Grid Girls GP Singapore 2017: The nice ladies from the grid

The grid girls threw themselves for the GP Singapore in shell, and put on her best smile. They hübschten on the already stunning grid. We show you the Asian ladies in the gallery.


The journalists are practically unanimous. Singapore is the best starting lineup of the year. By the great scenery of the city. And topped by the many spotlights that illuminate the track as floodlit football stadium and provide captivating colors games. There is an atmosphere like a Champions League match.

Singapore grid girls in the photo show

Only Formula 1 not only to the football has the advantage of noisy cars. But also the grid girls who put stimuli before the race. The Asian women showed up dressed appropriately for the evening event. They slipped in a noble dress of indigenous art. So they knew to rapture.

Clear that one or the other mechanic in a quiet moment glanced at one of the grid girls. The photographers took pictures eagerly. The cars and the girls who played with the cameras. In our gallery you can find the grid girls of GP Singapore 2017th