Schmidt’s F1 Blog: The border in 2018 after collisions

Max Verstappen continues despite his young age already at the level of Vettel and Hamilton. And in 2018 he will have from the outset a car to win. 2018 Michael Schmidt therefore expect an increased crash risk at the top.

05/11/2017 Michael Schmidt 8 comments

Therefore omitted so celebrated his fourth world title Lewis Hamilton, because he suspects that he has to wait for the fifth might be a bit longer? And Sebastian Vettel was so frustrated presumably for the same reason that the impossible mission since the Japanese GP title campaign has become, as expected, failed in Mexico.

As a golden opportunity has been missed. Who knows if she comes back so quickly. This was the two main actors in the GP Mexico only really clear. Max Verstappen has finally a winning car. And he has won two of the last four races. And even superior. And Verstappen style: Uncompromising, cheeky, flawless.

World title fight in 2018 is aroud

Red Bull will not return in 2018 while away the first half of the season. The only question mark is the Renault engine, still varies between good and evil. Since next year, flowering us a three-fight that will please everyone except perhaps Hamilton and Vettel. Because they get an opponent who is unpredictable.

They had to find last in a duel with Verstappen that he has a shot ahead of them in this discipline insouciance craftiness and risk tolerance. And, although he only bestreit his third Formula 1 season, Vettel and Hamilton but already their eleventh.

Lewis Hamilton vs. Max Verstappen - Malaysian GP 2017 Photo:
This year, Hamilton and Vettel moved in a duel with Verstappen back mostly.

Verstappen drives as if he were still in karting, says TV pundit Martin Brundle. That could go wrong times. but rarely goes wrong. On the contrary. When Hamilton, Vettel and Verstappen threes thread the first three corners, only one comes out unscathed. And even at the top.

"Fortunately," says Brundle. "Verstappen," replies Red Bull motorsport director Helmut Marko. I also believe that this is no coincidence. No one investigated the duel as the "crazy" Dutchman. And yet he comes often with a whole skin than others.

Verstappen with good timing when overtaking

Even if he is even to blame as in the collision with teammate Daniel Ricciardo in Budapest. Ricciardo gets out, Verstappen drives on. His overtaking almost all timed outstanding. Max overtaken at points or lines with which no one expects.

we take the start crash in Barcelona, ​​Spielberg and Singapore out times. All three times took Verstappen a more passive role and all three times it happened before the first corner was bypassed correctly.

In Barcelona Valtteri Bottas pushed the Ferrari of Kimi Räikkönen in the Red Bull. At Home in Austria Daniil Kvyat set off a chain reaction that also Fernando Alonso pulled to destruction. In Singapore Raikkonen threaded one, because he moved too early to right. Verstappen was long gone from the gas to get out of the trap again.

World Cup favorites retreat in a duel

For me, it gives the impression that audacity wins most often. Verstappen is betting that the others retire. If Vettel it holds in Mexico when Verstappen attacks him in the outside lane, he slashes on his tires. Then his front wing is also equal completely broken, as a curve later in contact with Hamilton.

Massa vs. Verstappen - GP Italy 2017 Photo: XPB
Massa held in Monza it. And then it crashed.

The Mercedes driver could also use its larger radius of curve 3 to push even further outside of the Red Bull over, but he recoiled, obstructed as Verstappen this track. Probably with full calculation. He has thus pushed Vettel in the Mercedes.

What surprises me: Vettel and Hamilton would actually need to know that when Verstappen of outside attack method has. As with Juan Pablo Montoya earlier. Michael Schumacher has fallen for it again and again.

The trick fails only when the man is not jerks on the inner track. Just as Felipe Massa at the first chicane at Monza. The Brazilian had nothing fell from Verstappen and drove him the tires flat. Massa but had less to lose than the World Cup candidates.

Tougher bandages in the World Cup Duel 2018

If next year take the three top stars from the beginning to the world title, harder even in the duel bandages are applied. Because then all go to the duel on equal terms. And because Verstappen polarized also among colleagues. Next year it comes to the question of who is top dog in the World Cup turf.

I bet we see more than one collision between the three in 2018, just as in the days of Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet. Therefore, I wish also to Fernando Alonso. Also fighting to the last bullet, like the duel with Hamilton has shown. In this case, even without collision. Because it currently continues Alonso only for the gallery.