benefits then. "Sounds as if Pirelli actually against it. Not all in the paddock agree. "Force India, Renault and McLaren could bowl of Q3 with softer mixtures one of the teams."

It is said that Pirelli would oppose the idea. For fear of damaging its reputation, a team should play poker in the qualifiers and turn in the race after two or three laps to the pit stop. In addition, the safety aspect is predominant. In principle, all the tires have to cope with every type of circuit. So, for example, the ultra soft at Silverstone must not be a security risk.

The 2018er cars but still be driven more strongly with high probability. Bursting tires could bring into trouble Pirelli. Mercedes has reportedly an ally. Ferrari, however, is to advocate freedom of choice. Probably because the Italians have built in recent years more mature friendly cars. Was heard in Mexico on race Sunday, the subject is still on the table. The strategy group should at least once again be talked about easing the tire selection.